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Getting Bitten by snake


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Gday as i found out last night after raiding getting some nice cars and loot I found myself throwing smoke bombs then all of a sudden WHAMMY!!!!


Bitten by snake i killed the snake found out you can skin it for its Vemom Glads eat it makes you become Immune,Then found my temp rasied so make sure you have a cold pack

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i was building a base in the tall weeds by the coast while a buddy watched.

it started raining and my buddy asked if i was hurt, before i could even access debug to see damage i was dead from 3 snakes attacking me.

I fell down, the wall fell on top of me, my buddy comes to try and revive me and the snakes attack him

He managed to limp away to a safe distance while i respawned and made my way back.

the snakes "patrolled" the area until it stopped raining. funny stuff :D

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