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Found 74 results

  1. Hi there. iI saw a post with the same problems. On a clean and fresh install of epoch there were know traders. No ai there and no buildings. I saw someone say to delete the database. Where is this database? What does it do if I delete it? How do I make a new one, and would it potential fix this problem? In the console it has some error about the traders and sql. If you need me to post any files lile the rpt or something just ask :). I don't know where that file is so you will have to specify. Thanks! says something like this [Error] Error 1146 (Table 'dayz_epoch.instaactions' doesn't exist) in MySQLQuery SQL: 'SELECT `id`, `clientSide`, `execCode`, `repeatAction`, `description` FROM `InstaActions` WHERE `execCode` IS NOT NULL' 17 and also HiveExt(0): [information] Result: ["ERROR","Error: SQL Error running query: SELECT `id`, `clientSide`, `execCode`, `repeatAction`, `description` FROM `InstaActions` WHERE `execCode` IS NOT NULL"
  2. How do i go about cleaning up storage items with items in it, that have been unused for X amount of day?
  3. Been having issues with my DB from what I can tell, just after restarts and at random times between restarts the lock/unlock functions and trader menus become extremely slow, and vehicles don't spawn when buying them. If players relog it sometimes fixes it, but im thinking this is a database issues. I currently have 3 added databases on the mysql server, one for Altis Life for A3 which is constantly running with one server, and shared with another server when I bring it up for testing. I then have 2 epoch databases, one running all the time for my main server and one for a test server when I bring it up. Wondering if it could be something Im missing with the config? Current CFG is [mysqld] pid_file = "mysql.pid" key_buffer = 16M max_allowed_packet = 2M sort_buffer_size = 512K net_buffer_length = 8K read_buffer_size = 256K read_rnd_buffer_size = 512K myisam_sort_buffer_size = 128M log_error = "mysql_error.log" table_cache = 64 thread_cache = 16 query_cache_size = 64M innodb_buffer_pool_size = 1024M innodb_additional_mem_pool_size = 32M innodb_log_file_size = 256M innodb_log_buffer_size = 10M innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit = 2 innodb_lock_wait_timeout = 50 I can provide anymore information and would really appreciate some help/advice with this. Cheers, Luke.
  4. Hi, I own a server and one day, I put something in my Inventory through Navicat, but when I entered the game, all my gear disappeared except my backpack, I thought it was because of the new Battleye update, so I turned Battleye OFF, But it still deleted ALL my gear in my inventory, Please Help! Thanks!
  5. Does anyone know how to remove UNUSED vehicles with NO items in inventory WITHOUT removing epoch buildables? By using an SQL query or something?.. 10:19:04 "HIVE: found 3400 objects" 10:19:04 "HIVE: Commence Object Streaming..." 10:19:05 "HIVE: got 1148 Epoch Objects and 2252 Vehicles" I have my max vehicle spawn rate at 350 and I know that people can buy vehicles but this is too much. Please remember that I do not want to remove any epoch buildables whatsoever. Thanks in advance! -Genny
  6. Greetings all, I purchased a DayZPackage 40 slot from Vilayer the other day - We had an Epoch server up and running for my clan and whoever wanted to join, but after I tried updating the traders with the Epoch.sql script, my game started giving anyone who tried to join an error of "incorrect server version". A SQL rollback didn't fix the issue either - so at this time I may be having them wipe my server completely and start from scratch. From the server files for - How do I install these right off the bat from a newly setup server? I have access via HeidiSQL and FTP to the server itself and can make changes on the fly to the traders, but I'm not sure how to go about getting all the files in Vilayer's Epoch update to the correct version that's downloaded from this site: http://dayzepoch.com/wiki/index.php/Server_Installation_Instructions Basically, Vilayer's update disabled building and didn't give the traders the ability to sell plot poles or any of the new items - however, new items and backpacks and weapons were spawning from the newest patch. Pretty weird stuff. Can anyone provide me with a bit clearer instructions on what files I need to move to where within the database? If need be, I can PM you my connection details for the server. Sincerely, Javier Santana
  7. Greetings surviving! Please help me figure out - during what moment and in what form should be sent the values ​​of humanity reduced to the database when a player dies? A few months trying to do it all to no avail. I tried to make it through the client and on the server side, the level of humanity is reduced, but not saved. Tried several hundreds of options, but my ignorance scripting leads to the same result - the database changed values ​​are not entered. Now suppose that all the records in the database are terminated when a player dies. Help properly query the database if the player alive in sync player on the server (in the file "server_playerSync.sqf" ?) and write the new value to humanity if the player was not alive. My last attempt to send data to humanity in the file "server_playerDied.sqf" looks like this: Will be eternally grateful for any help! Thanks in advance!
