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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I'm new to Epoch on Arma 3 and so far it's awsome! I've played a couple of hours on 2 different servers (both Altis map) and so far, I haven't found any vehicle. 1) Do vehicles spawn on specific locations on the map or is it random? 2) Do traders sell vehicles? If so, are these traders randomly or specifically located on the map? Thanks in advance for the help!
  2. CPS - Chernarus Positioning System - FIND CARS WITH INGAME VEHICLE NAME Every Admin knows the Problem, a Player asks if an admin can track the vehicle that is lost and user have the key for. Its not that easy with the Database check. So we decided to bring up a Map where you can enter the Keys Name and it shows you the position of the car. Proudly announce our all new CPS (Chernarus Positioning System) for DayZ Epoch. Installation is easy. Just enter your Information into the "config.php" file for Database Connection and Upload all your stuff to an FTP Server with PHP 5+ running. Bug Reports are welcome! We are working this CPS System to give Donators something back. We do not want Loadout - so this is the best way. In Future there are some Bug Fixings planned (Execution time for each Key search 30min, Database Data older then 60min so others cannot track players around the map). Download Link: http://www.utcity.net/vehicle_finder.zip Screenshots: Demo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlQx0S9W5UE Greetings Stranger - www.utcity.net
  3. Hello everyone! I would like to begin this topic by saying; I am a complete total noob in this game/mod. I just bought ARMA III yesterday, and have been trying alot of different mods out. This being my absolute favourite. I love the looting system, trading and i guess i will start to enjoy building a base or atleast a home (when I figure how to). I just have one question for you, maybe two; Are vehicles that you find in the wild locked? Or is it something that I am doing wrong? I took a screenshot to show you the type of car, but that screenshot is somehow lost.. The car was a blue sedan, with some random vinyls on the drivers side. I went up to it, only to find out that there was absolutely nothing I could do with it, there was no options whatsoever. Is there something I am missing in my inventory, or am I just a complete moron for not getting in? Thank you so much, I really appreciate all replys. -Elz
  4. Hello, i cant get in a car on a epoch sever, only option is to tow when i use the mousewheel. mabey i need a key but if i need one, it normaly says "the vehicle is locked" or something like that.
  5. Will there be randomly spawning vehicles that won't be hard to obtain because in dayz standalone there will be vehicles, it is that they just will be a "end game" item. and in alpha will it be player vs player or player vs zombies & other people.
  6. I am new to owning a Dayz Epoch Server. For the last year I have had a Origins Server. Problem: When I started the server there was 300 vehicles on the map. I have my vehicle count set to 300, BUT their are over 1200 on the map. This is causing lag. Can you tell me what is going on or how to fix it? I Thank anyone in advance for their help. [TBs]Thug TBs Gaming
  7. Hey! :D I was thinking about adding new models such as Lambo, Ferrari and all those awesome cars... Do u know if it's possible or are there any scripts for this? Any help appriciated ;)
  8. Hello everyone! I'm kinda stupid and can't figure out how to add addons to my server. I got Xampp and Navicat all set up, but I'm just wondering where I put them. I'm kinda lazy so I'll just C&P what I wrote on the DayZ subreddit (nohelpatallthere), "Hey-oooo. I've recently been wanting to make my own Epoch server, and I have. Its fine and all, but I want to add stuff to it. Stuff like this, this, and this (I know that the civi pack already has SOME vehicles in it, as I wish to add all vehicles from the pack.) Thing is.... I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING. If anyone could type out or point me to a step by step guide, I would love you forever(fullhomo). I would also wish to add firestations and barracks n such, which I am assuming I need a World editor like the MAP editorupgrade, which I yet again have no idea to use." I'm kinda hopeless and I apologize for that. If someone could just tell me the basics of adding stuff and editing the map, "I would love you forever(fullhomo)".
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