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Found 8 results

  1. How to cut a random box and make a custom BOX WAI?
  2. harcosgoogle

    Loot box spawn

    Hi. How to spawn Box Unique cordine? And How to setting Box loading delay?(Or loot delay)
  3. Hi all, Since the last patch for Arma2:OA, med boxes are broken and i want to replace them with us ordnance boxes in hospitals etc. I have custom loot tables and noticed in some of the comments you can change this. But no actual specifics on how to do so. Anyone know how to do this? Regards, Grimlock
  4. Hello :) i use a lootspawner script so spawn some crates in different buildings.. So.. i open the crates but they contains no loot... My mate added the LS script.. so i don´t know which script he used.. But i think it was the LS script which spawns more weapons too (@MAS) I want to add new items to this crates but i cant find the file where the loot is defined... Crates: Box_East_Wps_F Box_East_Ammo_F Box_NATO_Wps_F Box_NATO_Ammo_F Box_IND_Grenades_F How can i spawn random Weapons, Ammo, Items, and so on... in this crates? Please excuse my bad english.. Hope you understand my problem :) Best regards Tom :)
  5. Hello guys, sry for my bad english, but I'm from Germany. I created a "Spawn Dialog" where you can choose your own spawn location, but after 1 minute the server port you to the Debug Box. I think it's a cheat protection. How I can turn it off? I hope you can help me. Greez Noldy
  6. Since has anyone else had ammo boxes catch fire due to the smoke grenade. Does anyone know how to fix it or point me in the right direction.
  7. Hey! Myself and my team of admins are currently thinking of moving our server to a dedicated server. We currently use DayZ.ST for our game server and multiplay for voice com however we are having desync problems daily whenever the server goes above 45/50 players. The only issue we are having is finding a good spec list of what our new server will need to choose a package that is right for us. Price isn't really an issue as our donations are above 100 per month so far so we want to reward our users with the best possible performance. For example, would this package be suitable for our needs and maybe allow more than one game server to be ran? Intel Core i5 3570 (3.4+ GHz) 8Gb (1x8,192Mb DDR3 1333Mhz) 500Gb SATA3 100 MBit/s Uplink Port This is from Vilayer and costs 74.95 euros. Of course this can be changed but if anyone knows of a 'better' dedicated server host please advise :D Thanks for any help in advance! If this is posted in the wrong area please delete the thread and message me the right place to seek assistance!
  8. What is this wooden box or crate that I keep finding by the side of the road, what can I do with it, and how do I interact with it? I've tried shooting it quite a bit, mousewheeling over it, right clicking my crowbar (both on toolbar and in-hand) when near it- nothing happens.
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