  8. So i know how to add things into my database using the command string i posted below for example INSERT IGNORE INTO traders_data (`item`, `qty`, buy, sell, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES ('["pook_H13_civ",2]', 20, '[6,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', '[3,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', 519, 'trade_any_vehicle'); INSERT IGNORE INTO traders_data (`item`, `qty`, buy, sell, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES ('["pook_H13_civ_white",2]', 20, '[6,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', '[3,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', 519, 'trade_any_vehicle'); INSERT IGNORE INTO traders_data (`item`, `qty`, buy, sell, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES ('["pook_H13_civ_slate",2]', 20, '[6,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', '[3,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', 519, 'trade_any_vehicle'); INSERT IGNORE INTO traders_data (`item`, `qty`, buy, sell, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES ('["pook_H13_civ_yellow",2]', 20, '[6,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', '[3,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', 519, 'trade_any_vehicle'); INSERT IGNORE INTO traders_data (`item`, `qty`, buy, sell, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES ('["pook_H13_civ_black",2]', 20, '[6,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', '[3,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', 519, 'trade_any_vehicle'); thats what i use to insert the pook choppers into the aircraft dealer what i was wondering was if it was possible to do a string like that that i can paste in as a query which will alter existing values in the database. say i didnt want to manually have to find the plot pole in the tables and then edit the value of how much it costs. Is there a way to use a string like i did above which will adjust an existing item/value in the tables. i can then just copy paste the queries to easily change values of things.
  9. Updated: hi folks,I originally stared this topic looking for advice on problems I was experiencing with lag/latency and general server administration practices. The issues were ultimately caused by high object numbers and poor practices/house keeping on my part. So for those new to Dayz server administration, or for those who are just not as technical as others (such as myself!), I have put together some of the information I have gathered to help others to avoid the struggle and hours of web-surfing and forum trawling. I hope you find this useful and helps your server by improving your "house-keeping". Experienced and more technical admins are more than welcome to add their feedback, correct any mistakes I've made or add further advice on this thread too. General config Build limit (INIT.sqf) This applies to objects that are allowed to be placed around each plot pole - it is NOT a limit of objects to be built on the server it's self. It's probably best to leave this at the default number, or even reduce it slightly. Dynamic vehicles & vehicle limits: I find that having traders with relatively cheap vehicles has kind of superseded the need for having dynamic vehicles spawning all over the map. They mostly spawn in places you don't really need or want them anyway and in most cases vehicles tend to sit for days unused or being salvaged for parts in far out reaches of the map. First it's important to realise that vehicle limits only govern dynamically spawned vehicles but it is affected by the total number of vehicles on the map. So if you have a vehicle limit of 200 that means once you server regulars have bought around 150 vehicles between them, your dynamic vehicle limit will be reduced to 50. Now this is entirely dependant on your server regular population and activity, but Personally I reduce my dynamic vehicle limit (vehicle limit in the INIT file) do about 350 as we have a steady server population and usually have around 330+ vehicles owned by players at anyone time. So I have removed the low value vehicles on the dynamic vehicles list and replaced them with some medium/high value vehicles so that they are more likely to be