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Found 9 results

  1. Assomnia

    Add item trader

    Plop all ! new problem .... i want to add the pipebomb to the hero and the bandit traders. Therefore I made a new category banditexplosives.hpp and heroexplosives.sqf new number of the category is new and fine I include the new category to the traders basically I can see the category in game. I can buy the items via trader or advanced trading. But I can't sell the pipebomb and only this one, from the inventory. I can sell them from the backpack tho... someone can help ? i use epoch 1051 and the coins system and advanced trading from @Zupa, who else ?! ;) thanks folks
  2. My icons don't have color i want to change this first img to second img ..sorry i'm easy eng.
  3. Hi there, I checked Wiki and FAQ, but still could not find out what these two items are used for: - Jack (often found in spawned cars) - Food Cooler (empty) Can anybody enlighten my darkness? Regards, Tzarastro
  4. Hello there, Just want to let you know that it is possible to dupe items using the trade menu when you are with 3 players. When two players are in the trading menu and a third one joins, all trade items from the common trader get duplicated to others when they both accept the trade. Occured by accident and I could imagine you'd want to fix this :) Kind regards, Bubske4
  5. I store my backpack and vest in a lootable couch to try on a wetsuit. When I searched the couch again to get my gears back it was permanently gone, I searched the area around it but it was not there either. I just want to warn you guys that Couch Monsters are real. Be Careful!!
  6. New item suggestion: Duffel Bag Description: Ultra rare loot item (like chainsaw), that when equipped takes up both the backpack slot and the main weapon slot, but provides 200 slots of space. Purpose: Providing a way to move large lots of items more efficiently. Disclaimer* - Sorry for starting a new topic on such a simple post, it does seem a little like overkill. I just couldn't find another thread that this would fit in, and not get lost in all the replies. Thanks for reading!
  7. So as the title suggests, when a player locks his/her safe after placing items in it, they reopen the safe to find the items have been deleted. Does anyone know what is causing this bug and how I can fix it? Errors: I have no edited that file in anyway, not sure why it's giving off errors. 12:33:35 Error in expression <er getVariable["lastPos",_charPos]; if (count _lastPos > 2 and count _charPos > > 12:33:35 Error position: <count _lastPos > 2 and count _charPos > > 12:33:35 Error count: Type Number, expected Array,Config entry 12:33:35 File z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_playerSync.sqf, line 70 I purposely made no AI spawn because of the type of server my friend is running which is why the 0 AI is Spawning and 0 units are in the mission. 10:37:30 [DZMS]: Running Major Mission SM6. 10:37:33 [DZMS]: (DZMSUnitsMajor) 0 AI Spawned, 0 units in mission. 10:37:38 [DZMS]: (DZMSUnitsMajor) 0 AI Spawned, 0 units in mission. 4 seconds after this came through about the AI missing the errors started, could something in Major Mission SM6 cause this?
  8. Drasznic

    Menu on item click

    Hey Guys, It's my first post, so Welcome Everyone :). I'm just started writing my scripts for DayZ, but i need some help. Ofc i don't want from anyone to make a code for me (because i want make it alone, and learn something :)), i need some help with menu in inventory (same as "take painkillers") for items when players right click on it. If someone will post an example code and explain it i will be thankful :).
  9. Hi guys, Yesterday I worked my a** off to get armored SUV (2 Briefcases). When I finally had it I bought this great vehicle. Back in my base before logging off, I wanted to place the key into the Safe but forgot that I got no spaces left for weapons (which is also for toolbelt items). The key disappeared from my inventory and I tried to look for it around the safe and my base but no luck... My question is: When I put an item into a safe that is full, does the item disappear automatically or is it thrown somewhere around the safe?
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