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Found 9 results

  1. When I send a group invite, the players join, great. Then you get all this radio chatter and speech text telling you to regroup, heli 1500m out, and BS BS BS . How do I turn off the radio chatter and the speech text?
  2. Hi. Can you help me improve the similar mistakes? http://opendayz.net/threads/a-guide-to-battleye-filters.21066/ Because I do not really understand that I'm click Group radio or F5 key and kick server battleye/publicvariable.txt Szebi ab5d0800bcab47282dd156fee60ebbcd - #5 "PVAHR_0_dqdrqmx_355968" = ["Szebi","myid","BAN",[65,99,116,105,118,101,32,77,101,110,117,32,67,84,82,76,52]] Szebi ab5d0800bcab47282dd156fee60ebbcd - #0 "kicked" = "kicked"
  3. Giving out my custom ai alert sound to all the hard working server owners out there! I can't upload ogg sound so email me at ambientwaves and I'll send it to you. To use it with WAI Radio announcements, just replace radio.ogg with mine. See pic for it's location in my setup (GTX server). Please let me know if you like and use it! If you would like some other kind of custom voice-over like this let me know and I can probably do it for you :)
  4. I am the owner of the StrictlyComeGaming DayZ Epoch server and I wanted to see what could add in more roleplay to the server and it hit me A RADIO MOD. Because we all know arma's radio system is horrible so I am here to ask if anyone can help me with how to install Task Force Radio to my Arma 2 DayZ Epoch server. Our Teamspeak ip is strictlycomegaming.noip.me and our server ip is Please And Thank You XxGAMER41xX
  5. Hey, anyone knows how to implement Task Force Arrowhead Radio into Epoch? Most simple thing would be running the mods their own and just add the new .bikeys. But I tested it, doesn't work. I get kicked off the game after a second in the lobby... Can anyone help? :) Thank you.
  6. I created a script to mark friendly players positions on the Map/GPS and 3D. Description You need to have a radio in your toolbelt and tag an other player as friendly to let him see you on the map/gps. This simulates position updates by radio contact. Also the names of the players shown on the map, are shown in a seperate GUI in the left part of the screen. I have a better description here. If the players have both respectivly tag themselves as friendly, they can both see each other. Every player can deactivate this feature by removing the radio from their toolbelt. On death players normally loose their friendships and they don't send out their position anymore until adding other players as friendly again. 3 Main features are currently available by this script: 2D player positions on map/GPS Names of players currently in radio contact with 3D player positions Technical Details New players which just fulfilled the 2 requirements (radio + friendly) are added as markers every 2 seconds (adjustable by "RC_addInterval"). Also at this intervall their markers are removed, if the conditions are not met anymore. Also the markers blink once at this time what makes them easier to spot on the map. The marker positions are updated every 0.5 seconds (adjustable by "RC_updateInterval"). Several other variables can be configured in the config.sqf to adjust the visual properties to your liking or disable features. Also the script directory path can be adjusted in the init.sqf. This should make moving the script much easier in your mission file. Don't forget to also change the path to the desc_in.h in your description.ext. The radio item is 'ItemRadio'. This item does not spawn normally in DayZ Epoch. You have to add it somehow into your server. E.g.: Use the MissionLootTable feature explained adjust the item spawn configuration. Or add as gear to your AI missions or to the loot crates of the missions. Or change the starting gear to contain one. Since this script uses friendship variables, which are DayZ Epoch only, this script only supports that mod. But it is easy to remove that requirement. Installation I will not discuss here how to get the mission file or how to handel PBO-files. If you have access to such files, you should know by now. The project can be also found on github. Perform the following steps: Extract the attached ZIP-file (RCv1.3.1.zip), there should now be a directory "RC". Copy that into the mission directory. Add the following line at the end of your "init.sqf" in the mission file execVM "RC\init.sqf"; Change the configuration of the script in "RC\config.sqf". If GUI is enabled (enabled by default), add #include "RC\desc_inc.h" in your description.ext, in the RscTitles class class RscTitles { //here }; so that it looks like in the "description.ext" file in the ZIP. There may already be definitions in there, then add the line at the beginning or the end of the class RscTitles, but between the brackets. If you cand find this class, you may create it. Check the AntiHack part of this thread and apply if necessary. Finished. AntiHack Battleye This script works with the default DayZ Epoch Battleye directory. infiSTAR This script does