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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, so recently I bought an Epoch server from DayZ.ST and I only got to the point of fixing the control panel options I never knew how to fix Scripts. As a matter of fact I'm a noob when it comes to creating and editing mission pbo's or any other in game files, due to the fact that I just don't know how too :( . So if anyone could get me a tutorial on how to setup my server from Start to Finish, that'd be great and please don't inform me that there are other topics in this forum like mine, because I don't care, and I already know! But yeah I'd like a very SIMPLE and NOOB FRIENDLY step by step tut on how to configure my server and its scripts, I DON'T CARE IF ITS VIDEO OR TYPED any will work fine :lol: . P.S please make sure your tutorial will work for the DayZ.ST servers because thats what kind've server I have. :P
  2. So my server has been doing this for 3 days now, there are players on but I have no idea how they are connected, everything shows the server as down. I cant get on with DayZ Commander, play with Six, Manually through the multiplayer option. So stuck right now its a joke! Email them and still no reply (don't know why I expect anything as last time it took a week for a "its your fault" reply) anyone else having problems?
  3. Hi All, I have logged into my server twice now and the bases has disappeared including all safes across the map for everyone. is this a normal problem or am I being hacked the bases are a day old on the first instance, then 4 days then last night at 5 days old, but it’s the lot, every single brick and even people who made a base the night before! Really don’t know where to start :/ I don’t have Admintools or Anti hack SW installed yet which makes me think someone could be doing it (I can’t get InfiStar to install - is why I haven’t done it) Thanks Aaron
  4. Has anyone got the owpack http://offgaming.us/owpack/ working with epoch and dayz.st server thanks for any help
  5. Hello, My Name is Sergei, iv Recently made A Dayz.St Server and I'm Having Trouble With the Server.PBO and Mission.PBO, I am looking For Some One To Help Me Complete Them, i Will Pay Any One Who helps, They Will Need To Be Able to, - Script - Custom Script, Only Simple Stuff If you think You Can Help Me Please Reply To This Post With Am Email, Or Some Thing I Can Contact You Easily With, This Is First Come First Serve, So Basicly First Person Who Can Help Me Has The Job, Only If They Can Do What I need. - Sergei, Owner Of UnDeadHeros
  6. We are having problems with safe zones that kick people without a message or anything for shooting in safe zones. This only happens to non admins and give them a gray screen with 0 warnings. Any help is appreciated. I am not the server host if you need more info just ask me and ill try to get you back the info for it ASAP.
  7. Like the Title says, im running Epoch on a Dayz.st server. Someone brought to my attention the hero trader isn't buying armed helis. I didnt test anything else. just the armed helis. Ive parked a heli on top the bastard and it wont buy it. says no XXXX within 20m. and im at about 10m. ive even increased the range in the init.. i dont know wtf is up.. I even went to default mission, server pbo.. nothing..
  8. Hey! Just wondering if anyone knows how to reduce the maximum amount of players allowed on a dayz.st game server? The maximum is currently 50 however upon hitting the max (or anything above say, 43) a mass de-sync occurs. Just trying to reduce the maximum players from 50 to around 40.
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