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Found 8 results

  1. I'm wanting to add some additional items to my traders. I have a good knowledge of SQL and how to add them via a query. The one thing that's holding me up is that I don't know what TID (Trader ID) to use when adding items. Most traders have multiple TIDs (i.e., Weapons Friendly - 485, 486, 489, 574, 487, 488) . How do I know which one to use when entering a new item?? Does it even matter?
  2. Hello, I have been searching google for the proper way to add the guns that are in the overwatch part of overpoch, to the tradercities. I haven't been able to find anything helpful. I have overpoch installed and do not see an option to purchase overwatch guns in the trader cities. Any files you need me to attach or link I will be able to do. Thank you.
  3. Hey all, I have been having a constant problem with trying to add items to traders on my server. I have tried adding weapons to hero and bandit traders, like m107, aswell as ammo, and then vehicles like jets and tanks. I have added items to traders before on old servers I hosted, so I am not a noob to doing this, but for some reason, When I add the data into the database, it all comes up in the SQL file, so I can't understand why it doesn't work in the server. What I have done: Enter in all the data into the MySQL database (I am using Navicat Lite) into the Trader_Data table, Trader_Items, and also created the Trader_TIDS for the vehicles and other items that don't fall into an existing category. Made sure that all Trader TIDS match my Servers trader instances. In game: In game when I go to the traders the normal tabs/categories load in the left hand menu. When I click on one of the default tabs with added in items (eg. Cinder blocks at stary), normal items load but none of the new ones. When I click on a new tab (eg. Jet planes at hero trader) it says loading items for a minuscule of a second then disappears with no items loaded. Very similar to the issues I experience a few days ago with traders not working at all.
  4. Hey der guise! I was hoping one of you could give me a detailed walkthrough on how to add custom vehicles and weapons with their ammo to the traders, I am COMPLETELY new to this so don't throw weird commands at me without explaining them completely please :P Thanks!!
  5. Hello, I have been wondering if it is possible for me to add normal class buildings from Arma 2 and make it so players in game can build these just like they do with a normal cinder wall. If you have any information you could share with me please post below please.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nou6u9_pQDU&feature=youtu.be If you have any questions pm me. and BTW you ( DONT HAVE TO ADD ANYTHING INTO YOUR MISSION.SQM ) Works perfect without doing this. and BTW: im 16 and im Swiss EDIT: If you do not add the pbo file name to your mission.sqm it could make some problems ;)
  7. I have a donate for custom skin option for my server. At the moment, when a donation is made the custom skin with spawn the inv of the player every time they die and respawn. How can I make the player spawn already wearing the skin?
  8. Hey all, I am trying to make a base for myself, I spent a day going through tutorials, finding outdated stuff, eventually getting to the Arma II built in editor, and after spending a long time finding what I wanted in there, and building a couple bases to get the right feel, I saved the mission, copied the mission.sqf over to my server replacing the one that is already there, and nothing changed. The server started but when I went to that location nothing was there, which is frustrating since I spent all that time on nothing. How can I edit my existing server mission file to add stuff to the Chernarus map? I have seen a couple mentions of a server.pbo but my server is not set up like that, I can't recall the tutorial, but I have a main folder with a bunch of files with instance_etc_mapname, and batch files for each one, at the actual mission is in a mpmissions folder, the folder being instance_11_chenarus, inside I have init.sqf, mission.sqf, mission.sqm and a couple other files. The editor did not make a mission.sqm, is that perhaps part of the issue? I noticed there are new entries in the changelog, so I feel I should update my server anyways, can anyone point to a good tutorial with a simple way to set it up new that would work well to add buildings?
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