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Found 10 results

  1. This might be not the way to do this, but I dont reallly care, because it works. This script was made for a server to be able to have random spawns. (Spawn points given by the administrator.) Make a script called spawnpoints.sqf: if (isNil "inSpawnPoint") then { inSpawnPoint = false; }; while {true} do { waitUntil { inSpawnPoint }; titleText [format["Entering Spawn Point."],"PLAIN DOWN"]; titleFadeOut 4; waitUntil { player == vehicle player }; thePlayer = vehicle player; _spawnpointsarray = [ [1745,2107,0.1], [2737,1980,0.1], [3663,2130,0.1], [4109,2317,0.1], [4813,2086,0.1], [5825,2023,0.1], [6357,2082,0.1], [7198,2533,0.1], [7226,2187,0.1], [8045,2835,0.1], [8577,2320,0.1], [9286,1902,0.1], [9840,1786,0.1], [10466,1886,0.1], [10243,1576,0.1], [10857,2275,0.1], [11939,3402,0.1], [11105,3009,0.1], [13509,6166,0.1], [13081,7804,0.1], [12940,9326,0.1], [13170,10292,0.1] ]; systemChat "[DeadZ] Selecting spawn point..."; _selectspawnpoint = _spawnpointsarray select floor random count _spawnpointsarray; sleep 1; systemChat "[DeadZ] Spawn point selected. Spawning..."; sleep 1; thePlayer setPos _selectspawnpoint; waitUntil { !inSpawnPoint }; titleText [format["Exiting Spawn Point. Have fun."],"PLAIN DOWN"]; titleFadeOut 4; }; In the init.sqf add this: if (!isDedicated) then { [] execVM "spawnpoints.sqf"; }; In your mission sqm, create a sensor called SPAWNPOINT like this: class Sensors { items=1; class Item0 { position[]={6325.6772,0,7807.7412}; //Spawnpoint coords (same as respawn_west & east) activationBy="ANY"; repeating=1; interruptable=1; age="UNKNOWN"; name="SPAWNPOINT"; expCond="(player distance SPAWNPOINT) < 50;"; expActiv="inSpawnPoint = true;"; expDesactiv="inSpawnPoint = false;"; class Effects { }; }; }; And it should spawn you automaticaly after 2 seconds randomly. Also you need to remove your portals, or place them -x in the ground. Tell me if you like it. This is very nooby, but it works, so no hate. EDIT: I think you can remove the sleep 1;, im not sure about this, I just added it in for safety, so the player is definetaly going to a new location. Greetings, Matijs
  2. Fixed it! Never mind
  3. Matijs

    Random Crashes

    UPDATE: I got it working on my other computer, so it was probably a problem with my main desktop pc. Hey, I was trying to set up my server; everything works great, but now I got this problem. The server randomly stops working. This is what the rpt log file is giving me: Mods: @EpochHive Distribution: 0 Version 1.36.128579 Fault time: 2014/12/08 21:59:20 Fault address: 7706AE33 01:0002AE33 C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll file: epoch world: Altis Prev. code bytes: 0A 8B C1 59 94 8B 00 89 04 24 C3 2D 00 10 00 00 Fault code bytes: 85 00 EB E9 90 90 90 90 90 8B FF 55 8B EC 8B 15 Registers: EAX:1E75F000 EBX:00000022 ECX:1E75E80C EDX:0993A492 ESI:00000001 EDI:0000002A CS:EIP:0023:7706AE33 SS:ESP:002B:1E85E838 EBP:1E85E844 DS:002B ES:002B FS:0053 GS:002B Flags:00010206 ======================================================= note: Minidump has been generated into the file SC\arma3server_2014-12-08_21-55-43.mdmp If anyone knows the problem, please tell me. This is the "Minidump" file that has been generated opened with Visual Studio: Kind Regards, Matijs
  4. Hollowaddiction requested this one from me after being bugged by a female player for a couple weeks. What this does (the way I have it set up) is select a random skin (from the list given) and either spawns the player as that skin OR adds the skin to their inventory at random. This is configurable. You can add it in to your server in a couple of different ways, like as a pay for skin option when right clicking on gold or whatever you want, really. ​ Requirements (PBO Manager and Notepad ++) Easy = Blue <10 Installation Steps - 1. go into your dayz_server\compiles folder and find server_playerSetup.sqf, locate the line that looks like dayzPlayerLogin2 = [_worldspace,_state]; and replace it with dayzPlayerLogin2 = [_worldspace,_state,_randomSpot]; and repack your server pbo 2. open up your mission folder / pbo and open the init.sqf and put this at the bottom : sexcheck = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "scripts\sexcheck.sqf"; waitUntil {!isNil ("PVDZE_plr_LoginRecord")}; if (dayzPlayerLogin2 select 2) then { player spawn sexcheck; }; change the filepath accordingly 3. download this file and place it in a scripts folder 4. configure 5. enjoy Credits - HollowAddiction for the idea
