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Found 12 results

  1. I'm using epoch is there any way to increase infections from zombies on the server side? I just install the custom loot table, to all meds spawn at hospitals only. Me and my friends notice we're not getting infected as much anymore.
  2. SOLUTION: Put that line in your startup parameters: "-malloc=tbb3malloc_bi" Hello, i know that many admins out there have that strange Problem of Server Crashes since the new Patch (Privately and Official Hosters). I want to collect all the admins of server in this Topic with that random server crash, so we can get maybe a fix. At the moment there is no fix available - we wiped our server and did a complete new install - it crashes. What i know is, that the problem is coming from this file: "tbb4malloc_bi.dll" Please leave your messages here, so we can work together on that problem. Maybe an Admin of the Epoch Team can read this here and help us out of it. THX Stranger
  3. Hello, Just wondering if anyone has a automatic restart script for a Linux server running epoch I have searched google countlessly and have found nothing. So I have taken to the forums to ask if there is a script in perl or other Linux Scripting languages to suit my needs. Thanks, Kr0zer.
  4. Just recently added new scripts to my epoch server had change a few lines in my debug monitor script and got Public Variable Restriction #0.. so ok reverted my changes re-packed pho uploaded it restarted server tried again. again got kicked for Public Variable Restriction #0.. is there new BE filters that i'm not aware of or? any help would be appreciated on the matter :)
  5. Hey people, So iv been looking around for a Working guide on how to disable the Epoch weight system and the only Topic I found was about Epoch 1.0.3 and didnt work on the latest Version. Would be awsome if somebody told me how to disable that Feature/Link me to a working guide (Hamsters like me dont know how to google yo). Thanks!!
  6. This server is running an incorrect version of the server side application. you cannot play on this server. If you are the server admin please contact Dayz epoch staff. is the message i get every time i try to log into my server hosted off of my computer. I Have Googled this problem so many times and nothing has helped. I have done the Microsoft c+++ thing i have deleted mpmissions cache to reset it and still same problem. Only thing that i have read that i haven't done is talk to a staff member. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Hi All, I have logged into my server twice now and the bases has disappeared including all safes across the map for everyone. is this a normal problem or am I being hacked the bases are a day old on the first instance, then 4 days then last night at 5 days old, but it’s the lot, every single brick and even people who made a base the night before! Really don’t know where to start :/ I don’t have Admintools or Anti hack SW installed yet which makes me think someone could be doing it (I can’t get InfiStar to install - is why I haven’t done it) Thanks Aaron
  8. So I installed correctly this -> https://github.com/SMVampire/DZMS-DayZMissionSystem but when I join server and load until I get: "waiting server for authentication". Then it takes me back to lobby and says: "Login timed out". Any helps please!
  9. Hi I really need help with this, in my DayZ Epoch server running Epoch ( And Windows 7 X64. After one person gets it almost everybody who trys to respawn or respawn after it happens to the first guy gets the waiting for character to create screen it used to only start about 45 minutes before a auto restart but now it happens to some players right after a restart.I only get around 7-15 players on average. Ive already tried Deleting the ca folder in the servers mission file Adding MySQL functions that clean out destroyed vehicles,dead characters and players that havent been used in 30 days. Restarting my entire dedicated server box I found some similar threads on epochs forums but I never got a answer when i tried replying to a thread about it,some of the threads say that it was fixed in epoch but i still get it so im wondering why. The beta patch the servers running is 1.62 106400. Heres my RPT log of when it happens to a player. pastebin.com/BTLgG72X If you need other logs or parts of the mission file please say so. Current Mods I Have Running Infistar/blurgaming pro antihack (v329) Elevator Script Self BB Via right click option custom buildings extra markers over custom buildings Watermark on bottom left of screen vehicle service points VFATS fast time/shotened day/night script set at 4x Walk Amongst The Dead Zombie Camo (Zombie Sheild) JAEM heli evac R3F Towing&Lift (Disabled For Locked Vehicles) build snapping deploy bike Defents EMS edit https://github.com/Defent/EMS-0.3 Arma 2 oa server.exe patched for LLA (Large Address Ware) Map Chernarus Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi, the view distance setting in init.sqf doesn't seem to work anymore, can anyone else confirm this? setViewDistance 5000; Where do i have to set this now, or has the variable changed? Thanks, xenomat
  11. I just placed a safe facing south and it worked fine. Then I placed another safe facing east and it was not accessible, no gear menu or anything could be pulled up in any view mode or at any distance. I placed a second safe facing East and got the same failure. A safe I had previously placed facing south works fine, along with the new one I placed facing south. I also noticed this happened with some crates I placed. They can be accessed from the south side, but not the east side. In the image below the safes and crates on the right are facing south and are accessible, except for the east side of crates.
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