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Found 15 results

  1. Hy, I recently started playing A2 Epoch again after quite some time and the last few days i was wondering were it all started for me.. Then i remembered (also is in my 'about me' on this forum) that it was a server hosted by a fellow Dutchie named [AOS] Emmen. Well my question(s) is/are simple: What was your first ever (long term) server called that you played on? and is it still around to this day? And what made it so special? I hope you guys can still remember your roots.
  2. Hy, I have downloaded some custom bases, and 'installed' them on my server. But i have no idea why there not spawning. Because only the first custom base i installed is spawning. And when i try to add another custom map additions, there just not spawning. Does someone have an idea what im doing wrong here? In my server.pbo, i have a "buildings" folder, with all the Custom bases .sqf files. Except from the NorthWestAirfield.sqf i got that in a diffirent folder called "mapaddons", but i dont understand why that one is spawning but the otherones aren't? In my server_functions all the way in the bottom i got the usual: //MapAddons execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\mapaddons\NorthWestAirfield.sqf"; execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\NEAF_S4M.sqf"; execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\traderstary.sqf"; execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\novy.sqf"; execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\dichina.sqf"; execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\bor.sqf"; My server RTP: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1v6eqk9r1fowrsq/arma2oaserver.RPT?dl=0 Thank you very much for you time! (PS, im still a bit noobish)
  3. Hey, Im looking for a way to automaticly restart my Dayz Epoch server after a few hours. I already looked at some tutorials/scripts and stuff. But there all talking about this scheduler.xml file, but i dont have that. Do i need to create it myself? or can some one link me to an updated BEC restarts tutorial? Thank you for your time Greets -EditedSnowHD
  4. Hy, Maybe a stupid question but: Can i use (legacy) custom bases on my 1.0.6 server? Greets!
  5. Hey, Thank you for checking out my post. I purchased a server a few days ago and if i got it up and running, i would love to make my own Dayz Epoch server. (1.0.6) But i have no idea where to start, and if there are pacific files i need to download. I hope you guys could help me out! Thank you for your time. With kind regards, - EditedSnowHD
  6. Hy, Im a long time Dayz Epoch player, but I wasn't able to play for a long time. Now im back and i can't find a good server that i like, so i came here to you guys for suggestions. Im more a survival person and not a (COD) arma player who 24/7 likes to shoot people, but a little bit PVP can be fun time to time. So these are somethings i like and dislike in a server. Things i like: Original spawns Roaming AI (not to much/to OP) Balanced mission & loot High trader prices (working hard for something, but the origenal prices are really good to) Animal spawns (for hunting) Vehicle towing/lifting (not bikes towing AC-130's) All around good FPS A custom map, but not to many addition's so it gets to crowded. Events can be funny time to time] Night time Rain Dynamic night lighting (citys with lights in the night) - TL;DR: a bit hard-core surviving Things i dislike: Guns spawns everywhere. Slow zombies To easy AI (retarded AI) jets/tanks/armored vehicles everywhere stupid map adittions duping players/admins that spawn everything (hate those peepz btw) Low trader prices 24/7 day - TL;DR: i dont like COD epoch servers If you have any suggestions or questions, pleas let me know! And a server doesn't need all the things i like, if you have a all around good server i will probably visit and give it a try. Thank you for taking the time to read this. EditedSnowHD -The Netherlands
  7. Guest

    3D Editor Scripts?

