THIS VERSION WILL NOT WORK WITH DAYZ EPOCH PLEASE USE THIS VERSION:   WICKED AI 2.2.0 Since I really like (read love) the Wicked AI missions and support for them has gone in the latest patches, I decided to dust off the old files and start making these 1.0.5+ compatible. Starting with a few minor bugfixes and some custom loadouts, but quickly turning into a proper redo with awesome help of the - very much alive - mod community! --- Error reporting Please use the form below for reporting errors. I will not reply on help requests that fail to do a proper problem report. [b][size=6](Problem title, e.g. Kill type missions sometimes fail to despawn)[/size][/b] [b]WAI Version[/b] (E.g. 2.1.4) [b]World:[/b] (E.g. Taviana 2.0) [b]Mods:[/b] (E.g. @Overpoch, @Origins, @Epoch1051,) [b]Installed add-ons[/b] (Especially the ones that spawn AI, E.g. DZMS, EMT, etc.) [b]Custom loot files[/b] Yes or No [b]Problem description[/b] Tell us your exact problem in as much details as possible [b]What i tried so far[/b] Tell us exactly what you have done to try and fix this problem [b]Config file[/b] [spoiler] -- paste config.sqf here --[/spoiler] [b]Server RPT[/b] [spoiler] -- paste arma2oaserver.RPT here --[/spoiler] --- Release 2.2.0 Native Linux server support Multiple mission support Automatic ammo finder (no need to specify ammo in weaponarray - config.sqf) Option: Locked vehicles with keys randomly on AI Option: Friendly AI Added: Bandit Patrol mission And much more Version history 06-06-2015 : Release 2.2.0 11-11-2014 : BETA release v3 (2.2.0) 11-11-2014 : BETA release v2 (2.2.0) 16-10-2014 : BETA release (2.2.0) 03-09-2014 : Minor bugfixes (2.1.4) 03-09-2014 : Minor bugfixes (2.1.3) 02-09-2014 : Minor bugfixes and improvements (2.1.2) 01-09-2014 : Minor bugfixes (2.1.1) 31-08-2014 : Release (2.1.0) 26-08-2014 : BETA release (2.1.0) 24-08-2014 : Minor bugfixes (2.0.5) 20-08-2014 : Minor bugfixes (2.0.4) 20-08-2014 : Minor bugfixes (2.0.3) 19-08-2014 : Minor bugfixes (2.0.2) 17-08-2014 : Minor bugfixes (2.0.1) 17-08-2014 : Major update to (2.0.0) 13-08-2014 : Added anti abuse options (1.9.3) 12-08-2014 : Normalization update (1.9.2) 12-08-2014 : Bugfix medi camp (1.9.1) 09-08-2014 : Major dynamic update (1.9.0) 03-08-2014 : Bugfix MV22 mission (1.8.2) 02-08-2014 : Restructured and code cleaned (1.8.1) Installation Instructions Download the latest release. Extract the downloaded folder to your desktop and open it Go to your server pbo and unpack it. Navigate to the new dayz_server folder and copy the WAI folder into this folder. Navigate to the system folder and open server_monitor.sqf Find this code at the bottom of the file: allowConnection = true; And past the following code above it: [] ExecVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\WAI\init.sqf"; Repack your server pbo. Optional Radio messages Note: These are on by default, change wai_radio_announce in config.sqf to false in order to disable them. Go to your mission pbo and unpack it. Open init.sqf Find: //[false,12] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\local_lights_init.sqf"; Add below: _nil = [] execVM "custom\remote\remote.sqf"; Copy the remote_message folder into your custom folder, if you do not have this one yet simply create it. If you want to be able to switch the radio on or off go to step 5 (note: right click by maca required), else go to step 6 and both remove switch_on_off.sqf and radio.ogg from the remote folder. Open extra_hc.hpp Find: class ExtraRc { Add below: class ItemRadio { class switchOnOff { text = "Switch ON/OFF"; script = "execVM 'custom\remote\switch_on_off.sqf'"; }; }; Open description.ext Find: class DayZ_loadingScreen Add above class CfgSounds { sounds[] = { Radio_Message_Sound }; class Radio_Message_Sound { name = "Radio_Message_Sound"; sound[] = {custom\remote\radio.ogg,0.4,1}; titles[] = {}; }; }; Repack your mission pbo. Versioning For transparency into our release cycle and in striving to maintain backward compatibility, bootstrap is maintained under the Semantic Versioning guidelines. Sometimes we screw up, but we'll adhere to those rules whenever possible. Dev team Developer f3cuk Developer Jossy Linux support BangL Helping hand nerdalertdk Download Wicked AI 2.2.0