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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All, Even though this is probably a 2 second job for an experienced scripter, it took me far too long to sort it out. Now that it is working, I would like to share with others who might need it. If you're having the same issue with Sarge AI on an Epoch Admin Tools installed server (issue = when player gets into SargeAI spawned patrol vehicle & it blows up), here is the fix. Preliminary tests show, it works fine on my server. Packed PBO archive = @DayZ_Epoch_Server > addons > dayz_server.pbo File in archive = init > server_functions.sqf Modification Steps Unpack the PBO, open the abovementioned file with Notepad++, find the section below by seaching for this >> server_checkHackers. Delete the whole block that exists in your file (take a backup of the file first!) then copy & paste the whole block. Save the file & exit file editor. Repack the PBO. Restart the server & test. Hope this helps someone, I wish I had this post somewhere in the forums, 4 hours ago :) server_checkHackers = { if (DZE_DYN_AntiStuck2nd > 3) then { DZE_DYN_HackerCheck = nil; DZE_DYN_AntiStuck2nd = 0; }; if(!isNil "DZE_DYN_HackerCheck") exitWith { DZE_DYN_AntiStuck2nd = DZE_DYN_AntiStuck2nd + 1;}; DZE_DYN_HackerCheck = true; { // Epoch Admin Tools //epoch admin default line is the one below // if(vehicle _x != _x && !(vehicle _x in PVDZE_serverObjectMonitor) && (isPlayer _x) && !((typeOf vehicle _x) in DZE_safeVehicle) && (vehicle _x getVariable ["MalSar",0] !=1)) then { // This is working copied from http://opendayz.net/threads/killing-a-hacker.19355/#post-98883 // if(vehicle _x != _x && (vehicle _x getVariable ["Sarge",0] != 1) && !(vehicle _x in PVDZE_serverObjectMonitor) && (isPlayer _x) && !((typeOf vehicle _x) in DZE_safeVehicle)) then { // the above two combined if(vehicle _x != _x && !(vehicle _x in PVDZE_serverObjectMonitor) && (vehicle _x getVariable ["Sarge",0] != 1) && (isPlayer _x) && !((typeOf vehicle _x) in DZE_safeVehicle) && (vehicle _x getVariable ["MalSar",0] !=1)) then { diag_log ("CLEANUP: KILLING A HACKER " + (name _x) + " " + str(_x) + " IN " + (typeOf vehicle _x)); (vehicle _x) setDamage 1; _x setDamage 1; sleep 0.25; }; sleep 0.001; } forEach allUnits; DZE_DYN_HackerCheck = nil; };
  2. Hello All, I really hope that some one can help me with the issues that I am having. I have scoured numerous forums looking for answers that I could not find, and the users at OpenDayZ seem unwilling to help. My EPOCH server, Arma 2, and BE are all up to date with the latest stable release. I have other mods installed and enabled on the server that seem to run correctly with no errors being logged in the RPT. However, once I installed Sarg AI, my RPT becomes flooded with error spams. Remove Sarge, and errors stop. So, I know the issue resides within the Sarge AI framework. Even though this has become a major headache for me, my gaming group and I strongly desire to get this working correctly. The main reason is because of the survivor AI. We have grown tired of shooting everything that moves without seeing other "friendlies" within the world (not counting the mannequin traders). It breaks the immersion factor for us. So, if anyone can help us out with this or perhaps can point me in the direction of a "Survivor" AI package that works, we would be grateful. Below is a snipit of the RPT showing the error spam. Did not post entire log for obvious reasons. I know that the RPT post was a terrible hack job, I was just trying to cut out different sections to show the extense of the error spam. Also of note, I followed the install instructions from Swiss-Sarge's github page until I reached the part about editing the "server_cleanup.fsm" and below. My server_cleanup was completely different from his and saw through other posts on forums that this version of EPOCH supposedly didn't need those lines added since cleanup had been relocated elsewhere. Not sure if that is true or not, but I left it alone until instructed otherwise. Not sure why I would get errors from the "dayz_serverobjectmonitor" file but "SAR_vehicle_fix.sqf" and "upsmon.sqf" are definitely wrecking havoc from what I can tell. I tried to contact Swiss-Sarge directly, but all questions have been ignored. If you would like me to post any of my configs for troubleshooting just let me know and I will post them ASAP. Thanks in advance for any who can help resolve this issue.
