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Found 108 results

  1. Epoch Trader Converter -- Version 1.0 A simple program built for DayZ Epoch to easily convert trader files into a CSV file for easier editing. You can also import a CSV file to rebuild trader files. If you want to switch your economy from gold/gem to coins or vice versa, you can simple build a CSV file with your current files and then rebuild the trader files with your desired economy system. GITHUB LINK AND DOWNLOAD Features Convert trader files to CSV files Import CSV files to rebuild trader files Switch between gold/gem and coins Super Fast! YOUTUBE VIDEO EXAMPLE Notes This DOES NOT deal the with the trader menu handling. If you add Category numbers to the CSV file, you will need to manually assign them to your desired traders. The default location for this is @DayZ_Epoch\addons\dayz_code\system\mission\server_traders\chernarus11.sqf or replace chernarus11.sqf with whichever map you are using. These are not instructions for how to customize this file. It is suggested to backup your trader files before using this program in case of some sort of error. Although, it doesn't change your files directly unless you tell it to. Running Trader to CSV will not take any comments from the trader files, they are stripped as it reads them. Trader to CSV only works with "worth" aka coins and silver/gold item classnames for the buy/sell prices. Be sure to select the entire CfgServerTrader (or CfgServerTraderZSC) folder when using Trader to CSV. Once you have the CSV file, consider the following: You can use the CSV file to rebuild trader files with your desired economy system. Do not add any more columns to the CSV file. Do not change the order of the columns. Do not change the column names. You CAN and are encouraged to add/remove/change the rows in the CSV file, but not the first row (the header row). Notes for when converting back into trader files: You can use the CSV file to rebuild trader files with your desired economy system as previously stated. The returned trader files will be named CfgServerTraderZSC if you are using coins or CfgServerTrader if you are using gold/gem. If you select classic economy, the program will use a lowest common denominator of silver and gold for the buy/sell prices. This means 12000 in the CSV file would be converted to 12x ItemGoldBar10oz Another example: 1050 would be converted to 105x ItemSilverBar10oz Consider the above carefully when choosing prices if you plan to use classic silver/gold economy. As stated before, do not use something like "ItemRuby" for the buy price, it will not work. Epoch should automatically convert 10, "Itembriefcase100oz" to 1 ruby in the traders if you have a ruby set to being worth to 10 briefcases.
  2. How would I go about adding custom vehicles to my server? I want to have an F35B with no weapons. I know how to remove the weapons, just cant find the file for the jet itself to edit.
  3. I have placed a fuel pump in starry using a custom script. The fuel pump is there and accessible but i would like to know how i can make it work with out the need of having to place a generator or a running fuel ural. by default it acts the same way a placeable fuel pump works picked up in the world. Here is the code that use to spawn the fuel pump. _vehicle_344 = objNull; if (true) then { _this = createVehicle ["Land_A_FuelStation_Feed", [6325.166, 7715.0869, 0.15837258], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _vehicle_344 = _this; _this setDir -52.000465; _this setPos [6325.166, 7715.0869, 0.15837258]; }; Any help will be appreciated.
  4. My question is for when I switched over to single currency from the default currency, that when I went to the traders, it was showing costs like "5 Coins" to buy and "3 Coins to sell". I understand that it's pulling the value quantities from the trader files from the default currency. But is there a way to set it so it calculates what the gold bars and silver bars and whatnot are equal to in single currency ? I'd really prefer not to have to change up all the files.
  5. [SOLVED] First, why take the weapons from traders? Second, If possible how do I go about adding them back. I am looking through dayz_code and not finding anything. I know I may have looked over the part that covers this. Just need a little help. Reason to put them back is, my panthera map is going to be 100% militarized. AI everywhere and all traders will be military personnel.
