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    • By FG_Trap
      Made a quick static ai mission that spawns on restart. 
      12 ai patrol the compound 
      4 Static m2's
      1 Heli Patrolling the compound 
      Crate for who ever clears all the ai.
      Some screenshots of the compound 

    • By victorks
      my first work in editin :) https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/20180307202515_1-jpg https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/20180307202245_1-jpg DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oq97j7x59362kqe/CASTLEai.sqf?dl=0 AI M2 NEED WAI: https://pastebin.com/GJMnPvZP ON THE MAP: https://pastebin.com/cyqH9rNV  
    • By Cyrus
      Does anyone have info or tutorials on how to add static AI to a custom base? Something like patrolling AI and respawn on server restart?
      Im currently on Arma 2 Dayz Epoch Chernarus map.
    • By Cubitron
      Aloha all
      We start our new Epoch Cherno Redux Server (Funserver)
      -increased Atagonist Spawn
      -Vehicle Patrol
      -Npc Patrol
      -F4 Player Menu ( WIP) with craft bike and quad)

      -RDS Civilian Pack (the good old A2 Vehicles)
      -No Strider and Ifrit
    • By Dango
      Disclaimer: This is the initial release for Epoch. This addon is not meant to be mod specific but some issues may arise. Please also note that I am not the original author of Sarge AI but I have been supporting it since version 1.5 in Arma 2.
      This is an AI system that is intended to simulate real players roaming the map, scavenging, looting and engaging in combat. Unlike other AI systems Sarge AI designates two factions as friendly and only one faction as hostile. This approach provides a simulated pvp/pve environment that changes depending on how players react to the AI. If a player fires and hits a friendly unit the entire group will become hostile and return fire. AI groups will perceive a player that has fired and hit one of it's members as hostile until the group is dead or the player is dead. AI are configured to treat any player with a specific amount of respect one of two ways. If the player has respect below the threshold they will be considered hostile and treated as an enemy by all AI. If the player has respect above the threshold they will be considered friendly only by the friendly factions of AI. If a player shoots or kills any AI the player's respect will be changed in one of two ways. If the AI target is from a friendly faction the player will lose respect for each shot and kill. If the AI target is from a hostile faction the player will be rewarded respect for each shot and kill. There are three (3) factions of AI within this feature:
      The Survivors
      Fighting for survival as most of us are; These AI do not wish to start unnecessary conflict as they intend on living as much as any player. These AI will assume every player is friendly unless they are given reason to think otherwise. They often wear toned down military apparel and civilian clothing and should be easy to spot as to not frighten unaware players. The Military
      As the dominant force in a wasteland of fugitives and other life threatening obstacles the military takes no chance when it comes to combat. Dressed in high level military apparel and the weapons to back it up these NPCs will roam about the area they spawn in and neutralize any threat they encounter. Don't be a threat ;) The Bandits
      With no apparent loyalty to anyone but the small group of others they travel with these NPCs will roam the map surviving any way they are able to. These AI will steal any loot they encounter and attempt to kill any player they encounter. Outfitted with respectable weapons and head wraps to protect their identities from the authorities these AI make for a formidable enemy. AI can be static or dynamic based on a grid overlay. AI can be bound to the block they spawned in or allowed to freely roam (experimental). AI vehicles are static and are being worked into a dynamic option. Vehicles will patrol within a marker and will not leave the marker unless in combat.
      Known Issues
      All AI are hostile. This is not intended and I am still working out how best to configure what determines if a player should be considered hostile or not.  
      Download Sarge AI
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