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Found 61 results

  1. For the last 9 months I've been hosting a survival server. At this moment it has over 30 custom mods, 100's of scripts, harsh weather, reduced food spawns, custom crafting/building, Ai, trained dogs, cold/dark nights...the is lengthy. I have a few regular players who all state that the server is the best survival server they've played. Looking around at other servers it's clear that most prefer the pvp or pve elements with custom load-outs, tanks, jets and such, but I've been careful not to impose rules as surely the point of DayZ is such freedom. I have built a website which provides a batch file to join effortlessly. There are a few permanent military vehicles and I've also created several YouTUBE videos detailing some of the features. Needless to say I have strived very hard to make my server appealing, but I consistently see players join then leave within a few minutes? As such I get no feedback as to why? I absolutely adore this game and I challenge anyone to find an admin more committed. I'll keep the server open for as long as I can afford to, but I'd love for some-one to let me know what they think, to perhaps spend a day or two exploring what I've spent many months crafting/coding/inventing? Surely the point of DayZ is survival. If there's any survival spirit left in the player-base then you could do much worse... Is survival dead? Is DayZ/Epoch no more than an extension of Arma II/III?
  2. I'm paying 15$ for the person who is willing to install every mod I want. add me on skype: thomaszzzdextra Have no time to install mods myself
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for an Epoch Developer that would be willing to script certain things into my DayZ: Epoch server in exchange for payment of services rendered. I have a list of mods that I wanted on the server, some complicated to install, so the developer I was working with pointed me here. i'm not sure if this is the correct section to post it in, but I wanted to ask. Half would be given before the job is started, and then the rest at completion. It's a single server, we're looking to create a DayZ: Epoch Hardcore type server with certain scripts and custom items/bases, larger loot spawns, vehicle spawns, starting load out etc. Please either message me on here, or respond to the thread if anyone is interested. Very much appreciated, thank you all for the help!
  4. I really need help understand a lot of things. I am super new to all of these and it is hard for me to understand because I don't know how to code. I'm really looking for some help on adding all the vehicles and weapons to the traders hero/normal/etc. Any help would really be appreciated.
  5. Seraphiim

    Gold coins?

    I notice alot of people have this gold coin currency on their servers but yet there isn't any scripting help for it. I have searched far and wide for it. I would appreciate the help being I am slightly new to scripting in DayZ, but I wont ask too many questions as for I am fully capable of install and my own troubleshooting. The script I believe would help many of us.
  6. Heres a video of how to install the Tow and lift script. Check out the description for a link to the Script.
  7. Hi, I am new to scripting and I have scripted one thing in which is DZAI. I have been trying to script in things as, Auto refuel and repair, Safe traders, and missions but when I tried Auto R&R and gave me battleye script restriction. Is there anyway to fix this issue or can you do it for me? I would really appriecate it. I own a Overpoch sever by the way. Thanks, Golly.
  8. Hey all, I thought I would start this topic in an effort to help everyone updating to 1.0.5.x. I am currently awaiting Vilayer to update it's LiveSync. But I am preparing as much as possible beforehand by doing my research. I am going to go out on a limb and ask if perhaps if any script owners have updated their scripts to be compatible with, maybe you can post a link to it here? Name the script and include a link to your post? I think this would vastly help the community, and calm the frustrations of some! Not sure how this will be received, but let's see what happens. Thanks!
  9. Will there be randomly spawning vehicles that won't be hard to obtain because in dayz standalone there will be vehicles, it is that they just will be a "end game" item. and in alpha will it be player vs player or player vs zombies & other people.
  10. I have recently rented a server, and I have also spent the last two days trying to get it running with some scripts. Im coming from a server that had alot of good features and I am trying to get them on mine. I did not think it would be this difficult..but I am most definitely a noob with this stuff. The server is with Vilayer, Trying to get Dayz Chernarus Epoch going, with features like Select spawn/select class/self bloodbag/snap buildings/AI missions/and what ever other good features you could help me get. Vilayer used to come with all the addons in their package but its no longer offered with it apparently. Looking for someone who would be willing to help me out, if not for free then maybe for a steam game or something... Hope to hear from you!
  11. Hi guys I have looked high and low and i cant find a complete deffinition to what the difference is between addOns[]= AND addOnsAuto[]= Im only guessing that it defines the way the mod is loaded into the server, any ideas ? Cheers guys George
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