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Found 8 results

  1. I know, we as admins, always have to deal with flood of hackers that love to run into a server and trash it for entertainment purposes. I was getting feedback from people saying BattleEye wasn't banning people for months or at least for a month on the min. I broke down and wrote to BE about this subject. BE (BattleEye) responded back with some very encouraging emails stating they are actively after users that are "hacking". They are very aware of the top gentlemen who are producing the bypasses. I find it encouraging that I did get good responses back from BE. I was honestly expecting a cut and paste response, no response, or some type of angry response. I've had conversations with Punk Buster about their system always failing which I was told in not so many words to choke on a summer sausage. NO anti-hack is 100% nor will it every be, but if you had complaints or concerns about BattleEye,. . . you shouldn't. They are keeping toe-to-toe with these guys (hackers/scripters). I know a few of the members of this forum are some of the more well known scripters: I expect some trollin' from this. BE in combination with some of the tools out there will help admins with their jobs but never expect to be 'hack' free. (Don't ask me to post my emails - I'm not going to)
  2. Hey, I seem to get the this battle eye problem when anyone hits escape on our servers: 17.03.2015 17:57:57: Nyx Grimlock (000000000000) 00000000000000000000000000000 - #0 "cad_pvar_shared_var" = <NULL-object> This is my publicvariable filter: http://pastebin.com/MjtR4ikL Any help would be much appreciated! Regards, Josh
  3. Hi, guys so Ijust moved my dayz.st to Vilayer just 2 days ago. Finally moved everything here and got things going well, then suddenly after this restart, when I join back to game, I got "you were kicked off the game public variable restriction#0" right after I load into game, and everyone is kicked for that. I tried almost everything I can do fix it, change map, change mission/server pbo files.... I made sure there is nothing wrong with my mission/server pbo and my BE filter, because I ran them on my own test server and my old dayz.st server and they both work fine. Is there anyway you guys know how to fix it, or if there a way you can just set my Vilayer server to DEFAULT, so i can start over, I think I may just messed up one of the setting on the website control panel Thank you Problem solved, wrong location of the BE filter
  4. Alright, so ive been trying to add armed vehicles and for some reason I can't get the script right for BattleEye and keep getting kicked out of my Server Can someone help? And yes, I have been looking EVERYWHERE and TRYING and still nothing. "List of a few Vehicles i'm adding" {"B_Heli_Light_01_armed_F",2}, {"B_Truck_01_fuel_F",2}, {"B_Truck_01_medical_F",2}, {"I_MRAP_03_F",2}, {"I_UGV_01_F",2}, {"B_UGV_01_F",2},
  5. Just recently added new scripts to my epoch server had change a few lines in my debug monitor script and got Public Variable Restriction #0.. so ok reverted my changes re-packed pho uploaded it restarted server tried again. again got kicked for Public Variable Restriction #0.. is there new BE filters that i'm not aware of or? any help would be appreciated on the matter :)
  6. So a friend of mine got a key today and wanted to join me. He entered the key and it said he is whitelisted now. Afterwards he downloaded the mod and started ArmA3 with the Epoch launcher (also tried it with normal ArmA3 launcher and command line @epoch) and then he tried to join a server. But whenever he tries to connect to a server he just gets kicked. It either says: a3mpdatalayers.pbo a3mpstructures3data.pbo a3mptreedata.pbo a3mputils1.pbo a3mputils10.pbo a3mputils11.pbo are not signed by a key accepted by the server, to play on the server remove listed files or install additional accepted keys and then it kicks him or it just kicks him without the message. He tried varifiying game integrity aswell as re-downloading the mod and ArmA3 but nothing works.
  7. So I'm trying to add military vehicles to my server, i.e. some attack helis, tanks, apcs. How do I get battle eye to allow the weapons these vehicles use? Changing it in createvehicle? From 5's to 1's? I have some basic scripting knowledge but don't know much about BE. Any help or a point in the right direction is greatly appreciated!
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