used/sold. This also gives players interesting little side missions to do around restarts. If they know there is a chance a decent chopper or armoured vehicle wills spawn they will go out patrolling. We manually add in vehicles for new spawns on the coast every other day too. Base decay This is the set period that is an object/base will need maintenance for. Some hosts automatically set this, others allow you to set it. Some have it disabled by default (such as dayz.st). I personally recommend enabling it and extending it to around 20 days. This generally prevents players from over building as they naturally limited to what they can afford or have time to maintain. From my experience, players who enjoy the modular building aspect of the game tend to build large, elaborate camps then once complete they start another project if base decay is not a factor. This is particularly bad if indestructible bases are enabled on a server as it pretty much makes that base a permanent fixture and resource hog. Vehicles: Vehicles known to cause lag/latency issues on servers are; pook_H13_amphib GNT_C185F GNT_C185E I recommend removing them from your database/traders. Maintenance/Clean ups: The more objects in your database, the more likely you are to experience latency issues and problems. By default not all objects created or even destroyed are removed from the database with most service providers, this is your job to do. The following SQL scripts will help you maintain your database. I cannot take credit for producing these scripts, these are just what I've found (BASED ON DAYZ.ST SERVERS - May vary slightly for other hosts). Update time stamp on objects based on player logins: This stops objects that are built by players that are active being cleaned up during automated clean ups by associating a time/date stamp to their objects. DROP EVENT IF EXISTS preventCleanup CREATE EVENT preventCleanup ON SCHEDULE EVERY 1 DAY COMMENT 'prevents cleanup of objects build by active player by setting the timestamp to currect' DO UPDATE Object_DATA SET Datestamp = CURRENT_TIMESTAMP WHERE ObjectUID <> 0 AND CharacterID <> 0 AND ((Inventory IS NULL) OR (Inventory = '[]')) AND EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM Character_DATA c WHERE c.PlayerUID = (SELECT p.PlayerUID FROM Player_DATA p, Character_DATA c2 WHERE p.PlayerUID = c2.PlayerUID AND c2.CharacterID = Object_DATA.CharacterID) AND c.Alive = 1 AND c.LastLogin > NOW() - INTERVAL 1 WEEK) Remove destroyed vehicles: This sets a daily schedule to remove any destroyed vehicles from the database DROP EVENT IF EXISTS removeDamagedVehicles; CREATE EVENT removeDamagedVehicles ON SCHEDULE EVERY 1 DAY COMMENT 'Removes damaged vehicles' DO DELETE FROM `Object_DATA` WHERE Damage = 1; ; Remove abandoned objects: This removes any object that is "empty" and has not been modified for 2 weeks DROP EVENT IF EXISTS removeObjectEmpty; CREATE EVENT removeObjectEmpty ON SCHEDULE EVERY 1 DAY COMMENT 'Removes abandoned storage objects and vehicles' DO DELETE FROM `Object_DATA` WHERE `LastUpdated` < DATE_SUB(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL 14 DAY) AND `Datestamp` < DATE_SUB(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL 24 DAY) AND ( (`Inventory` IS NULL) OR (`Inventory` = '[]') OR (`Inventory` = '[[[],[]],[[],[]],[[],[]]]') ) ; Remove objects and vehicles after 7 days: This removes all objects owned by a player that has not been active within 7 days. DROP EVENT IF EXISTS removeObjectOld; CREATE EVENT removeObjectOld ON SCHEDULE EVERY 1 DAY COMMENT 'Removes old objects and vehicles' DO DELETE FROM `Object_DATA` WHERE `LastUpdated` < DATE_SUB(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL 7 DAY) AND `Datestamp` < DATE_SUB(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL 42 DAY) ;
  10. A player would like me to give all his vaults the same combination since he has way too many to remember. Same goes for all his doors. Anyone know how i can do this? I was thinking the codes could be edited in the database but i couldn't find anything.
  11. Hi guys. Had a report from one of our admins that player gear isnt saving right... When prople log out and rejoin, their gear is 45mins or so old :S Anyone got any ideas on this?