  6. Hi guys, I'm running Epoch 0.5 Server build 749, trying to customize traders camp with in-game structures like, for example, adding a military cargo hq to it. I already have edited epoch_server_settings.pbo (altis.h in my case) to add the building in the map, it's working but I can't open doors. I've read that it has something to do with: enableSimulationGlobal I'm pretty sure this question has already been answered, but I've tried a lot of solutions and I can't get it to work... every other buildings on the map are working fine Thanks P.S.: Sorry for my english, haven't practised for a while
  7. I have created two new traders on my server.... 1 - superher requires 15,000 positive humanity to access the menu... this is working 2 - superban requires 40,000 negative humanity to access the menu.... trader is there and working but anyone can access it regardless of humanity. fn_selfActions.sqf : // All Traders if (_isMan && {!(isPlayer _cursorTarget)} && {_typeOfCursorTarget in serverTraders} && {!_isPZombie}) then { if (s_player_parts_crtl < 0) then { _humanity = player getVariable ["humanity",0]; _traderMenu = call compile format["menu_%1;",_typeOfCursorTarget]; _low_high = localize "STR_EPOCH_ACTIONS_HUMANITY_LOW"; _required=""; _humanity_logic = false; if ((_traderMenu select 2) == "superher") then { _humanity_logic = (_humanity < 15000); _required="more than 15000 of Humanity"; }; if ((_traderMenu select 2) == "superban") then { _low_high = localize "STR_EPOCH_ACTIONS_HUMANITY_HIGH"; _humanity_logic = (_humanity < -40000); _required="more than -40000 of Humanity"; }; if ((_traderMenu select 2) == "friendly") then { _humanity_logic = (_humanity < -5000); _required="more than -5000 of Humanity"; }; if ((_traderMenu select 2) == "hostile") then { _low_high = localize "STR_EPOCH_ACTIONS_HUMANITY_HIGH"; _humanity_logic = (_humanity > -5000); _required="humanity to high"; }; if ((_traderMenu select 2) == "hero") then { _humanity_logic = (_humanity < 5000); _required="humanity to low"; }; any ideas on why the humanity is not affecting the "superban" trader and allowing everyone to access it...?
  8. This Tutorial will teach you how to alter/change or remove trader animations for faster trading Requirements: * Basic knowledge of unpacking pbo's * Custom compiles * Common sense * Text Editor (notepad++) Installation (If you already have a compiles file, Skip to #4 please) 1) Open your dayz_mission.pbo and open init.sqf Find: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf"; //Compile regular functions Replace it with: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "fixes\compiles.sqf"; //Compile regular functions 2) Now make a folder called fixes 3) copy this file into the fixes folder ..\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\@DayZ_Epoch\addonsdayz_code.pbo\init\compiles.sqf (if you already have a custom compiles.sqf, start here) 4) Open fixes/compiles.sqf Find: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\player_traderMenuHive.sqf"; Replace it with: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "fixes\player_traderMenuHive.sqf"; 5) Copy this file into your fixes folder ..\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\@DayZ_Epoch\addonsdayz_code.pbo\compile\player_traderMenuHive.sqf 6) Open fixes/player_traderMenuHive.sqf Find: _File = "\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\" + _afile + ".sqf"; Replace it with: _File = "fixes\trade\" + _afile + ".sqf"; 7) Make a folder called trade inside the fixes folder 8) Download the appropriate file for your server and extract them inside the traders folder Epoch Epoch With Zupa 1.1 Single Currency Epoch With Soul's Edit 9) Repack and you're done :) Configuration If you leave the way you installed it, it will be ready to go on the server. On my version of code, instead of the medic animation, it will do a pickup or lean animation which is way quicker than the medic animation. however if you want to modify it to your likings, you may do so very easily. To Change the animation of trading Open every file inside the fixes/trade folder Find: player playActionNow "PutDown"; and replace "PutDown" with any other animation you like. Check this link for almost all the arma animation To Remove the animation of trading Open every file inside the fixes/trade folder Find: player playActionNow "PutDown"; Remove the line whole line, to simple get rid of the animation. Credits: Zupa PeterBeer
  9. Froanta

