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Stanalone Custom Hive 999

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Ok, if theirs another thread like this, then am sorry and please excuse me.



So i was wounding if i can use "Variant 4: DayZ_epoch_SC999HiveExt" in this thread:



Without the need of the whole Single Currency. I would like to use it for the custom 999 calls. But i dont want it to conflict with my server as i personally dont like single currency (not downsizing the whole single currency idea. I have to give you guys credit as you make this it took a lot.). Just want it for the hive 999.



Best Regards,


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you cant use it without the needed changes to the database structure as these custom hive's all check for the banking data table to add new entries to it for

players that have not got an entry in it.


I will make a custom epoch dll that only has the 999 calls added to it. Its been requested quite a few times now.

Will  attempt to do it this week but not shure wich day as i got alot of work on my own servers at this moment.

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