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Found 7 results

  1. In the init.sqf on mission side I set the following line to 1 thinking it would be one stage building. When I deploy a bike, plot pole or concert wall it still takes 3 time to build (stages) DZE_StaticConstructionCount = 1; // Steps required to build. If greater than 0 this applies to all objects. What do I have to do to get a 1 stage build? FIXED SEE BELOW
  2. OK so i just got the server a few days ago and have managed to get plenty of things working correctly on it so far but in doing so i have managed to break something when it comes to base building. when a player builds some walls or whatever they want it all seems to rotate to the same exact angle on server restart. all the pieces are still in the correct positions they are simply all rotated from whatever angles they were all at originally to the same angle so that everything is parallel to each other... i know you cant simply tell me what i did (atleast i dont think you can since i have so much crap added) BUT i was hoping someone would have an idea of what i should be looking for. possibly a variable name or something that has to do with player built structures where the rotation is possibly being overwritten or atleast tell me how the walls position is formatted in the code. i should also mention that when i check out the individual pieces of walls in the database they all seem to still have the correct values for each so i am assuming this is just some line of code somewhere forcefully changing their rotation on server restart. so any help with what file i should be looking in or what sorts of things i should be looking for would be great, thanks!
  3. I've been chopping away with the chainsaw over the past couple hours and i've been thinking how nice it would be to have machines we could hook up to a generator then choose an option to create wood walls, floor/ceiling, lumber packs, plywood packs etc... then just feed that machine lumber to process the chosen option. Am I just day dreaming or is this something that people would want in Epoch?
  4. I realise that tools will break at random intervals but its highly annoying when removing something that has 8 steps and you have to start over. Wouldn't it be better if the tool still broke but the item you were collapsing/deconstructing remained at the stage the tool broke? Amount of times I've tried to take down my Triple H barriers and the crowbar snapped half way through stage 7 of 8 is rediculous, surely it should stay at stage 7 and then you carry on from there with a new tool? A screw wouldn't magicly screw itself back into a wall if the screwdriver snapped would it? Just a suggestion anyway. Cheers for the good work so far.
  5. hi, everybody! at constructions is limited колличесиво elements? why more than 115 elements don't allow to build?
  6. I was doing a lot of cinderblock-based building last night and had a little idea that might be useful to players like myself who enjoy the planning + construction phrases. The problem: Fatigue/exhaustion/weight limits - are annoying. They make sense... mostly. But how about the option to remove or increase the limits? Proposed solution: The player can buy or find (rare drop, ~4% from construction zombies like lockboxes from business suit zombies) overalls that allow a higher weight/fatigue/exhaustion limit. Wearing the overalls will allow faster construction and players will be more productive. HOWEVER players will not be able to equip a main weapon or side-arm. And the overalls cannot be recovered if a player dies in them. I think it's a decent risk-reward trade-off. Constructive criticism and improvements to my idea are more than welcome.
  7. Hello all, ever since the server I've been playing on updated to I have been unable to place items I newly construced down using the pgup and pgdn on my keyboard. I've also tried altering the custom controls and these did not work at all. I've then reinstalled epoch twice and still get the same result. No one else on the server is having this issue so far but me. My keypad works perfectly fine looking around, but once I an item to construct, the instructions that show up on the screen do not work when I push the buttons intended. Does anyone have any idea whats going on here? A few things to note: This only occured after I installed from dayz commander I have reinstalled from dayz commander Num Lock is on (If it even matters, I have also tried it without) I am not in my gear while I am moving I've tried with both a weapon equipped and unequipped I've tried with both items crafted before and after the update I've tried using custom controls I've tried smashing all buttons on my keyboard to see if something happens... Nothing happens. I've deleted the MP cache and redownloaded after joining the server. So far I am trying once more to download the patch via utorrent and see if this will help. But either way, I ask again. Does anyone have any idea why this may be happening?
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