    Trader Prices

    Hello all, Wish the new year is/was well to you's. How do I change the trader prices for example Buying something worth 20 Krypto and selling something for 10 krypto? Is it even possible, is it a file edit or a database edit? Thanks!
  10. I started an Epoch server on my Home server and I am having issues. When I get on the server I try to use the scroll wheel when im at a trader and it doesn't have anything come up. Does anyone know whats wrong?
  11. I was looking at the post on cleaning up traders using redis-cli and wondered if one can change the number of items, such as for the case where the trader inventory reaches 100. Can it be set to 10 where it is greater than 50 as an aexample? Here is the original post:
  12. AnarchysShadow

    need help!!

    I have a dayz all in one overpoch server through GTX gaming my traders sale the overwatch guns but not the ammo i have done nothing with the server that affects the traders so how do i fix it so that the traders have the ammo?
  13. I've been having trouble getting the overwatch weapons into the traders. I have tried to do it with the database but I'm honestly not really sure what I am doing, when I access the traders it has the tabs in it for the weapons but none of them are actually in there. If anyone could explain what to do I would really appreciate it, Thanks.
  14. Hello, i was looking for more realism in my server then did it.. and i want to share here. Note: this is a very very primitive way to make a mod, i know. but my brain is very very primitive :D so i use the only primitive resourses in my head to do it. If anyone can make it better, please do it. The result is a functional mod whit easy installation. *What Does Traders in Move?- INSTALL: 1-download here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/u474ddj3k54smu3/traders_in_move.zip 2-drop "traders_in_move" folder into YourServerRoot/MPMISSION/Chernarus_11/custom/ 3-Open your init.sqf and paste this at very bottom: For COINS SYSTEM: ( for gold system open your "server_traders.sqf" and change categories ) 4-Open your "server_traders_cherno_11.sqf" and paste lines in blue. 5-again in "server_traders_cherno_11.sqf" paste this at very bottom. **note this is an example u can use other items categories. ***Thers an error in rpt about CYCLE *this is when merchants start again the route* but works well. its done. notes:
  15. How to Make the Dayz Epoch Traders not Database(Sql) based? So just like that i have to edit them inside my mission file and not anymore in the Sql tables
  16. For some of the newly supported CUP terrain maps I have added a new feature that allows for dynamically placed trader cites and NPC traders. The server will attempt to load a template from 'CfgPropTemplate' when the 4th 'telePos' array element is a string. For example Sahrani uses 3 trader city templates (north,east,west) https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/master/Sources/epoch_server_settings/configs/maps/Sara.h#L38 The initial seed location for these are pulled from Marker locations with the same names. https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/master/Sources/mpmissions/epoch.Sara/mission.sqm#L2077-L2094 The CfgPropTemplate template data (the actual templates) are contained in the server settings pbo here: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/master/Sources/epoch_server_settings/configs/templates/CfgPropTemplate.h You can customize these templates. The script needed to generate the configs and was made to work with the new 3d "eden editor" can be found here. https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/8bbec6258a45345080832212299f3aed223a8452/Tools/SQF/saveTraderCityTemplate.sqf Currently the 4 existing templates (north,east,west,south) are the same exact layouts and will likely made more unique in future patches.
  17. I am unable to access vehicles when pressing the Inventory key to unlock it. I have tested this at the airport, in a town, and vehicles in grassy plains. I have also looted for a bit before trying to access a vehicle and this too does not work. All that happens when I press the inventory key, is the player does the open inventory animation and my krypto/energy meter refreshes. I am using the default epochserver files // EDIT Same thing is happening with traders, I get the "Press [Inventory]" option but if I press inventory it just opens my inventory - ATM and looting both work.
  18. Howdy, ladies and gentlemen! After a long break with Arma 2, I finally decided to bring script to mind. Nothing amazing, just made enjoyable dialogs and opportunity for admins to choose how script will work: If 1 case will be fixed price for healing of whole body. In 2 case price creates relatively amount of disesases. I thought to create another topic for more comfortable discussions. Special thanks to Axeman for correcting mistakes in script. Let's go! To install this script you need: 1. Zupa's Coin System of 2 or 3 version. 2. Custom fnSelfactions.sqf ( you can take from dayz_code.pbo of Epoch, paste in mission file and change path to it in compiles.sqf ) 3. Custom variables.sqf ( you can take from dayz_code.pbo of Epoch, paste in mission file and change path to it in init.sqf ) Install guide: 1. Open fnSelfactions.sqf and paste this code above " //Allow owner to pack vault ". So it must be like that: if(_typeOfCursorTarget in Fast_Med and (player distance _cursorTarget < 3)) then { if (s_fast_med_dialog1 < 0) then { s_fast_med_dialog1 = player addAction ["<t color='#06FF15'>Pay for healing</t>", " WRITE HERE PATH TO SQF!!! ",_cursorTarget, 3, true, true, "", ""]; }; } else { player removeAction s_fast_med_dialog1; s_fast_med_dialog1 = -1; }; //Allow owner to pack vault Then find player removeAction s_player_fuelauto2; s_player_fuelauto2 = -1; and place under them that code: player removeAction s_fast_med_dialog1; s_fast_med_dialog1 = -1; 2.Open variables.sqf and add this code after "disableSerialization;": Fast_Med = ["NPC1","NPC1","NPC1"]; For instance 11 Chernarus: Fast_Med = ["Dr_Annie_Baker_EP1","Doctor","Dr_Hladik_EP1"]; Then find: dayz_resetSelfActions = { and paste under this code: s_fast_med_dialog1 = -1; 3. Create .sqf file and paste code from http://pastebin.com/QMukAuXP 4. Change configs in script 5. Enjoy! :)
  19. So I'm having an issue where HSTraders will only spawn 1 of each vehicle For example if i buy an ATV from an HS Trader ATVs become unavailable at all HSTraders across the map. this seems to happen with all vehicles. Any suggestions? If you need more info let me know, ill post it. solved. had to do with max vechicle spawns on server.
  20. Hello. I've been setting up a custom private server hosted by Nitrado. I managed to install several scripts without issue. However, when i tried adding base parts for my trader to sell none of them would appear. While the trader i added to the map would be present, the trade menu would be empty. To help better explain this have some screen shots: The Trader is visible http://imgur.com/QxzNcuk But the menu is empty http://imgur.com/ZIxUZOX Here is the code in the dayz_server\missions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\mission.sqf http://imgur.com/j8l57TK Here is the code from my mission.sqm from the mission file (building supply guy at bottom + I added black market weopons to the menu and it worked?) http://imgur.com/Gd1reHb And some screen shots from my database https://imgur.com/a/WqSzu So please tell me why the plot pole and fuel cannister isn't appearing in the traders. I am new to running severs and some help would be appreciated. Thank you in advanced!
  21. CarlJ

