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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, my buddies and I have recently made a clan for a Arma 2 DayZ Epoch server, but we are looking to expand our members to have a small, well organized and communicative team to watch eachothers backs and take out our enemies in the wasteland. We currently have 3 members that have been playing the mod since it first came out, and we are a well organized team of experienced players. We like to keep a small group, as we believe in quality over quantity. We do not want to be a large group to where no ones voice matters. Here, we always help eachother out with new information and ideas. Our current Server Status? We play in a newly made server that has only been up for a little over a month now. We are very friendly with the admins in the server, as some of us have been playing alongside them since before the server has even been made, so this allows us to get a little bonus discount on in-game products. Currently, there are about 4 other clans that we are not friendly with, and they all have atleast 5 members each. They aren't a crazy threat to us, but it makes the server interesting with banter. We are also trying to become friendly with other groups to form alliances, as some of the unfriendly clans have done so already. We donate to this server, and in return get exclusive access to Admin Spawned Objects and Buildings for our base. The server also uses smaller mods such as Walking Zombies, AI missions, Weed Fields, Safezones, Jobs, Vector Snap Building, Fully Militarized, and other smaller mods that enhance the gameplay for everyone. There is also an economy and gem trader where you can use your money in the different trader cities, or at the Hero or Bandit trader. There is Base Building, much like every Epoch Server, and we love creating bases. Bases are indestructible in theis mod, and there are no plot pole take overs. Also, locked vehicles are indestructible. Every member has their own callsign (Example: JTF Romeo, JTF Alpha, etc.) So you would need to come up with your own callsign. Currently in use: JTF Delta, JTF Yankee, JTF Romeo Please try to use the Phonetic Alphabet when creating your name, or come up with something short (Example: Ghost) Requirements: - Must be active daily! (3-12pm US Eastern Time) - Must have a headset (Communication is key to success!) - Must be knowledgable on the game (We will take in noobs, but if you have no experience with Arma, we will not accept!) - Over the Age of 18 (Or very mature) - Can use TS3 for communication There will be an interview process for anyone interested in joining! Just make sure to add me as a friend and message me if I don't message you Steam: imherbalous (OR Krispy)
  2. New to DayZ Mod, but very experienced with Standalone. So far have about 12 hours in the Mod. I use DZLauncher, and have Overwatch and Epoch installed. I like to play on Namalsk mainly, but wouldn't mind playing on any other map. I'm looking to join a small clan of friends and make a base together, and to overall have fun and play together. I use any forms of voice communication (TS, Skype, Discord, etc.) Steam: Krispy (imherbalous)
  3. Looking for dedicated players? -Looking for a team based clan look no further- The Legion is a wide known Community in Standalone, ArmA III, Breaking Point, and Epoch. Each member has specific rolls that they can earn. Such as arms dealer, sniper, car dealer, and the occasional OP clan member with most kills and many more!! Rank up and collect them all!! Every new member is welcomed to their play style and platform in our Community. We do hold Clan organized wars, Inner clan scrimmages, Fun weekly events, & Group practices. Each member of our Legion are dedicated non-relentless players dying to achieve there inner gamer goals seeking out for the next entertainment of these post apocalyptic worlds, living threw the shit we die in not know what the outcome will be but knowing what damage they have caused and left , wouldn't you want to as well then why haven't you applied yet? http://www.TheLegion.tk Click it and become Legend
  4. Howdo people I am here representing www.JustSmileGaming.co.uk (JSG) We are an established clan looking to recruit to members who play any and all PC games. I am here as a few others and I play Arma 3 epoch on a daily basis and would enjoy for more to join us. Other games we play are DayZ standalone, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Battlefield Hardline and various others. Currently we play on the MGT Cherno Arma 3 server, we have an established base and a few vehicles. If you'd like to join in the fun, help expand the base, raid bases, tackle AI missions, or just loot for more gear please do so in the following ways Jump in to our TS3 channel - ts3.justsmilegaming.co.uk Add me on Steam - HariboAlmighty I personally play on and off from 16:00 GMT most days, and usually solid for a few hours from 19:00 GMT. Feel free jump on Ts3 or the website and introduce yourselves. See you soon! :D
  5. If your looking for a Group of people to play with feel free to come join our TS3 server! If you need a TS3 Server to call home ask one of our Admins for your own Clan/Group Channel on our TS3 Server TS3 IP:
  6. Hey guys! I know about 5 thousand of you are going to jump on the server files release but I thought I could let you all know of a little group of people who have a server pre ordered and waiting to go as soon as the files are with our host :) We call ourselves the Nomads and there are 5 initial members (14 in total at the moment) . we do not ask anything from you just that you enjoy the servers, have fun and give us some feedback when you feel it is needed. There will be 2 North American admins and 2 European admins to start with the server Hosted in London. Once the server is up we will be getting used to the ins and outs but you will be able to join (if all goes to plan) and we will be fully ready by Friday night. You can find the server rules (basically dont be a dick) and the server IP at www.thenomadclan.net we will implement a click to join as soon as we can We do not ask any legion, nor do we want you to not have fun. use the forums as you will and most of all kick some ass on Epoch Have fun and I hope to see you round :) (please let me know if we are not allowed to post these here)
  7. Were looking for people who want to get better at the game if they are new and enjoy it but at the same time be serious when it calls for it. the base we had recently got raided but were rebuilding fast. looking for loyal people that is the most important thing. you are expected to earn your keep and you wont have every privilege starting out so don't expect that. teamspeak below ask for steve or message me Fill out the application before joining teamspeak please. http://soadayz.enjin.com/home soaclan.typefrag.com
  8. Disrespectful Inc is now recruiting for experienced survivors/bandits to form an elite tactical clan that are prepared for battle at the drop of a hatchet. Our primary purpose is to engage hostile environments as a unit, in order to gain infamy for the clan. Gritty play style is encouraged in our recruiting, people not afraid to get their hands dirty and dont shy away from battle... We are looking for committed players who are willing to put in the work to advance the clan, but this is where you will be rewarded, the more you put into the clan the more you will get out of it. On a lighter note, we are a bunch of guys who have fun and enjoy a laugh... often at each others expense smile.png We seek players with a certain type of attitude that compliments our existing group... We encourage you to join our Teamspeak at sdi.teamspeak3.com and have a laugh with us, share some war stories and see if we are the clan for you... The clan has a ranked structure... and we are currently seeking the right men for the right positions.-SDI Satan Also we play other games too... join us here sdi.teamspeak3.com
  9. Streaming live on twitch everyday vSATANv with the SDI clan. Come join us http://www.twitch.tv/vsatanv and follow me on twitter to find out when I'm streaming @vSATANv !!!! Surprise give away when we reach 500 followers on twitch!
  10. Just a small group looking for above average people to play with. TS:
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