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In which file door gets locked ? or at least which variable is set on them if locked ?


Hey hey,


I try to write a fix for this: https://github.com/vbawol/DayZ-Epoch/issues/1576


and i am nearly done, but i cant fine the file where the doors will be locked..... i mean if click on "Lock door" ^^


It would be nice if anybody can point it to me, or at least if i know the variable which is placed on the door if it will be locked.


And of course, i will release the fix as soon as i find this damn file / variable ^^


Greetz, stifler.

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believe me, i've researched this like hell for doormanagment, u cannot edit config files without rewritting your own mod ^^


It's a pain in the ass ^^


Otherwise doorManagement would have been different ^^

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    • By salival
      Hi guys,
      Quite a few admins asked me to release my Change Code script so here it is, It comes with BattlEye filters, too.
      This will allow players to set the code on placement/upgrade of doors, lockboxes and safes as well as changing them after they are placed.
    • By unconditional
      Hi everybody,
      scuse me for intrusion :)
      If I did not make mistakes ... maybe I could create a script to unlock the doors through use of the hotwirekit...
      I did not understand how the system of credits on scripts works ... so I want to clarify that my work was based on a script of @salival to which I wrote in private before publishing this. I waited a week but not having received an answer...i think it is still right to make available to the community as much as I did...
      So all the credits go @salival because i am based on his garagedooropener...
      Now...this is my work:
      -1) custom variable.sqf:
      -2) custom fn_selfActions.sqf:
      -3) in custom script folder (under mission folder);
      red text in the script below is needed only if you want to log in .rpt when someone try a hotwiring. If you want this, you have to leave red text in the script and you also have to do step 4
      STEP 4 and 5 to do ONLY if you want to see log in .rpt
      -4) in inf.sqf (mission folder);
      -5) in custom script folder (under mission folder);
      - FINISH :-)
      Obviously i think it can be improved and for this reason i make it public, so that those who know more than me can suggest additions or modifications...

      For example ... I added a public variable to know via the .rpt file when a hotwire was used and whether it was successful or not.
      Maybe you can also add a routine to signal in the map or through text message for all the players that someone is trying to force a door...

      I tried it on my server and it seems to work fine.

      I await your observations and suggestions.


      Thanks for the attention.
    • By salival
      Hi guys,
      Here's an in vehicle garage door opener I wrote a while ago, Original idea was from Sanbird.
      It will scan while you're inside a vehicle for either a locked cinder or a locked wooden door, providing you have access to it, it will allow you to open/close it from inside the car.
    • By Kovicson
      Hi Folks!
      I was wondering if theres a way to stop players from removing plot poles that aren't theres?
      Using a toolbox, crowbar and Etool players can remove Plot poles that dont belong to them, anyway to fix and remove that option?
      Thanks :)
    • By salival
      Here's a script I wrote that does the following from right clicking your key in your toolbelt:
      Unlock/lock vehicle. Turn engine on/off. Eject players not in your group. This uses @mudzereliclick actions mod as a dependency (https://github.com/mudzereli/DayZEpochDeployableBike/tree/master/overwrites/click_actions) because it's awesome.
      Thanks to @Pattohfor the idea for this script.
      For downloading and install instructions, see my github: https://github.com/oiad/remoteVehicle
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