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Found 15 results

  1. Hy, I recently started playing A2 Epoch again after quite some time and the last few days i was wondering were it all started for me.. Then i remembered (also is in my 'about me' on this forum) that it was a server hosted by a fellow Dutchie named [AOS] Emmen. Well my question(s) is/are simple: What was your first ever (long term) server called that you played on? and is it still around to this day? And what made it so special? I hope you guys can still remember your roots.
  2. Hey guys, I was wanting to ask what server hosts you guys use and how many players at the high points, just to get a general idea. Also, more directed to people using SurvivalServers and GTXGaming; how many players do you have on your servers and what kind of FPS does the server (#monitor logged in as admin) get and the average client get when your server is at it's peak of the day. I personally have used both and been not very satisfied with both so far, and with GTXGaming not updating their servers and other bad customer support issues, I am considering going back to SurvivalServers. SurvivalServers had 30min backups from the last 5 days (250 total backups) and had a faster boot time for the server, meanwhile GTX has a very old style backup system which does one backup per day of the ENTIRE server directory, which I do not find necessary. GTX is more expensive by almost double the cost, which I would suspect means it is more powerful as a server, but I do not know a ton about either server's specs. Only thing I like most about GTX Gaming is that I can choose how often the restarts are, instead of being forced with 2 hour or 4 hour restarts (I like 3 hours). Just a little survey, thanks!
  3. Hello Everyone, Contact: [email protected] I enjoyed dayz epoch so much that I decided on making a new 2017 server, I notice Arma 2 OA is going downhill, I want to offer a high quality hosted server for players that want to join. Details: -Epoch -No specified date of release but stay tuned, I need to talk to friends about funding -Many plugins (snap vector pro, slow zombies, advanced traiding, tow and lift, roaming AI not too difficult, etc.) -The map will be Panthera since it was very enjoyable and fun, unless there is a large amount of people that want a different map, or if we get enough donations we can set up a second mapped server. -We will listen to people's criticism, ideas, votes, questions and requests. -We will host weekly or even daily events that includes volunteered participants, such as maybe races accross the map to win a prize, a large shootout in a town till last man standing, or building competitions. all events will yield large and amazing prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners. Take this short survey please: https://www.quotev.com/quiz/9023264/To-make-the-ideal-DayZ-Epoch-server Date of release: Maybe a month or less. Stay tuned. Hope you are interested, this server will be hosted for a while, if donations are made. Spread the word. Best Regards -Bear Grylls
  4. I have started a database and webpage that can help list and show Arma communities based on what they have to offer. Say if you want to find a community that has milsim but also enjoy playing some Epoch and you want the server to be in the USA well just easily use armacom.co to find a community to join. So if you own a community that has arma server/s or even a group that has a server and perhaps webpage please go here to get listed. any suggestions or queries hit me up!
  5. Hello, i am a new player looking to find a good server to play on. anybody have any suggestions?
  6. Hi All, I was going to post to an earlier thread but it was a few years old so I thought I may get over looked and my question will go unanswered. Anyway I'm looking at server hosting and I'm sure who to choose, there are a number of factors that come in to play, Price, min slot and general support of a GSP. I found a pretty decent list with all the hosts in one place http://comparegamehosting.com/game/arma-3-epoch-mod/ but ideally im looking for a few more comments from people that have used and of the providers. Any help highlighting anything about the hosts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  7. Hello, This post should help users that are looking for answers and have something unclear with the Epoch Mod Arma3 servers (later only 'servers'). I will edit the 1st post to keep the answers up to date. "This way" - Ill mention topics that could help specify what I mean by the question deeper and also show you I know now and am not 100% sure of 1.) How many MAPS are there to choose from? And what are the differences? - For Arma 3: Altis and that other map is supported by default. - For Arma 2: If using the All in Arma Terrain Pack, almost all are supported, with different level of success. Then there is Bornholm and some in-development maps. - Best resource for information about the maps will be in the Forum. 2.) Are there any differences between servers? There are numerous differences between servers, code wise and hardware wise. Server name will ususally include the things that the server wants to promote to new players, be it indestructability or not. Hardcore tends to be the hardest difficulty on everything, with loot being rare and AI being super marks men (and more). LOOT/SPAWN/VEHICLE is also depending on the server owners preference. 3.) Im into PVP, base building and raiding, get rich fast or die trying. What servers to look for? Servers that allows you to log in and are not specifically stating PVE in the server name. Everything else is just an excuse to cry when dying. :) 4.) Is there any list of servers with their settings to find the best suited for everyone’s wishes? The Server List here is always useful: http://epochmod.com/servers.php Then you have the Arma 3 In game Server list and then the Epoch Server list in the forum (http://epochmod.com/...-epoch-servers/) Best way to find a suitable server is to connect to one and play a bit. Thank you
  8. Hi guys, first time posting here. I am thinking of starting a new epoch server designed to fit the needs of our epoch player base. Just want to scope for some ideas of what people want from a server. I don't really want to overload it with mods that people may not want so please comment below and give me an idea of what is a good mod to have on the server. Thanks!
  9. i was playing epoch the other day and it worked fine but today i download epoch and now any server i try to join says i do not have the keys to play on the server, i have tried a few servers to be safe and checked the mod folder, no keys under the keys section... thought maybe just that link is broke but i cannot download from any other than the direct torrent link. any help would be great, thanks.
