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Found 7 results

  1. I got DayZlauncher and I find a server, assign the Arma2 and click on it. It tells me which mods I need to download, so I do it (DayZ, Epoch and Overwatch). Not ethat I had these installed for like 2 years, so I only needed to update them. Click play on teh server after tehy're done only to get: Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead is attempting to launch with the optional parameters shown below. " -connect= -port=mod=C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\ArmA 2;Expansions;C:\Users\Ziggah\Documents\mods\@DayZ_Epoch" " If you did not request this launch or do not understand this options, select Cancel. Note, my arma 2 and arma 2 OA location is on D drive. I click ok. I get the "battleEye is installing thingey. I get it every time". I get another error message after that. a window titles "Arma 2 Army of the Czech republic Se..." with the message " !!! MISSING STRING" Have no clue what AotCR has anything to do with dayz so I click okay. After this I get a window titled "arma2 OA" with the message "Addon 'sauerland' requers addon 'Chernarus'" Again, I have no clue why I need an addon which is a part of the default game, so I click okay. I get the DayZ Epoch screen, you know it, the black one. After a while, bout half a minute I get: "No entry bin/congfig.bin/CfgVehicles/Land_Company3_2.scope" Then it fianlly, crashes with one last error, a window titled "Arma 2 OA" with the message "cannot load world 'ca\chernarus\chernarus.wrp'" Also, if it helps, my Mods/download path in dayzlauncher is "C:\Users\Ziggah\Documents\mods" I know I could google this, but such a huge batch with these specific combination of erros seems only specific to me. Or alteast no one asked on the internet yet and gave up on ever playing the game. Which I am close to. Can someone help me fix this errorfest of a game, please. I have about 1200 hours in epoch and I really wanna play it again. Seriously. I fix one error, BAM, now you got 2 more.
  2. Hey, I made an Epoch Server and I'm hosting it via my computer. I forwarded the needed ports and two friends with the same router (Fritzbox 7490) can find the server and can connect. Two other friends can't even find the server. What's the reason?
  3. We run our server through survival servers, We have never had trouble before and we would love to run epoch on our server. Its something we were looking forward to. We started the server on Bornholm and thought okay everything will be fine. Well the server wasnt showing in the server list so we submitted a ticket and they said clear launch parameters. So we did, still nothing, I launched it on Altis thinking just using a base mod no addon would maybe fix it. But still nothing showing in the multiplayer we cant even remote connect. If anyone that knows about this issue or can help please do so. Thank you
  4. Hey guys, Would it be possible to script Arma 2:OA/Epoch client so that it automatically connects to the server and then clicks on "OK" button in the "Lobby Screen"? At the moment I can kill the arma2oa.exe using taskkill via a batch script at intervals & relaunch it with target server startup parameter but obviously it will get stuck at lobby & will be kicked after 90 secs... Thanks
  5. Am hosting my server epoch and i just updated my DayZ and Arma 2 to 1.8.1DayZ 112555Arma2. When am trying to join my server this pops up bad version server rejected connection. Do i have to change something in my server files? Sorry for my bad English :P
  6. Hey there, so I had been playing on this server for about a week, and then one day it randomly dc'd me and whenever i joined it i'd get stuck on the second "recieving data" (After you've seen the server screen, it shows the lobby and does "recieving data" again). I get into lobby and load up until then. It happens on all servers using the chernarus map, so i can get onto NAPF or Namalsk fine, but it is impossible to get onto any server running Chernarus. Has anyone else gotten this problem, or perhaps knows how to fix it? Thanks in advance :)
  7. I know someone who is repeatedly losing connection to an epoch server, specifically what will happen is after a few minutes of being in game, it will show "losing connection" and do that for a few times and then will show "no message received". The desync number will go very high (Usually over 5000) before he actually loses connection. He doesn't have any issues on any other servers, and has tried rebooting his router and computer multiple times. the server is not running firewall rules that would block his connection. No other players from nearby areas have reported any issues with connectivity. he doesn't see the broken red chain icon when losing connection until he gets the no message received. OS: Windows 7 Home Premium x64 ArmA 2: 103718 Epoch: 1.0.3 Running through DayZ Commander
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