    Adding Traders.

    How hard would it be to add more traders to a map?
  22. does anyone happen to have a list of the trader IDs for the map Sauerland? It would be really appreciated. TIA
  23. Hey there everyone. I was putting all the gems in my servers' traders but I would really like to know if anyone knew the rarity of each gem so I could change the price accordingly. It seems that Rubies seem to be the most rare, but I cannot find any documentation on it. Does anyone know the gem rarity?
  24. Hi , i would like to know how to auto restock the traders in A3 epoch , automaticly after restart because now it onley stock what is sold to them. any help would be VERRY appriciated ! so please provide me of a step by step tutarial how to do it , also change the loot tables ( mission boxes that are called in and such )
  25. AI don`t try kill traders && weapon lowered Everyone knows about the problem when AI try kill traders. AI stay and shoot in traders long long time, or heli only fly over the traders. Its easy to fix! Standart spawn AI trader: _unit_32 = objNull; if (true) then { _this = createAgent ["Soldier_GL_PMC", [8266.668, 15482.221, 0.10264076], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _unit_32 = _this; _this setDir -141.76392; _this setVehicleInit "this allowDammage false; this disableAI 'FSM'; this disableAI 'MOVE'; this disableAI 'AUTOTARGET'; this disableAI 'TARGET'; this setBehaviour 'CARELESS'; this forceSpeed 0; this enableAI 'ANIM'; "; _this setUnitAbility 0.60000002; _this allowDammage false; _this disableAI 'FSM'; _this disableAI 'MOVE'; _this disableAI 'AUTOTARGET'; _this disableAI 'TARGET'; _this setBehaviour 'CARELESS'; _this forceSpeed 0;_this enableSimulation true; }; Change to: _unit = createAgent ["Soldier_GL_PMC", [8266.668, 15482.221, 0.10264076], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _unit setDir -141.76392; _unit setcaptive true; //make frendly for AI _unit switchMove 'AmovPercMstpSlowWrflDnon'; //lower weapon (only if unit have weapon) _unit setVehicleInit "this allowDammage false; this disableAI 'FSM'; this disableAI 'MOVE'; this disableAI 'AUTOTARGET'; this disableAI 'TARGET'; this setBehaviour 'CARELESS'; this forceSpeed 0; "; _unit allowDammage false; _unit disableAI 'FSM'; _unit disableAI 'MOVE'; _unit disableAI 'AUTOTARGET'; _unit disableAI 'TARGET'; _unit setBehaviour 'CARELESS'; _unit forceSpeed 0;_unit enableSimulation false; add on top script: private ["_unit"]; sleep 60; //add sleep 60, it`s wait load all traders. Use _unit, not _unit_32, its good for server FPS. if server (in server_functions.sqf) spawn AI traders, 50% unstable!!! use 1 file wich all units, and add path in init.sqf in if (isServer) then: if (isServer) then { call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\scripts\dynamic_vehicle.sqf"; _serverMonitor = [] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\server_monitor.sqf"; _nil = [] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\scripts\units.sqf"; //this }; . Thx for help: Halvhjearne BetterDeadThanZed SchwEde -- I will be happy if I helped someone! Sorry for my bad english! :P with: Losing connection, drop loot, Esc, exit yes and Esc + G, losing connection, drop loot, exit yes.
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