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Found 14 results

  1. Hello Epoch Users, i (RHE24) & Stefan have a simple Admin Menu for your Epoch Server. We are Admins on the Gigacraft A3 Epoch Server. Its based on Arma3 Wiki and fusion13 and AltisLife Features Teleport Godmode Vehicle Spawn Weapon Spawn Group Spawn ESP Heal self and Players Spectate You can Download the 7z Archive https://sourceforge.net/projects/gama3epoch/files/latest/download Install: , extract to our Mission Folder. Insert this in your init.sqf //Gigacraft Admin Menu [] execVM "gigacraft_admin_menu\admin\activate.sqf"; [] execVM "gigacraft_admin_menu\admin\loop.sqf"; then in tools.sqf and activate.sqf search this if ((getPlayerUID player) in ["####", "####", "####", "####", "####", "####", "####"]) then { //all admins and in activate.sqf if ((getPlayerUID player) in ["####", "####", "####", "####", "####", "####", "####"]) then { ; replace "####" with your Admin UIDS, like 76xxxxxxxxxxx thats all, repack your to pbo and have a Menu :) --------------------------------------------------------------------- presentet by RHE24 & Stefan, we are Admins on our Arma3 Epoch Server. Server IP: gigacraft.de:2302
  2. I made some changes to the traders inventory. So they they have 15 drinks, and 15 food. However, when I restart server, and check, the inventory was just like it was before restart. I have a feeling I don't understand the loot system yet, and the traders. Looks like it's a running tally of what ever gets sold to them, and it carries over through restarts. Probably only resets after it reaches a certain point (amount of items). What I'd like to do, is have the traders have a minimum of 15 food and 15 drink at all times is that possible? Thanks,
  3. Hello again all, I know there were other threads discussing the vehicle locking system on A3Epoch and most seemed to agree that a change needs to be made to the current 30 minute lock. I'm not sure I would like to go back to the old system where you get a key when you buy it but I do think proper permanent locking stystem with a rare looted / constructable lockpick kit (with chance of success/failure) needs to be implemented at some point soon. Cars would still have a chance to be stolen and could be destroyed but it would take away the annoyance of finding your vehicle stolen. I only keep one vehicle atm and everyday it gets stolen. Today I just saw a guy knick my new one. No effort at all. I guess I should ask, is there already something in the works for the Vehicle locking system or will it just be that admins can increase the time before unlock-to-all ? (due in 0.3 release??)
  4. So i was looking through the a3_epcoh_server.pbo and in compile > epoch_vehicle > test, line 5 reads for "_i" from 1 to 156 do {EPOCH_VehicleSlots pushBack str(_i); and line 9 reads EPOCH_storedVehicleCount = 10; do either of these numbers do anything or does changing anything in that file do anything other than break my epoch? lol
  5. Hello EpochMod community! I am in need of some pointers/help with my ArmA 3 Epoch server. I am used to the EASE of the arma 2 scripting and I am COMPLETELY lost in the ArmA 3 files.....Anyone able to help would be greatly appreciated. Mods I.e. SEM, earplugs, HUD, heck even getting the admin menu to work is hard because the FTP is confusing me so much. Thanks for looking!
  6. I was wondering if anyone has added the RH-M4-M16-pack-v13 (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23277) to A3 Epoch? It requires the ASDG JR addon along with the RH Acc addon. I was hoping it would be as simple as pulling the pbo's from each addon and dropping them all in the @epochhive addons folder. Can anyone confirm?
  7. Hi Guys, I have been wondering for awhile now if it would be better to detach the BattlEye Filters from the main epochserver package for the following reasons. 1) Every time 1 line needs changing we have a new epochserver package to download and install, I know that generally you just need to copy the one file from the package and update just that file however the majority of the community think they have to re apply the whole server update again and this is causing confusion. I for one have been asked online and offline about 10 times in the last 3-4 days about what needs to be done to update. 2) Server owners to save themselves some hassle pick though the BE filters to find out what has changed, Yes we can use the varius diff but would it not be nice just to be able to see the diff's in one place ? I for one would vote for this 3) Quicker reactions to problems/bugs or hacks. Without having to compile X or Y. 4) Automation. I for one could easily see a way to automate BE filter updates directly from the DEV's and apply my own additions automatically every restart thus moving hassle away from Admins and also giving the players a better experience. I am sure there are more but these were some of my top list. Q. How could this be done A. Easily. Version Control AKA GITHUB To show what I mean I have setup the following on github as I believe example are always better :-) https://github.com/Dwarfer/a3epochbattleye If you look at the following page you can start to see how this would work (click on one of the codes like fc16bb9 and 64dc4da) https://github.com/Dwarfer/a3epochbattleye/commits/master/battleye example https://github.com/Dwarfer/a3epochbattleye/commit/64dc4da2c6e42ad9d60e8f83099e1a2adf137ac0#diff-eebd98b941739af49105df774982d418 This also shows A nice easy place to see changes https://github.com/Dwarfer/a3epochbattleye/tree/master/battleye Nice Release View and easy to download most up to date (easy scripting place) https://github.com/Dwarfer/a3epochbattleye/releases This shows you what the differences are between the release thus making it easier to apply the updates. For those who are wondering how you would use this as a base to mod your own lines in. Well you can use various tools to append, find, replace and change any number of lines or even a simple merge. I personally am happy to keep this up to date as best I can if people think it would help but ideally it would be great for the DEV's to run as I think it will be more helpful for everyone. I would be happy to write some documents and howto's and even videos on how server admins would/could use this. ** I should say that the DEV's will already be doing this anyway within the private github however what would be the harm of just making the BE filters public ? As I side note I also think GSP's would find this very useful for keeping there servers up to date. What do people think ? Does this sound like something that would help the community and or DEV's ? or is this just the ramblings of a Humble Dwarf who has been trying to help other server admins out Dwarfer P.s. If the dev's want to to take do the Hub let me know.
  8. Hay Guys, Am i going mad ? I am sure I had seen kill message in the server log file yet today I wen to check and could not find any ? Have I been mistaken and they never existed or has something changed ?
  9. Hiya all.. So ive ventured into A3 to have a go at A3 Overpoch.. But when i launch my server with theese params -> @Epoch0302;@EpochHiv;@Emod03;@mas18;@masvehicles;@allinarmaterrainpack; It just spams Epoch mod read from directory when a player joins. What could be the cause of this?
  10. ARMA 3 Epoch Mod Errors So I'm trying to get in to the overpoch epochs servers, but every time I join it loads then says the following error messages "You were kicked off the game. [battlEye: Script Restriction #15]" AND "You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. a3_epoch_config" My mods are installed via the A3 launcher (I also use A3 to join the servers) and I have all the mods required to join the overpoch server. I couldn't find a solution to this problem even through my EXTENSIVE research on this matter. Here is my Arma 3 folder: http://gyazo.com/4be0f3465ded81c2834bcd807f8ce5a0 Please Help Me lol. I just wanna have fun like everyone else :(
  11. Hello guys, Does anyone got the classname list of all items ? I would like to complete this post with the classname of all items :)
  12. R2Clan Gaming Community is looking for skilled individuals that can help script/code missions and events into our A3 Epoch 2.5.1 server. If anyone here is interested please Contact me at [email protected] or Join our TS (ts3.R2clan.net) or join our webpage (R2clan.net) or even jump in our server (epoch.R2clan.net)
  13. Just wondering if it would be possible/practical to port Cherno from Arma 2 Epoch to ArmA 3 Epoch? would love to see it :D
  14. Where can I find on the AI Mission to implement Epoch Mod ??? Can someone help me? :D
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