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Found 5 results

  1. I'm playing on a server which runs Bornholm map and for some reason the tree cutting doesn't work probably. Only about 1 on 5 trees cuts down sometimes not even that. One of the servers admin said to me that I'm not only one with the problem and that there are players playing on the server which have and don't have the problem. I don't know, but maybe it does this because my character is female.
  2. Birgitte

    gender selection

    First, I'm running and I have added buildings and am running a few scripts from my mission file which (after reading much about it on various posts) apparently causes a problem that at loading screen, I no longer get the choice to choose gender and am defaulted to play an ugly little man.... There are a few workarounds which have undesirable affects. One which causes you to have to spawn in and choose a new character every time you log in. If you want to use paraspawn, this causes you to paraspawn every time you log in. If you forget that and tab out during login, you go splat. Another workaround is to change the code in player_wearClothes.sqf to nullify the sex check so you can change skins in game. If I choose this, I need help with finding which files point to this so I can move them to my mission file and refer to them, etc. So here's my question. 1. Is there a fix to this problem that is not a workaround? 2 If not, can anyone tell me what script calls the player_wearClothes.sqf script? 3. Where is the script that determines the default skin you can choose for gender selection and can that be changed? Thank you!
  3. Meow, first of all I have to apology in advance for my english quality of writing, as it is not my native language. I am a female player and a big fan of Arma series for years ( mainly dayZ ), I was very excited to play Epoch Arma 3 as a female avatar, but soon I was extremely disapointed and really confused. While I was enjoying the arma 3 version of the mod I was first sad of the 7x less quantity of female skins, but well, it was not killing the pleasure so I kept going. When i was talking with my mates I discovered that not ONE female skin has an item capacity inventory. Which decreased the weight you can carry as a female player by 1/3. I was like, I dont give a fuck :D if I don't carry more weight, it sucks, but it will not restrain me from killing other players and I was certainly happy to play a woman, at least, so I kept playing a female avatar. But today was the final discovery that completly fucked up my mind. It takes one single minute, you just have to go into VR training from Arma 3 main menu to notice it. If you check all the female skins ( 13 in total ), you will notice that EVERY skins have EXACTLY the same stats, and all of them have like 2/3 protection less than male skins and they all weight MORE than other men skins. I am a competitive PvP player, ex pro gamer and as a woman I was really happy to finally play as a woman in Epoch, but it's completly FUCKED UP. In summary as a female player you get : - 13 female skins for 73 for men - NO clothing inventory capacity but men have pockets right? Which I don't cause I wear sexy dresses and tight jeans while I run in Chernarus? It's a joke :D Could you please explain me why my ghillie suit has no inventory capacity ? Is it because as a girl my arms are so weak and my boobs are so big that I have no space to put a fucking 12.7 magazine for my m107? - So I dont follow, I am a weak girl who cannot carry more gear than a man, but why then ALL my skins WEIGHT MORE than men skin? WHY does my ghillie suit weight MORE than a man ghillie suit??? - Protection, that is the main reason I post this thread, beside my whinning and desperate post, I don't understand why a complete ghillie suit CSAT for men has more protection but weight LESS than a female ghillie suit in which you can put NOTHING and protect you LESS LOL. So if I want to be competitive, as a PvP player, I have to play a man. Which will kill all my immersion, and will of course, reduce the pleasure I get playing as a woman. Imagine playing Arma 3 Epoch in which everyone is playing a female avatar, and if you want to play a male avatar as a man, you will be nerf to the ground, would you play a woman? Please FIX THIS, it's only some VALUES in code of the poor 13 ITEMS, I BEG YOU :D I am completly available to speak about it on any vocal ( teamspeak, mumble... ) and I am even ready to Paypal you for it, please fix dat shit. 1. Server: DeadZ.be Chernarus 2.Arma 3: version:1.46.128937 Epoch
  4. On any server i join even my own server it does not allow me to be female or even give me a choice...?
  5. Just wondering how I select my gender? I can't find information on it anywhere.
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