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Found 12 results

  1. So for about the last two years I've been hosting a dayz server (now servers) from my company's datacenter (I work for an msp/cloud host) - It's been a smooth run and I've gotten pretty steady results from the vms (hyperv, server 2012 r2, 4 x e5-2660v3's, 3par flash interconnected with 128 fiberchannel) but we recently setup a new replication datacenter at our office, added a fiber connection, so I've decided to move my stuff do dedicated hardware and host from there. We had a spare proliant gl380p and I've snatched that up and I also had an older poweredge t300, and rather than run multiple games off of one host I decided to just use each server to run a single instance just for giggles. I setup the t300 first since it's the slower of the two, so I'd have a good idea what the bottom line fps/performance was going to be, connected from home last night and HOLY CRAP - I can't believe how much better these servers run on dedicated hardware. I copied everything over from my virtual machines, and adjusted the basic.cfg for the higher bandwidth, made no other changes, and where I was getting an average of 65-70 fps on the vm's, last night I was seeing 125-135 fps on the exact same setup as the live server, but running on real hardware - I just wanted to share this experience and also ask, has anyone else ever switched from vm to hardware and seen that big of a performance increase? It makes me realize that probably 99% of the servers I've played on over the years were vm's, and the really fast server which were few and far between were probably real dedicated servers. Sorry for the rambling post, I"m still kind of in shock lol.
  2. Hi! Is there someone here with gtx hosting? GtxGaming hosting.
  3. I'm recently back after ending my server about a year ago, i'm fully back now and want to start my server up again. I was with verthosting from the beginning and now they're gone, what are the hosts being used right now? Can anyone help me with this? Friendly greetings, Ext.
  4. Hi All, I was going to post to an earlier thread but it was a few years old so I thought I may get over looked and my question will go unanswered. Anyway I'm looking at server hosting and I'm sure who to choose, there are a number of factors that come in to play, Price, min slot and general support of a GSP. I found a pretty decent list with all the hosts in one place http://comparegamehosting.com/game/arma-3-epoch-mod/ but ideally im looking for a few more comments from people that have used and of the providers. Any help highlighting anything about the hosts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  5. Hey everyone, I'm planning on starting a new Epoch server on a dedicated SSD and wanted to put out some feelers for what kind of content players want to see on a server. To gather this information, I have put together a few strawpolls with some options that I and my server staff could think of. If there is an addon or map you have an interest in, but do not see in the polls, please feel free to post it in the thread (with a short description if you'd like for clarification). Server Addons (Please choose your 3 favorite options) Server Uptime (How often should restarts happen?) Server Map (If there is a map not listed you prefer, please post it below) Thank you for any feedback you can provide, as all of it will help us create a better server experience for you, the player.
  6. so im trying to add custom scripts and mods myself without haveing to pay them to add them but i can't find the files all the tuturials say i have to open to edit. does vert not allow me to add infistar and other scripts on my own? If so could someone link me to maybe a more indepth like a hold my hand and show me each file to open so i can edit as well as all the proper programs i will need in order to edit said files and add scripts! thank you in advance.
  7. I am currently hosting a dayz overpoch mod with villayer but its gettting to the stage where i get quite hight numbers, around 30-40 per night and the server is really starting to lag, does anyone know any alterntive places i could try for hosting, preferably under $100 pre month, so dedictated would be preferable but if theres a good vps that would be good too, and hosting in australia or new zealand is esential Cheers
  8. As you can see from my signature....our server is offline. I am looking for other server options. I'd like to know who is using here a provider that gives total freedom to SQL events/schedules. And also allows changes to dayz_server.pbo and dayz_mission.pbo. If they allow custom .dlls to be put in the root folder that would be awesome. I've tried dayz.st in the past....so...no thanks to that one. Anything else ? -Thanks
  9. g'day guys. i understand taking 1 Australian server away due to not so many people jumping on both of them,but completely removing both of them?!?!?! is there an ETA as to when the servers will be up again or if at all i haven't played for a day I come back and there are only 4 servers available
  10. Hello anyone that reads this, I just started hosting with Vilayer and am having one hell of a time getting my scripts running with VIlayer. I've literally went back and re-researched all the scripts I had and their installation instructions. After doing so, any modifications I happen to make to the overpoch_taviana mission folder on Vilayers customcode folder path, I get hang ups with trying to authenticate with the server, or better yet, sits on waiting for host. If I modify anything on the dayz_overpoch folder for the server files, everything works fine, authentication and playability on the server works with no problems. The WAI, DayZAI, EMS, and Infistar Antihack work correctly after I installed them, just dont know why making any sort of modifications to the init and description files in the root of the mission folder cause the server to have a stroke. I have had at least some experience with SurvivalServers before the link to the database broke and they refused to give me service. Vilayer has been very attentive to my needs thus far. Any help would be amazing because I am just sitting here with my thumb up my ass feeling like a moron for not understanding why things do not work.
  11. Okay, so I'm new here and completely new to scripting I've played about with a server before and managed to get a few things working thanks to the great tutorials about, however our old host wasn't great, daily complete service downtime (both service and their webpage) and frequent server crashes. So we moved to gamingdeluxe, the one click install was brilliant and worked great, but the way they installed the mods has made it more difficult for myself a complete rookie who learned on one server setup to add anything. Literally one word (I"temMap") added to the stock loadout in the .ini file (worked fine on the old service) Stopped both the admin mod and the custom debug monitor loading on server start. and an attempt at disabling R3f Realism mod (one line of code voiding the execution of it added to custom compiles again something I had done previously) resulted in the server completely failing to load So to skip the in depth frustration what im looking for is for someone to help me either by scripting a few things into the server or to provide me with working scripts and instructions on how to install and possibly some correcting in my errors if it doesn't work there will of course be gratitude shown on my part and some compensation for your time and efforts in a monetary form for each working script (after verification) and recognition for your help on our server loading screen. I have given up as real life events have sapped the time I am able to sink into this for a while and would like the server running as intended ASAP The scripts we are currently looking to install range in complexity and include: Bicycle: A deploy-able mountain bike deployable by either rightclicking toolbox or scroll wheel or both that can be repacked after use Disabling Realism: Mainly to disable overburdened 3 Hourly restarts: Server restarts every 3 hours Custom monitor: A custom debug monitor containing player name, server name, a picture of current equipped weapon or vehicle, player kills, zombie kills, bandit kills, headshots, blood remaining, FPS, Web address,Time until restart. Custom buildings: A few custom buildings/encampments with a crate (weapon,building supplies,vehicle ammo,Medical supplies) in which AI spawn after each reset and the crates refill with custom map markers Random loot crates: Occasionally a random crate of either (weapon,building supplies,vehicle ammo,Medical supplies) Spawns on the map and is marked but No AI guarding (with serverwide notification) Its late and I may have missed some Edit or additions to come Thanks for your time I understand its a long ass post but I felt the more information I gave the better and apologies for typos Benjaaargh
  12. This is a call out to server admins / hosts. Does anybody run their dayZ server specifically on a VPS, if so: What is the maximum numbers of players you think can join the server before issues arise..? How much bandwidth are you using ? Would 1TB / Month be sufficient ? TuBz and I are taking the plunge and renting a server for, initially, 6 months to run our own dayZ Epoch server, mainly to have somewhere to play, also to customise and hopefully get a couple of regular groups of players on.. Obviously cost is an issue here, I would love to go the full hog and get a Dedicated Server but if a VPS will do, for a smaller server then it is probably going to be the way we go for now.. Specs we are looking at are for the node are: dual quad-core processors and 32GB of memory per node with high speed raid 10 storage systems. Thanks for any feedback..
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