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Found 3 results

  1. lesvieuxcrevards

    Light sources ?

    Hi, Anyone have scripts/mod to have lights sources for players bases? Best Regards.
  2. saintanthony

    New Epoch tool... the Headlamp

    So I've been working on a script using the extra_rc.hpp script to make a new tool function. A headlamp or lantern if you prefer. (In effect it is really more like the latter.) The lamp part works perfectly, but I am unable to shut it off afterwards. Here is what I have so far: if (isNil "headlamp") then { headlamp = 0; }; if (headlamp == 0) then { _hlight = "#lightpoint" createVehicle (getpos player); _hlight setLightAmbient [.15, .15, .15]; _hlight setLightColor [.15, .12, .10]; _hlight setLightBrightness .25; setaperture -1; _hlight setDir (getDir player); _hlight attachTo [(vehicle player), [0,0,1.5]]; Sleep 0.1; headlamp = 1; hint "Headlamp ON"; } else { Sleep 0.1; detach _hlight; _hlight setPosATL [-10000,-10000,100000]; Sleep 0.1; deleteVehicle _hlight; Sleep 0.1; headlamp = 0; hint "Headlamp OFF"; }; It never makes it to "Headlamp OFF". It is having trouble detaching the light from the player and it can't delete it while it is attached. Any ideas? Am I just using the command wrong?
  3. longshot

    How to add Chem Lights in to loot

    I am currently trying to add chemlights into loot spawns in military buildings on my server. I know the cfgloot and cfgbuildingloot files are what I need but I need help with where exactly to add them in and the syntax for it. When I go to edit the military buildings loot in the cfgbuildingloot it seems to have a second call in the list that looks like it is referring to a list somewhere else or something that the item that is being called for the loot is in. Let me know, thanks!