  12. I was thinking about developing a proper DayZ admin tool suite optimized for Epoch. What that means is the usual stuff like Player/Vehicle Map with inventory manager and all, but also specific epoch features I miss in all DayZ admin tools. List of possible features: Desktop application, no web interface for now, so better control of application states and user tracking, performance etc. Zoomable Map with all players, vehicles AND epoch base building and other objects# Player/Object search and filters to display only specific objects like Epoch safes or something (never seen in any other DayZ admin tool?) Character manager for players who are not online (e.g. to change their humanity or check their gear) Live view of players with tracking Live view of recently placed or changed objects to see hotspots where people building bases maybe? See all door codes and safe combinations on the map Epoch trader editor with the possibility to add new items and change prices etc. Keep a player log (tracking lines, character changes like humanity etc) in log files for as long as you like and compare them Remove many objects at once based on region selection (e.g. draw a circle on the map, list all objects inside the circle, filter them for base building objects and delete all at once -> useful for deleting a whole base with 2 clicks or something) Partial database rollbacks, just do a rollback within a specified area of the map in case a hacker attack targeted only one base and not the whole map and other players keep all their stuff! Maintenance features like vehicle and character cleanup Statistics about players, vehicles and whatever you can think of Realtime triggers and alerts of suspicious player behaviour (hacker detection) Log analysis of my other tool DayZ Logger (http://dayzepoch.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3040-dayz-logger-detailed-character-logs/), display player positions for any specific timeline (whole day maybe, so you don't need to keep the admin tool lgging but let it do serverside and just import the logs when you want), humanity graphs over weeks/month of a specific player or all players, search logs for suspicious items or frequent gear changes, ... Database access only, no rcon or FTP access needed? there are other tools to do just the rcon part very well I think? many more possibilities I haven't thought of maybe :D The tools will most likely be written in Java and completely open source, maybe with an plugin interface so it is easy to extend by other community members. Please tell me your opinions and ideas for this, maybe it is just me missing some of those features in other tools??? I hope not :)
  13. MJsoldier

    Vehicle keys

    Hello. I'm wondering if it's possible to assign a key to a vehicle you like just spawned in. It would be something great if it worked like editing the database or something :) if so, please tell me :D all help is appreciated!
  14. Is there a way (other than building an xref table myself) to determine whether an object_data record is a vehicle (as opposed to building, etc), and what type in the database for trigger purposes? Something along the lines of the function isKindOf? Thanks for the help!
  15. Plot pole maintenance is no longer updating objects in the database. This worked as intended prior to the update, but now appears broken and is likely related to this issue as well.
  16. Hey there, I was wondering how to add things to my traders i do have acess to the database but haven't found a solid tutorial on it, was searching the forums same result nothing. Can anyone explain or link something that will teach me thanks. -DarkWolf
  17. I was about to add some events for cleaning up old vehicles in my Database ( when I noticed something really strange. It seems a lot of my vehicles automaticly get a new timestamp in the LastUpdated column every time the server comes up. This means removing these vehicles from database by using this value becomes quite problematic since I have no idea when they were last used. I did some troubleshooting and it seems it only happens with vehicles that are not fully repaired. If I repair them it keeps the timestamp and does not change at server restart. If not repairing the vehicles updated the column, a workaround could be creating an event that repairs everything every day, but alas it does (Maybe there's a way around this in SQL?). There's also a couple of vehicles that are not fully repaired that this does not happen to. It occurs both on ordinary spawned and locked vehicles. My buildings are indestructible so I am unaware if they would have the problem as well if they were damaged. I created a new server with a unchanged dayz_server.pbo and Mission folder and created a new empty database. The problem still occurs. Attached is an excerpt from HivExt.log when the problem is occuring on the new server (17:29:48). Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong? LastUpdated_Troubleshooting_HiveExt.txt
  18. For some reason, 2 of the medical vendors aren't displaying menu's when you click "Chem Lights/Flares - Medical Supplies - Smoke Grenades". (The one at Klen seems fine but Bash and Stary are bugged.) I suspect something has gone wrong with the TID's in the database. If someone could tell me where these vendor's are located, I can attempt to fix the database. // Medical supplies #1 - Location? Chem-lites/Flares 542 Medical supplies 541 Smoke Grenades 543 // Medical Supplies #2 - Location? Chemlites/Flares 666 Medical Supplies 665 Smoke Grenades 668 // Medical Supplies #3 - Location? Chemlites/Flares 669 Medical Supplies 670 Smoke Grenades 671 Thank you.
