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Client sent to wrong server (same IP different port) ODD!



Hey all,


So there's one or two players who try to connect to our Chernarus server on port 2302 and end up trying to join the Namalsk server on port 2362!


They've tried commander, custom bat file AND the multiplayer REMOTE > IP and Port


I've watched on an rcon client - and they are sent to the wrong server, even though I've confirmed with them that they are putting in the correct IP and port!

  • I've checked my server launch files - all set correctly.
  • The config files for my servers - there's 10 digits between the servers:

- 2302 chernarus gameserver 2301 and chernarus steam query port

- 2362 Namalsk gameserver and 2361 Namalsk steam query port


I've had the guy clear his mpmissions cache too - no joy!


Not sure what is going on here - Ideas anyone???



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