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I'm curious. My longest surviving character made it 17 days until a server auto killed him. These days I don't seem to make it more than a few days. I've become a bit reckless since then. Seems more fun that way. Of course, it's never zombies. The real threat is the other players. I've lasted as little as 10 minutes, going down in a hail of automatic gunfire......



I love this game.



What is the longest you've survived? (shortest dying to a bandit?)

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90 days? Damn dude. Damn.

It was the purpose to survive as long as possible then i got in a clanwar and was shot. I just did a server where i also try to survive as long as i can can build a base... without any luxury from epoch like traders or smth. I think this will be a bit challenging :). And ofc without any map additions and a low vehicle count (50) and without any seriously helping scripts (except for snapping). And a map i never played before such hyped for me :) (Isla Duala)

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Just died after 25 days. Luckily yesterday I figured out how to check that stat or I would never have known. My first life was much longer... but much more boring, I have no idea how long it was but I never died until the day the server was wiped clean to switch to Overpoch. I died a little on the inside that day.

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