  5. All i have done here is take an older version of WAI and removed some things and editited a few things to make it work along side of the newest release and give back the crate options. I take no credit for this at all. Just something i did on my server and decided to share it. Install instructions are in read me. This is preconfigured with quite a few weapons. Just about all from epoch (thermals included) and a ton of great overwatch guns including both cheytac variants as well as most thermals. The crate is different each restart. Enjoy!!:) Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rggs01dxzzvspg0/WAIC.zip?dl=0
  6. We run a loadout script on the server, but for some reason, players have an 50% chance of getting the winchester loadout when they spawn, even though their ID is not linked to it. All the other players receive their custom loadouts fine. The default loadout also works half the time. Here's the coding if anyone can solve what the issue is. //Default Loadout DefaultMagazines = ["ItemBandage","ItemPainkiller","8Rnd_9x18_MakarovSD","8Rnd_9x18_MakarovSD"]; DefaultWeapons = ["MakarovSD","ItemMap"]; DefaultBackpack = ""; DefaultBackpackWeapon = ""; //Winchester Loadout if ((getPlayerUID player) in [""]) then { //People: DefaultMagazines = ["ItemBandage","ItemBandage","ItemBandage","ItemBandage","17Rnd_9x19_glock17","17Rnd_9x19_glock17","ItemMorphine","ItemPainkiller","15Rnd_W1866_Slug","15Rnd_W1866_Slug"]; DefaultWeapons = ["glock17_EP1","Winchester1866","ItemMap","ItemFlashlightRed","ItemCompass","ItemKnife","ItemHatchet_DZE","ItemMatchbox_DZE"]; DefaultBackpack = "DZ_ALICE_Pack_EP1"; DefaultBackpackWeapon = ""; }; //Holo Loadout if ((getPlayerUID player) in [""]) then { //People: DefaultMagazines = ["ItemBandage","ItemBandage","ItemBandage","ItemBandage","17Rnd_9x19_glock17","17Rnd_9x19_glock17","ItemMorphine","ItemPainkiller","30Rnd_556x45_Stanag","30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"]; DefaultWeapons = ["glock17_EP1","BAF_L85A2_RIS_Holo","Binocular","ItemMap","ItemCompass","ItemKnife","ItemCrowbar","ItemFlashlightRed","ItemHatchet_DZE","ItemMatchbox_DZE"]; DefaultBackpack = "DZ_Backpack_EP1"; DefaultBackpackWeapon = ""; }; //SVD Camo Loadout if ((getPlayerUID player) in [""]) then { //People: DefaultMagazines = ["ItemBandage","ItemBandage","ItemBandage","ItemBandage","30Rnd_9x19_UZI_SD","30Rnd_9x19_UZI_SD","ItemMorphine","ItemPainkiller","ItemBloodbag","ItemWaterbottleBoiled","ItemWaterbottleBoiled","FoodSteakCooked","10Rnd_762X54_SVD","10Rnd_762X54_SVD","10Rnd_762X54_SVD"]; DefaultWeapons = ["UZI_SD_EP1","SVD_CAMO","Binocular_Vector","NVGoggles","ItemMap","ItemCompass","ItemGPS","ItemWatch","ItemKnife","ItemToolbox","ItemCrowbar","ItemEtool","ItemHatchet_DZE","ItemMatchbox_DZE"]; DefaultBackpack = "DZ_LargeGunBag_EP1"; DefaultBackpackWeapon = ""; }; //custom loadout 1 if ((getPlayerUID player) in [""]) then { //People: DefaultMagazines = ["ItemBandage","ItemBandage","ItemBandage","ItemBandage","15Rnd_9x19_M9SD","15Rnd_9x19_M9SD","15Rnd_9x19_M9SD","15Rnd_9x19_M9SD","ItemMorphine","ItemPainkiller","ItemBloodbag","ItemWaterbottleBoiled","FoodSteakCooked","30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD","30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD","30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD","30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD","Survivor3_DZ"]; DefaultWeapons = ["M9SD","M4A1_AIM_SD_CAMO","Binocular_Vector","NVGoggles","ItemMap","ItemSledge","ItemCompass","ItemGPS","ItemWatch","ItemKnife","ItemToolbox","ItemCrowbar","ItemEtool","ItemHatchet_DZE","ItemMatchbox_DZE"]; DefaultBackpack = "DZ_LargeGunBag_EP1"; DefaultBackpackWeapon = ""; };
  7. Recently i have created a taviana overpoch server, All is running smoothly, no hickups. However every client will get kicked randomly. Not all at once, just individually at random time. I have checked all the logs incl Battleye, infistar, server.rpt and client.rpt and all is normal. On client kick it will display "You have been kicked from the server." .Rpt only shows normal player disconnect. I have ran the server without battleye or infistar and it still kicks. Sometime once per 3 hour restart or multiple times. I've checked all ports, tried both dayzlauncher and dayzcommander with various launch parameters. I have also changed config.cfg "onHackedData" and "onDifferentData" to null with no avail. I've scoured the web and with still no result or indication on what's going on i bring it to you guys! Thanks.