  3. Having alot of problems getting my AI where i want them on my server. Pretty experienced at pbo setups and light coding, but cannot get the AI at missions or anywhere for that matter to attack players in armored vehicles. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Have issue that fully repaired vehicles blow up when tapping gates or metal signs. Also when you use M16, M17 110 tws type weapons and shoot sarge ai npc bandit, military or civilian you instantly die. If you use lower weapons like dmr, 550z, Aim14 stuff like that no problem when shooting them. Think these might be related to some filter? High end weapons added to original standard epoch weapons in game maybe something was left out? thanks in advance Gramps :P
  5. The method by which player_spawnCheck (from @DayZ_Epoch in dayz.pbo\addons\compile) determines what entity is a zed and what is a player within a certain radius is likely to get things wrong if a server is also running other AI packages. It needs to discriminate between entities that are not zeds, but are still "CAManBase" starting at line 28 (the BB code box evidently didn't like it when I entered the starting line number for reference): The variable "dayz_CurrentZombies" will count anything that is not a player and not local, which could be server controlled AI that is not zombie. _players = _position nearEntities ["CAManBase",_radius+200]; dayz_maxGlobalZombies = dayz_maxGlobalZombiesInit; { if(isPlayer _x) then { dayz_maxGlobalZombies = dayz_maxGlobalZombies + dayz_maxGlobalZombiesIncrease; } else { if (local _x) then { dayz_spawnZombies = dayz_spawnZombies + 1; }; dayz_CurrentZombies = dayz_CurrentZombies + 1; }; } foreach _players; This is probably not an Epoch-only issue, but community base code on github has gathered more dust than Epoch has, so I am reporting/complaining here.
  6. I realise this isn't Epoch-specific but I figured I'd ask on the off-chance others had encountered it. I set-up Sarge AI and only removed (commented out with //) the "war scenario" from the example spawns. And changed the extreme debugging to false. That's it. Everything else is default. I hop in game, chat to a few players and encounter a bandit group. I kill them and attempt to loot the leaders' corpse only to have my ArmA 2 client crash to desktop. I check my minidumps and the server rpt but there's nothing useful there. I use Dart to let the players know what happened and that I can't fix it until later tonight (GMT) as I have to go to work. (Where I'm typing from now.) I managed a quick Google and browse of the OpenDayZ forums before I have to leave the house. (Other players where having the same issue but I didn't find any solutions.) I can't access OpenDayZ from this machine but am currently browsing Sarge's GitHub for ideas. Has anyone got ideas? Thanks.
  7. I'm trying to get Sarge A.I. to work on Sahrani. The issue is that SAI doesn't have a map config for Sahrani. So I did a quick google search and found the configs someone made. I tried them, but half the stuff doesnt work, and the AI spawns mostly in the center near Corazol and Para airfield. I've configured for heli patrols, ground patrols too. Thing I'm wondering about is if the grids are even correct. This is what the guy had on his. // x coordinate of the first, bottom left grid center point _startx=500; // y coordinate of the first, bottom left grid center point _starty=1000; // gridsize x (how many single squares in the grid) for the x-axis _gridsize_x=20; // gridsize y (how many single squares in the grid) for the y-axis _gridsize_y=20; // distance from the center of one square of the grid to the border of that square. so overall size of a square in the grid is 2x gridwidth / 2x gridwidth _gridwidth = 500; Is that even right for Sahrani? When I put a marker in the center of the bottom left grid, I get x=500 y=500. Then I get gridsize of x=10 and y=10, and the gridwidth I get is 50m. So either they were way off, or I'm not doing this right.
  8. ozersk

    SARGE 1.0.3

    don't want to work SARGE . Epoch 1.0.3 http://opendayz.net/threads/sarge-ai-framework-public-release.8391/ Help me
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