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    • By GriffinZS

      Mod-List and links:
      Advanced Towing
      CUP Weapons
      CUP Units
      CUP Vehicles
      CUP Terrains CORE
      CUP Terrains Complete
      Zombies & Demons by Ryan
      Die alten Säcke

      Southern Island

      Bridge with added wrecks and nice dudes

      We have missions, vemf towninvasions, the AI NPCs are wearing CUP Clothes, CUP vehicles implemented, Blackmarkets (where u cannot sale everything, wtf?), rules- & tippsboards at every market, day/night and restart every 4th hour (starting at 0:00)
      Finally ..
      Ode to the Sahrani
      My Sahrani, you inspire me to write.
      I love the way you fighting and dying,
      Invading my mind day and through the night,
      Always dreaming about the calm lying.

      Let me compare you to a nice buffoon?
      You are more lovely, beautiful and hard.
      Wild sun heats the deadly peaches of June,
      And summertime has the dangerous yard.

      How do I love you? Let me count the ways.
      I love your Sea, Vegetation and Sand.
      Wanting your Vegetation fills my days.
      My love for you is the beautiful land.

      Now I must away with a gorgeous heart,
      Remember my fair words whilst we're apart.
      Created with Poem Generator
    • By viper179
                            # 1   E-P-O-C-H     P-R-O     G-A-M-I-N-G 
      Hello all and to every one that played on the EPOCH PRO server, it has been a little since we have temp shut the servers down. But good news is it will be coming back very soon once we get a few more issues with some new code iron out. But keep on the look out
      for one of the best servers there was from the time epoch was released and lasted close to 3 years as one of the best and most populated servers for a long time. There will be alot of new changes and also new admins for the server, Me , measels , and a few more
      admins will be coming back but not all the admins will be back, i have made a few changes on the admins this go around. So thanks to all who played and keep a eye out on the server popping up soon to come.   
    • By SaltiestMeatBall
      I am hoping to get some help here as google is of no help. I want to find an Epoch server that I can play on for a long time. I have tried dozens but each has led me to disappointment after not finding what I'm looking for in a server.
      I am looking for an epoch server that has the following features:
      PVE only (quite sick of PvP tbh), Altis Map, Missions, Blackmarket Traders, Safezones, AI, Zombies, Militarized (Has tanks, APC's, heli's, jets, all fully armed), and allows base building without restriction or at least allows building on military areas.
      I welcome any and all suggestions that meet the above criteria. Thank you for your time reading this and hope to see some servers in the comments.
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