  8. Hey all, Ive been interested in finding a script that would randomize your starting loadout for some time now with no success. Im obviously using the server_playerlogin.sqf to define the starting gear. Can anyone help me out here? I can't find anything newer than 2013 when the instance table still worked for defining loadouts. Side note, Im running overwatch not epoch if that even matters.
  9. Hey, After i updated to the latest steam version some of my players get issues that vehicle keeps randomlly exploding, after some time driving they get ejected and the vehicle explode but they dont get any damage, what i see in the logs it hapens every time when the server do a cleanup, see here, vehicle exploded at "13:03" (03:03 P.M), 13:02:18 "Player is Null FAILED: Exiting, player sync: <NULL-object>" 13:02:42 "infiSTAR.de PlayerConnected: _uid: 76561198146178268 _name: keezarts" 13:02:44 Server: Object 20:568 not found (message 94) 13:03:08 "CLEANUP: Deleted 127 Loot Piles out of 536" 13:03:09 "get: STRING (76561198038755076), sent: STRING (76561198038755076)" 13:03:09 "DISCONNECT: EnZZo (76561198038755076) Object: B 1-2-H:1 (EnZZo) REMOTE, _characterID: 153 at loc [4850.96,2916.29,0.00152969]" 13:03:09 Client: Remote object 28:410 not found 13:03:09 Client: Object 13:241 (type Type_149) not found. 13:03:09 Client: Object 4:478 (type Type_149) not found. 13:03:09 Client: Object 11:119 (type Type_149) not found. 13:03:09 Client: Object 23:96 (type Type_149) not found. 13:03:09 Client: Object 19:220 (type Type_149) not found. 13:03:09 Client: Object 9:71 (type Type_149) not found. 13:03:09 Client: Object 20:573 (type Type_149) not found. 13:03:11 "infiSTAR.de PlayerConnected: _uid: 76561198046305176 _name: David007" 13:03:11 "infiSTAR.de - Player-Log: David007(76561198046305176) - 1h 02min" 13:03:20 "infiSTAR.de Log: David007 (76561198046305176) | New Player: ["161",[],[],[0,0,0],true,"","Survivor2_DZ",true,true,0]" 13:03:39 "DELETE: e19ac100# 1056164: v3s_transport.p3d REMOTE Deleted by ID: 122" 13:03:39 Client: Object 23:98 (type Type_69) not found. 13:03:39 Client: Object 23:98 (type Type_70) not found. 13:03:39 "Vehicle killed: Vehicle e19ac100# 1056164: v3s_transport.p3d REMOTE (TYPE: V3S_TK_EP1_DZE), CharacterID: 0, ObjectID: 122, ObjectUID: 0, Position: [11452.1,11343.5,-0.0125427]" 13:03:53 "CLEANUP: Deleted 27 Loot Piles out of 420" 13:04:02 "0 Active ground units" 13:04:02 "0 Active emplacement units" 13:04:02 "0 Active chopper patrol units (Crew)" 13:04:02 "0 Active vehicle patrol units (Crew)" 13:04:07 "EPOCH SERVERTRADE: Player: [F4] bathing ape (76561198082824296) sold a ItemSodaMdew in/at Unknown Trader City for 3x ItemGoldBar" 13:04:42 NetServer::SendMsg: cannot find channel #240256419, users.card=15 13:04:42 NetServer: users.get failed when sending to 240256419 13:04:42 Message not sent - error 0, message ID = ffffffff, to 240256419 (Bryan Pegre) 13:04:51 "CLEANUP: Deleted 26 Loot Piles out of 393" and i dont on what i can do... did no changes to my mpmission, the only what i chagend was installing plotpole for life.
  10. What is this wooden box or crate that I keep finding by the side of the road, what can I do with it, and how do I interact with it? I've tried shooting it quite a bit, mousewheeling over it, right clicking my crowbar (both on toolbar and in-hand) when near it- nothing happens.
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