  19. So I'm in the process of trying to create an event that deletes items built by users that have not logged on in over 30 days. This should be fairly easy if not for two things, MySql has problems doing a table update from a sub query select from statement, and 2nd, the 1st would not be a problem if placed items were tied to the CharacterUID and not the CharacterID (which changes on character death). I understand the reasoning back when everyone was running vanilla DayZ, when you die, in theory, you're a new person and can't pack up your previous life's tent, got it. However this no longer really applies to Epoch. If Epoch followed that same logic, upon death a players combo locks and safe combos should change so that a "new" character would have no prior knowledge of what those combos were. Obviously this defeats the purpose of having combo locks and safes, if they were one life use, no one would use them. So with that logic in mind, what would it take to change the database tables to base the items built keyed to the CharacterUID instead of the CharacterID? I'll go ahead and post the script I was working on, maybe someone smarter than me with MySQL and can make it work without altering the DB tables, if so I'd love to see it. This script does take into account the fact that the CharacterID of a user changes upon death. What it does not take into account, and cannot take into account is that if a user builds a base with another user. If user 1 does not login for X number of days, the items would be deleted, leaving user 2 with a funky looking base. In this case it would be user 2's responsibility to notify an admin that user 1 hasn't been on in a while and would like to take ownership of built items (not vehicle/safe items) before the X DELETE day mark. There's no way around that with a script currently. Anyway: DELETE FROM object_data WHERE CharacterID in ( SELECT CharacterID FROM object_data WHERE CharacterID IN ( SELECT CharacterID FROM character_data WHERE LastLogin < DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 30 DAY) AND PlayerUID NOT IN ( SELECT PlayerUID FROM character_data WHERE LastLogin > DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 30 DAY))))
  20. Is there an easy way / script to rearrange my objects database and make buildables spawn before vehicles on server restarts? I have problems with vehicles glitching through floors Best regards -Unicorn
  21. Hello, I would like to thank whoever will take time to read/reply this topic. English isn't my native langage so please apologize the medium English level. Running into global FPS issues, we were told that using a remote database to store the objects table can greatly increase server performance. I would like to know if there is any documentation about the [ObjectDB] section of the HiveExt.ini file, couldn't find any on the forum nor on the wiki. If there isn't such information source, your help would be precious. The server is running properly using local only database. When using the remote database (for the objects table), the Hive window crashes randomly after loading successfuly from 1200 up to 2200 table lines (out of 6300), without any error in the window : it stops on the green line describing the latest loaded item and a Windows error pops up "arma2oaserver.exe has stopped working". However, the RPT file does indicate an error message (sorry, couldn't find any Spoiler feature) : Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 72C4E832 Allocator: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\Expansion\beta\dll\tbb4malloc_bi.dll graphics: No resolution: 160x120x32 Addons: [lots of addons] Mods: @DayZ_Epoch_Server Distribution: 0 Version 1.62.103718 Fault address: 72C4E832 01:0001D832 C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\@DayZ_Epoch_Server\HiveExt.dll file: DayZ_Epoch_11 world: Chernarus Prev. code bytes: 10 C7 84 24 C0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 8B 4C 24 14 Fault code bytes: 8B 11 8B 42 04 FF D0 84 C0 0F 84 A0 08 00 00 8B