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Found 9 results

  1. What it does\includes: It's a scroll wheel menu that you get whenever you'd like. It allows you to do: Self Bloodbag Suicide with confirmation Flip Vehicle Deploy Bike Deploy Gyro Deploy Motorcycle Pack Vehicle Change Color Filters Change View Distance Spawn Donator boxes https://github.com/prominentalex/WPDs-Action-Menu Outdated** Video *This outdated video doesn't include deploy/pack vehicle or suicide & no longer contains Emotes Instructions: Step 1: In your MPmission folder, go into your init.sqf & at the very bottom copy and paste Step 2: Extract the files downloaded into your MPmission folder Step 3 (If using antihack): Add these to whitelist the CMD Menus Customization: Rules: Go to the ActionMenu\Tools\help.sqf you will find text. Here is where you can edit the rules to fit your server. Donator Boxes: In Donations you'll see a T3.sqf, that can be edited to spawn a box of gear that you desire. You can add more boxes by making a copy of the file, editing the contents & adding it to the DonatorMenu in the ActionMenu_main.sqf Player UID: In the ActionMenu_main.sqf you'll see a player ID section at the top, delete mine and replace it with yours so you can have access to the donator menu. Self Bloodbag: Change the infection rate and health gain on the self bloodbag by going to ActionMenu\Tools\bloodbag.sqf and editing the config at the top. Changing the Menu Color: Go to ActionMenu\actionmenu_activate.sqf & Find #00FFFF. Once you've done that go to this website: http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_colors.asp. Copy and paste a color code and replace the one in the file. Bugs/Features to Add (Please help or give input if you can): Disappears when switching skins - forced to relog No way of disabling snow Togglable Debug Monitor Disappears sometimes when logging in How could I add this to a self action? Special Thanks to: Krixes FreakingFred Shogun BluePhoenix Rosska85
  2. Hello All. I just can't figur out wich graphic setting needs to be adjusted to get rid of the Visuals in these foggy weathers.. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/307740101645344327/233D58AE423B5A70AB9D67F5EED36EA3F4AF863A/ and http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/307740101645354516/2B073F6A2A489556DA350150FF68B3DDAE406581/ Or maybe i could edit the epoch setup? I dont have a clue to be honest.... My graphics card: Geforce GTX 960, im using 2 of these in Sli setup Never had this problem before in all the years i've played.. But then again i just got these graphic cards.. Back then i had Radeon HD.. So i gues its something with my new graphics card setup? Ive try'd changing the settings to the lowest but with no results.. Thanks in advance!
  3. tinboye

    Weather System

    I remember reading somewhere that if you changed the dynamic weather in the epochconfig.hpp that it breaks things. is this still true? or can i change WeatherChangeTime = 1200; // This controls how fast the weather changes as well as how fast shipping containers and earthquakes happen. WeatherStaticForecast[] = {}; // Default: {75.5,0,{0,0,0},0,{1,1}}; // Clear day; {19,1,{1,1,40},1,{5,5}}; // Cold Foggy Rainy Overcast Windy; Format: {temp <scalar>,rain <scalar>,fog <array>,overcast <scalar>,wind <array>} I want to remove rain completely. but want some fog once in awhile. WeatherStaticForecast[] = {{19,0,{1,1,40},0,{5,5}}; this should make it temp of 19, no rain, fog, no overcast, wind if i understand correct? i would like weather to be dynamic, but no rain at all.
  4. Hello, everyone! I'm working on creating a epoch server with a focus on environmental immersion (including night play, 1st person only) and rare high-level military loot. I just can't get the Fog and overcast settings correct. I'm going for a very creepy cold/overcast/windy look. Not so much the total grey-out but the rolling looking clouds. Also I want to get the fog to be thick but not impossibly navigable and taper off with altitude. I've seen many examples online but never their fog array settings. Here are the weather settings I'm using now (but I've tried many fog array variants): Chenarus Map - I've read that fog height settings may not import correctly into Arma3. WeatherStaticForecast[] = {58,0.2,{40,1,40},0.8,{1,50}}; At night, the light becomes impossibly dark (by morning it's a total grey-out). I like the idea of requiring the use of flashlights/etc but the screen gets so dark, that even flashlights fade 100% to blackness. I'm sure I'm making elementary mistakes. This is the very first time I've tried modding Arma. Be gentle! I have tried searching the forums for tips and I have solved other problems I've run into. But the weather I just can't solve and it's beyond frustrating at the moment.. Help! EDIT: I want the weather to always be like this and not change. No clear days in my apocalypse! :) Thanks in advance!
  5. Since latest Arma patch, flying about gives you a weird rolling fog "dome" about 500M around the player/heli. The server we play on has very low terrain settings (no grass etc) in a (vain?) attempt to raise server fps. Anyone else seen this or have screenshots? Bushy.
  6. Altis - Below -60m underwater the environmental fog is so dense you cant see anything since the 0.3.0.x update, not even your own gun in your hand. Headlights on sub at night or NVGs are worthless, it's just a blue screen no matter what you do. Are there any plans to make this normal again? It makes more than half of the treasure chests unreachable.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77Ab5YpwIFE please please please, you have to put that fog in the game, its not a extra mod, its directly in the game! that will increase the atmosphere dramatically!! watch that video, its freaking easy to use And i whatched the PsiSyndicate Epoch preview video today and i was thinking "hopefully they remember to put off the normal streetlights and every other electrical thing on the map" except cars and things the'll run with a generator. thank you guys... im so happy about that many features that i have seen in the psisyn video... verry verry cool stuff!!! elec
  8. I'm trying to add ground fog and not get it to work ... I followed this tutorial: http://opendayz.net/threads/ground-fog-guide.8909/ any ideas? I'm using the map Panthera Thanks
  9. So honestly, I'm not impressed with the recently added particle effects. Being in an area where it spawns is annoying as I constantly have the effect nearby but not in the distance. Running through the woods and seeing it is annoying. For some reason all I can think of are farts. Please make this a client side or server side option. I'd rather just disable them entirely.
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