    Thank you for checking out my post, A few days ago i posted a thread about roads moving in 3D Editor, Then we came into a discussion about adding scripts to your map, wich place stuff. Now i would like to know, if there are more site's like this: http://killzonekid.com/arma-building-bridges/2/ Only then with more things to add, like citie's or a secret airfield or so.. I hope you guys could help me out. With Kind Regards -EditedSnowHD The Netherlands
  8. Hy, We just launched our new DayZ Epoch Server! Lumber Role Play is a different community, where you can have awesome player interaction's, and a site to keep you updated Update: Sorry guys, we have some problem's with the host. We are doing the best we can, so the server is currently under maintenance. We will post an update when the server is up and running again. Thank you for your time (Pleas still check out the full post ;) ) What is different in our server than in others like it? We are dedicated to roleplaying, we are almost always free to make events and roleplaying scenarios for the players. Event's we can host/Mission scenarios Things that can change depending on the Feedback Lowered loot and high trader prices: The loot is lowered so there aren't overpowered guns everywhere and the trader prices are high so people can use them as a last resort (This sounds a bit hardcore, but when you join the server, you opinion will change) Custom map additions We made a custom map, that isn't to full, we only added a few buildings here and there, to make our server experiance much better! (Don't worry, since we haven't putted in that much buildings the FPS is still great) ScreenShot of the Custom added building: http://imgur.com/a19giTl,pdxvlZH,mq1bvHK,uLmGlex,2NBEtsc,q9wt6lP,40gWIF5,KWwH59b,N6qwedf,RJ2BZ3E,X2BmkYu,ofwgJrg,zpmtdL5,QVITmT6,PqLyPhr,JKdE3bW,r8ebSDr,azZUvrY#17 (The container base, is the Bandit Base. The Big sandbag base, is the Hero Base.) Roleplay Features: You can chose from 3 factions, Each has its own objective. You can either be UN soldier,Island Bandit or a mercenary. Normal survivor is an option too. no one is obligated to enter a faction.! Every faction has its own loadout,base and things to do You can quickly get out of a faction if you wish. For every person that enters the faction,the faction gets supplies. The faction spaces aren't unlimited (no limit set up yet) Objectives: UN's objective is to help survivors around the island and repel the bandits Bandit's objective is to reak havok around the island and take over it Mercenaries can be "rented" to do something you dont have the gear for or just cant bother to do. Website: All the Rule's and extra things which might are handy are diplayed on the website! http://lumberrp.enjin.com/ I recommend checking it out! Are you still wondering why you should join the server??!! We respect our players and treat them like every one else! The FPS is great. We dont bite. And we can give you such a great time playing. We can host event's and missions, and the bigger the community get's, the better it becomes. And we can change/add things on the server, we might forgot to put in. Last but not least the Server IP: I hope i'll see you guys in the server! Don't forget to chech out our website!
  9. Hy, I hope you are all having a great day. I'm making a custom Chernarus map for a Dayz Epoch server, and i would like to add some tree's here and there. So im wondering if there is a tool/or a way to add tree's to Chernarus map. Thank you for your time. With kind regards, EditedSnowHD -The Netherlands
  10. Hy, Thank you for checking out my post. I have got a problem, i am working on a custom map for a new server, and im using 3D editor to place buildings and roads. When placing roads it all works fine, and looks great. But once i have saved it, and not edited yet i wanted to make some changes and the roads where all moved, not much, but they moved to place i didn't place them. So im wondering if some knows its a bug, or am i doing something wrong? i get my roads from MAP: EU-Roads, and then i use the runeway roads, but after saving, and closing the 3D editor and opening them back up again, they are all moved.. I hope you guys could help me out and fix this. Thank you for your time! (btw i use Jon_EditorUpdate, and in game menu ctrl+e to open editor) With Kind Regards -EditedSnowHD The Netherlands
  11. Hallo, Thnks for checking out this post :D So i joined a pve server with lots of ai on ground and air, with a constant ai patrol where ever you are, and so i decided to build away from all the big cities, and started to build my base in a barn all the way up the the north-west side of the map, picture: http://gyazo.com/34305e93af43d6a82e4a4268b8064e2d but i still get lost of ai patrol's on my front door, but i builded the barn so there are no hole's that they can get trough, but i discovered they can walk trough my doors -_- and its close to a road, do you guys no any good spot's in chernarus to build my base at, and maybe a little bit more in the middel of the map, cuz i constantly die and then it takes ages to get back to my base, and do it all over again and again. i dont mind building in the middle of the woods, but i also need space to land my chopper's :D Do you guys also have some base idea's or tips, i saw this picture http://gyazo.com/5391a17af1718c8a23f35e766c66272e and i dont mind building like this, cuz this also looks really cool, but it would be better if its close to an open spot. like this: http://gyazo.com/7d99dff2f7167ab01ed436c12f9b798d-Although i dont even know where this is :P maybe you guys know? pleas let me know, or if you know where i can build my base :) Greets -Holland
  12. Hey, thanks for checking out this post, How can i make my building parts indestructible? I already added, that you dont need a plot pole to build, but i started up my server, and all our building parts were gone. Link to a photo: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=334149549 I hope you guys know a way, pleas let me know Greets -Holland
  13. Hallo, Thanks for checking out this post. But i have a problem. My server is not showing up any more on the arma 2 internet list, but when i switch over to LAN it has two of them, so my server, but twice. And i think its because i maybe didn't port forward good, that's were i also got an question, because my config file says: it says: steamport = 2312; steamqueryport = 2313 but i know, the steam port is 2302, so for what values am i going to use? 2302-2313 or 2312-2313? i know what to do with port forwarding, cuz i messing around with it for a while right now, but i dont know what to do now? greets -Holland
  14. Hy, thnks for checking out this post :D But i got a problem on my server, i was building my base, and tried to build some stairs, and then i suddenly said: "Could not build, Too many building parts, within 30 meters" Does anyone know how to fix this, or remove the limit or make it higher?? All the help is welcome, Greets
  15. Guest

    How do i get 1-step-build

    Thnks for checking out this topic :D But, does some know how i can get 1-step-build for base building and lots of other part, like putting together a bike or a mozzie? or fixing a car? or taking a wheel of a car? Greets EditedSnowHD
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