  10. I made this topic over on my forum for Arma 2 DayZ Epoch - I'm going to copy pasta it here but it is ENTIRELY relevant to first person in Arma 3. I want to help people get in bed with first person and I think there are some things that people just dont know to turn off or to tweak to make the best of it.. things you have in other games as standard slider settings. Anyway, check this out! After talking to a few people, a few things have come to my mind that some of you may just not know or do with first person. These below are usually features in all games, some games like Arma don't have a visible slider and you have to edit the config, see below for an easy config edit. Headbob As most of you are glued to third person you don't notice the headbob until you spend a few minutes in first person moving around inside of your base or through combat and the headbob can be nauseating. I turned mine off the very first day I played DayZ and I've never turned it back on until now. To turn it off, Main Menu > Options > Game Options > Headbob Slider to change it. (Different in Arma 3) Here is a video showing you default, full and off. This is me running a circuit around my base @ 90 FOV. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMJJIoKPCO4 When its on at all, its like running around in an earth quake. FOV - Field of Vision I've always found that 90 is the optimum for me in any game, give or take a few depending on the game.. for others it tends to vary between 80-100 but anymore than 90 for me and I find it is too much like tunnel vision. Here are some examples below taken looking at the same spot, the window of the small blue van from my base. Left Image: Not aiming down the sights, no zoom. Right Image: Aiming down the sights, no zoom. Default FOV (Seems around 70) @ 1920x1080 70 FOV @ 1920x1080 90 FOV @ 1920x1080 120 FOV @ 1920x1080 I think you can fill in the gaps between each one and find your optimum. Note: Different FOVs may impact the aiming dots on weapons. Make sure you try out your weapons after changing your FOV and don't forget, you can still right click to zoom in! These are default "broad" views! How do you change your FOV? Download the attached file to this post which when loaded looks like this: This file can be used for Arma 3, Arma 2 and DayZ Standalone. Link: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?156973-Utility-Arma-FOV-Changer Settings The location of your profile is (example, change as necessary): C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\ArmA 2\YOURINGAMENAME.ArmA2OAProfile Fill in your resolution and aspect ratio, if you don't know what aspect ratio you have, google "what aspect ratio is 1920x1080" or what ever your resolution is and google will tell you. Lastly fill in the "Horizontal FOV" to your desired FOV and it will auto fill the vertical, then press "Change FOV". Make sure you are out of game when you do this or it will not take effect and it will do it with little to no effort. If you are running an odd resolution it may not be supported by the program creator, which isn't me. If this is the case you'll have to do it the old fashioned way: https://zombies.nu/community/threads/574/ or google another FOV Calculator guide! Mouse Smoothing In every game I play, this is turned off.. its like skating your mouse across ice when you move around. You don't notice it so much in third person but you certainly see it in first person. A video isn't suitable here as its about personal feel and you have to experience it yourself but to change this go into game. Main Menu > Controls > Smoothing (on the right hand side, bottom slider) and have a play around. Finally Any more things that improve the first person experience I will post here, I hope this is helpful to those of you who are on the bench or against first person for what ever reason.
  11. g'day guys. i understand taking 1 Australian server away due to not so many people jumping on both of them,but completely removing both of them?!?!?! is there an ETA as to when the servers will be up again or if at all i haven't played for a day I come back and there are only 4 servers available
  12. Welcome, Since my recent server shutdown, I'm understand how hard it can be to script for servers. So I'm here to relieve stress on server owners who are new to scripting, or if you just need help on single scripts. No I will not "create" a script but I will help individuals with existing scripts and help modify existing scripts. What I do: Full Mission and Server pbos Single Scripts Community/Clan websites Loading Screen Designs (Nothing to Advanced) Payment Models Most jobs here, I will do for free (unless your a asshole). But major projects aka entire mission and server pbos, websites, loading screen designs, or entire servers, yes I will charge you. But I do love doing this so most of the simple questions that come to me, yes I will help you for free. To All That Disapprove I am simply here to help new server owners or to help existing scipters with there or others scripts. I am not here to horde money from people who are incapable of doing it themeselves. How To Contact Me To contact me simply message me here on EpochMod.com, or OpenDayZ.net I will soon have a website going up where you can fill out a form and browse the community postings for DayZ Scripting! -JustThatCool [Edit] WEBSITE STATUS: 51%
  13. So I wanted to do a small survey that i think all server admins could benefit from. Copy and paste with your answers. Survey: What do you look for in a server(i.e. Scripts/features)? What is your preferred amount of players you look for in choosing a server? What turns you away from a server? What things about a server make you stay? what method do you use to look for a server? Additional Comments:
  14. I am tired of seeing "INDESTRUCTIBLE BASES! COME ONE COME ALL NOOBS!" The one server that had that, that was perfect for me, I was banned for arguing in side chat with some guy. Anyways, I'm looking for a decent server, preferably chernarus.
  15. tticoman2

    Dart Issue

    Hopefully this is the right topic but it seems that I can't find out where to change the password for Dart. I currently have a DayZ server properly working but just can't seem to find out where to change it at. When I run dart and put as host and 2302 as port and put in a random password then I click connect it says failed to connect. Please make sure that you properly set a password in beserver.cfg but I can't find beserver.cfg. I have searched for it on my computer and nothing shows up for it. Hopefully I put this topic in the right area.
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