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Found 7 results

  1. I've tried searching for this for 2 days now, but I can't seem to find it: - How do I make the food and drink drop slower on my server?
  2. Since upgrading to build 0429 food & drink and power don't seem to be reducing. Also, power doesn't go back up if you drive around or from solar panels.
  3. Hello, guys! Im trying to find in dayz_code.pbo files, which are responsible for the speed of starvation and thirst, but to no avail. Can anyone help? Just want to increase the speed of starvation and thirst.I am trying to do this with a written script, but he has not works.
  4. Like its so hard to share things. We were all raised to share our stuff with our friends and I consider this community my friends with all the help and info and other goodies we all give back and forth in these threads. Too many people are asking individual questions on items and dumb comments and replies result. SO HERE ARE MY LISTS all laid out in the proper fashion for easy copy and paste. You will only need to format it properly for the database. This can be used for so many different things. ENJOY ps. These are good as of Marksmen and have the proper mags changed over ammo http://pastebin.com/SKgWFfRq food health http://pastebin.com/F7ddfcRL guns http://pastebin.com/1Q0Hbbcr uniforms http://pastebin.com/QzCq2wj4 vehicles http://pastebin.com/QLxrkVT2 backpacks http://pastebin.com/wMKfRyR5 vests http://pastebin.com/bYhp6evs
  5. I think the whole concept of finding cans everywhere and automatically being able to eat the contents a bit last year now. Would it be possible to add a can opener as a loot item, to make people have to run around looking idiotic with a bag full of cans they can't eat from? "I've got a lovely can of Bad Boy's Ubiquitous Peaches but I can't get into them, has anyone in Cherno got a tin opener? I'll let you smell them whilst I eat" BANG Run around Find can Eat from it It seems too easy and doesn't account for what I like to call "sensitive fingers", like mine. They cut easily. The opener could be as likely a drop as razors.
  6. Hello Guys i could need a Quick info about how much health is Restored on using following Items in Epoch: I did google but only found Dayz Vanilla related Topics not Epoch. Cooked/Uncooked both infos would be nice :P Bacon Beef Chicken Mutton Rabbit Trout SeaBass Tuna Canned BakedBeans / Frankbeans Pasta Sardines Other MRE Nutmix Pistachio Thanks Paddy
  7. Well heres my issue, no ones food or drink ever goes down, and after combat is initiated it stays flashing and never goes through to cycle check again. This is either related to player_spawn2.sqf or Variables.sqf. I believe tied to Variables.sqf so I have attached mine, would everyone be so kind to please help me diagnose what is causing this bug? Epoch Current Build. variables.sqf.txt
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