not work correctly with infiSTAR antihack. The map/GPS markers will only work for admins, if configured correctly. Map/GPS markers for admins You have to enable the local marker functions in your "AHconfig.sqf". Beware, this allows cheaters/hackers to use several different functions as well. This means they will be able to create markers as they like to visualize other players/vehicles/bases on the map, spawn items and more. It means you are deactivating a securitx feature of infiSTAR. Apply at own risk. To enable the local marker functions search for the following line/variable in the "server_functions/init/AHconfig.sqf": /* Break Functions ? */ BHF = true; And set it to: /* Break Functions ? */ BHF = false; If you can't find this variable, you need to update your infiSTAR to the latest version (supported since 16/04/2014/AH0328C). Others A list of used functions can be found in the github project. This could help you adding exceptions to your cheat protection software. Testing I have my own dedicated server with this script active (and others) and you are welcome to have fun there. The server is called "International Steel Company" and runs on the IP I also have a blog for the server, where I keep writing about updates and have more information about the server and its freatures. Debug Version If you encounter problems with the script and it isn't working correctly, you can install the debug version (RCv1.2Debug.zip) which executes some tests and reports the results into the Arma 2 OA error file. This file can be very important in finding the problem, why it doesn't work properly. I am talking about the arma2OA.rpt file. If you don't know where it is located read here. You can reduce the file to some important lines. These are located between "Checking RC Script ..." and "... finished checking RC Script." Example: "DAYZ: CLIENT IS RUNNING DAYZ_CODE """ "RC Debug initialized." "RC Script is Running." "Waiting ..." Fresnel k must be >0, given n=0.8,k=0 "PLAYER RESULT: true" "Checking RC Script ..." " RC Debug:dbg_hadEverFriend assert failed. Expected true, but was false" " RC Debug:dbg_fncCallIsFriend assert failed. Expected true, but was false" " RC Debug:dbg_fncCallAddUnitMarker assert failed. Expected true, but was false" " RC Debug:dbg_fncCallAddUnitCommunication assert failed. Expected true, but was false" "... finished checking RC Script." "PLOGIN: Login loop completed!" The informations from the tests don't really help you in finding the problem, but can help me, if you send me the results. Thanks for reading I hope you enjoy that feature. Changelog v1.3.1, May 3 added realtime updating for 3D names added range limit for 3D names implemented missing 3d options v1.3, April 30 added 3D player positions fixed GUI interferences with DayZ added script path variable to init.sqf April 22 added 1.2 Debug Version for problem checking v1.2, April 21 fixed direction of players in vehicles added marker for players in vehicles (square around player) added options for the vehicle marker added GUI with player names currnetly visible by radio fixed markers of dead players, they are not shown anymore April 16 infiSTAR configuration help was added to this thread. v1.1, April 12 added more config options (color, icon type, transparency) showing of player name next to marker icon v1.0, April 11 inital realese RCv1.3.1.zip RCv1.3.zip RCv1.2.zip RCv1.1.zip RCv1.2Debug.zip
  7. Hello everybody :) Today I changed gui on my server, disabled infistar debug monitor, then understood, that need to make something nice for Coin System So i decided to make a script, that allow check bank accout by radio. Lets start install it! 1. You need maca134's script for Add Right Click Options to the Items 3 variants of script: 1. Check only bank cash by radio: 2. Check cash from your "card" and bank cash by radio in ONE key: 3. Check cash from your "card" and bank cash by radio in TWO keys: Done :3 Special thx: Peterbeer and Mikeeeyy for fix :33 Zupa for the best script ever (coins) :3 Maca134 for Right click options script :) Fixes:
  8. So download epoch like 8 days ago, loving it. But I don't have a side chat or radio chat or see kill feeds or sever restarts time warnings. So am I dumb and missing a setting or just a bug, my friends have to tell me when server restarting and stuff. My chat worked on anything but epoch if you even call the chat. I checked GUI and it not off screen it right where it is on any other server or mod on arma III, and I even resized it to see if it helps. It didn't Also I know I need a radio for radio chat, I have one. :) Hope this is not a normal bug with a fix already, just didn't see it asked and it a problem for me so.
  9. I would love the radio to only worn within a certain range of others make it like 2-5 Km away from eachother. maybe have a direction finder apear when you are within range of a transmitting radio would be very cool aswell, would have people being a bit more careful with transmissions. unless they are looking for a gunfight
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