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crafting weapons and with weapons

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    • By Cyrus
      I have successfully set up an Arma 3 Epoch altis server (private for now) with a bunch of server side mods running. One of them is the Black Market Trader found elsewhere in the forums. My question is how do i add weapons and gear from the DLC expansions (MARK, HELI) etc. more specifically gear and weapons. I have seen on the BMS server they have gear specific to APEX and helis specific to HELI DLC. My black market trader does not have any of the DLC gear and weapons but only some of the heli's like the Huron and Taru. I own all of the DLC's and they are all present on the server folder structure. I cannot spawn them either using the builtin Anti Hack admin menu as they aren't present.
      I there any way that i can make them visible th AH menu and black market trader?
      Thanks in advance
    • By Zoranth
      Based on Hacked Vehicles release by @Bricktop and Additional code by @Hooty from here:
      This is my first release
      This mod and code is not all my original work. 
      Credits to: 
      @Bricktop for the "Hacked Vehicles" https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/43750-hacked-vehicles-1061/
      @Hooty for his input in Bricktop's release on how to install it differently and to add support for Virtual Garage.
      What I did is took their information and made it modular and easier to install / customize. This way, you just need to #include which weapon systems you want to add into each vehicle that you want to modify.
      Install Directions:
      1.    Copy the Vehicle_Weapons directory into the root of your dayz_server directory
      2.    Next paste
      #include "\z\addons\dayz_server\Vehicle_Weapons\Add_Vehicle_Weapons.sqf";    in dayz_server\system\sever_monitor.sqf under
      3.    Then paste
      #include "\z\addons\dayz_server\Vehicle_Weapons\Add_Vehicle_Weapons.sqf";  in dayz_server\compile\server_publishVehicle2.sqf under
      4.    Then paste
      #include "\z\addons\dayz_server\Vehicle_Weapons\Add_Vehicle_Weapons.sqf";   in dayz_server\compile\spawn_vehicles.sqf under
      Installation with Virtual Garage:
      If you have @salival's Virtual Garage installed then add :
      #include "\z\addons\dayz_server\Vehicle_Weapons\Add_Vehicle_Weapons.sqf";   to dayz_server\compile\garage\server_spawnVehicles.sqf under
      How To Customize:
      If you would like to create your very own weapons pack for a vehicle, use the following instructions:
      1. Make a copy of "\z\addons\dayz_server\Vehicle_Weapons\vehicles\Generic_Add_Weapon.sqf" rename it like "<vehicle_classname>_Add_Weapons.sqf". Replace the <vehicle_classname> with the actual classname of the vehicle you want to add weapons to.
      2. Comment out or Delete the Weapon_Systems that you do not want to use on your new vehicle.
      3. Make a new #include "\z\addons\dayz_server\Vehicle_Weapons\vehicles\<Class_Name>_Add_Weapons.sqf"; line with your new vehicle file and add it to "\z\addons\dayz_server\Vehicle_Weapons\Add_Vehicle_Weapons.sqf";
      4. In the new vehicle file you just made.  Rearrange the Weapon_Systems in an order that makes sense to you. For example, list all guns, then all missiles so they are grouped together in your scroll menu for easier selection.
      Adding / Restricting an Ammo Type
      For Weapon_Systems that have multiple ammo types, You can go into that specific file and comment out an ammo type or make an extra file with just the ammo you want if you want to restrict it from your server. Example:
      In the file: "\z\addons\dayz_server\Vehicle_Weapons\Vehicles\Weapon_Systems\D81_125mm_Cannon.sqf". You could comment out an Ammo Type as shown Below.
      If you do this, you will want to save that as a new file such as : "D81_125mm_Cannon_SABOT_ONLY.sqf.
      List of Vehicle Weapons and Ammo:
      WARNING: Not all Weapon Systems work with all vehicles. For example, You obviously do not want to put a "GBU12_Bomb_Launcher" on an "ArmoredSUV_PMC", or "MLRS Rocket System" on the "ArmoredSUV_PMC".
      These weapons spawn on the vehicle when purchased and remain after restart.  This does not work with admin spawned vehicles nor does it work (for now) with the Deploy Anything Mod.  I do not have Virtual Garage installed on my test server,so I am unable to test that but it should work.
      Have Fun
    • By theduke
      Ok, so i've been banging my head for a while with this script.  Players have been asking for me to put in some helicopters, but they have rockets. Last thing i need lol
      So i found this script which removes weapons/rockets, that after a little playing around with, i got it to work properly with the 1051 epoch version.
      This is my issue.  For ALL helicopters, after the script was added if i got in the pilots seat, the rockets would still be there. The second i turn on Manual Fire, the rockets were not accessible lol go figure, its arma.
      Also in the gunner seat the rockets were not accessible.  So i thought, lets force players into manual fire mode while in pilot seat.
      This worked well...on my test server lol
      When i put it live, i had 2 of my admins try it out. When 2 players get into the heli, the gunner receives a spam chat because the pilot cannot be in manual fire mode while having a gunner... soo yeah lol
      So now im trying to find a way, or if someone has experienced this.. I cannot leave the code for forcing players in manual fire...
      Here is a snippet from my code
      I also tried using removeWeaponGlobal
      And i noticed some threads talked about RemoveWeaponTurret...but the BI wiki says its just for arma 3.. i tried anyways and it didnt work lol
      Theres also a second method in that script, but all it does is remove the ammo from that weapon.. with my rearm script, you can rearm the hydras.
      Any advice would be great...even if its DUKE ITS NOT POSSIBLE... then great, ill stop banging me head lol
    • By FugitiveS
      I am having problems getting overpoch weapons to spawn anywhere i am only getting epoch weapons i have tried everything from changing loot chance and even adding more spawns for weapons if anyone could please help that would be great.
      I am not stengy I want a high loot server
    • By Brainzaw
      Hello Forum!
      i can't make a user on opendayz.com and ask there because of an error that says the website is offline...

      So im posting here insteead :D  
      this script: http://opendayz.net/threads/tutorial-remove-weapons-replace-weapons-on-vehicles.11070/
      It allows to add/remove/replace weapons on vehicles, BUT does that also include the mounted guns? like the KORD and M2?
       adding this to server_monitor in server pbo, 
      Underneath the lines paste the following code
      //## LAND VEHICLES
      //GAZ Vodnik remove weapons
      if (_object isKindOf "GAZ_Vodnik_HMG") then {
      _object removeWeapon "2A42";
      _object removeMagazine "1500Rnd_762x54_PKT";
      //## LAND VEHICLES
      //GAZ Vodnik add weapon
      if (_object isKindOf "GAZ_Vodnik_HMG") then {
      _object addWeapon "2A42";
      _object addMagazine "1500Rnd_762x54_PKT";
      underneath these lines:
                      clearWeaponCargoGlobal  _object;
                      clearMagazineCargoGlobal  _object;
      to simply add or remove ammo or weapons.
      If this includes munted guns, can i make a KORD for example, behave like a sniper? :huh:  a M107 maybe? 
      Or is it only vehicle guns you can relpace? 

      Cheers hope you can help! :lol:  
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