Registers: EAX:009AC360 EBX:00000000 ECX:00000000 EDX:00000400 ESI:2888FD00 EDI:72D56C34 CS:EIP:0023:72C4E832 SS:ESP:002B:009AC34C EBP:009AC410 DS:002B ES:002B FS:0053 GS:002B Flags:00010202 ======================================================= note: Minidump has been generated into the file instance_11_Chernarus\arma2oaserver.mdmp Here is the beginning of the HiveExt.log, the only thing that could be incriminated (to my eyes) is the mySQL versions not matching 2013-10-29 17:02:33 HiveExt: [Information] HiveExt f20dbd5b6625 2013-10-29 17:02:33 Database: [Information] Connected to MySQL database localhost:3306/dayz_epoch client ver: 5.5.28 server ver: 5.6.14 2013-10-29 17:02:33 Database: [Information] Connected to MySQL database localhost:3306/dayz_epoch client ver: 5.5.28 server ver: 5.6.14 2013-10-29 17:02:33 ObjectDB: [Information] Connected to MySQL database 37.x.x.221:3306/objetsepoch client ver: 5.5.28 server ver: 5.5.22-0ubuntu1 2013-10-29 17:02:33 ObjectDB: [Information] Connected to MySQL database 37.x.x.221:3306/objetsepoch client ver: 5.5.28 server ver: 5.5.22-0ubuntu1 2013-10-29 17:02:33 HiveExt: [Information] Method: 307 Params: 2013-10-29 17:02:33 HiveExt: [Information] Result: ["PASS",[2013,10,29,15,2]] 2013-10-29 17:02:33 HiveExt: [Information] Method: 302 Params: 11: 2013-10-29 17:02:34 HiveExt: [Information] Result: ["ObjectStreamStart",6228] 2013-10-29 17:02:34 HiveExt: [Information] Method: 302 Params: 11: 2013-10-29 17:02:34 HiveExt: [Information] Result: ["OBJ","151","datsun1_civil_1_open","0",[180,[9428.25,8853.65,0.001]],[[[],[]],[[],[]],[[],[]]],[["motor",0.307],["sklo predni P",0.678],["sklo predni L",0.368],["karoserie",0.721],["palivo",0.799],["wheel_1_1_steering",1],["wheel_2_1_steering",1],["wheel_2_4_steering",1],["wheel_1_3_steering",1],["wheel_2_3_steering",1],["wheel_1_2_steering",1],["wheel_2_2_steering",1],["glass1",0.755],["glass2",0.915],["glass3",0.235],["glass4",0.125]],0.893,0.004] 2013-10-29 17:02:34 HiveExt: [Information] Method: 302 Params: 11: 2013-10-29 17:02:34 HiveExt: [Information] Result: ["OBJ","166","VIL_kia_ceeddwa6","0",[104,[9547.6,8114.17,-0.008]],[[[],[]],[[],[]],[[],[]]],[["sklo_p",1],["sklo_p1",1],["sklo_p2",1],["sklo_p3",1],["sklo_l1",1],["sklo_l2",1],["sklo_l3",1],["sklo_z",1],["levy predni tlumic",1],["levy zadni tlumic",1],["pravy predni tlumic",1],["pravy zadni tlumic",1],["motor",0.525],["sklo predni P",1],["sklo predni L",1],["karoserie",1],["palivo",0.406]],0.05,0.02] 2013-10-29 17:02:34 HiveExt: [Information] Method: 302 Params: 11: 2013-10-29 17:02:34 HiveExt: [Information] Result: ["OBJ","310","TT650_TK_CIV_EP1","0",[233,[4560.38,6361.18,0.021]],[[[],[]],[[],[]],[[],[]]],[["engine",0.986],["sklo predni P",5.669e-04],["sklo predni L",0.963],["karoserie",0.879],["palivo",0.573],["Pravy predni tlumic",0.928],["Pravy zadni tlumic",0.802]],0.258,0.0] Googling the RPT errors gave poor results. However there is a list of what I tried : set arama2oaserver.exe as Win XP SP3 compatible and gave it administrator privileges -> same issue created new admin account and launched server from it -> same issue increased the remote mySQL server caches in the my.conf file, however it roughly takes 3% of the CPU and 42MB of RAM -> same issue deleted the DLL folder and DLL files located in the root ArmA II installation folder then redownloaded them using Steam's file check -> same issue added latest C and C++ connectors for mySQL (libmysql.dll and mysqlcppconn.dll) in the root game directory -> same issue installed test DayZ server on my home computer -> same issue (this test tends to prove that the virtualized os has not to be incriminated) Here are the specs : Dedicated server with DayZ CPU : Intel Xeon E3-1225 V2 @3.2GHz with 8MB cache RAM : 4x 4GB Disks : two 1TB disks, with main mounting point using raid1 for 100GB, then raid0 for the rest Host OS : Debian 7.2 64bits, installed on raid1 Invited OS : Windows 7 Pro 64bits, using VMWare Workstation 10, virtual disk on raid0 MySQL database : MySQL Workbench 6.0 Bandwidth : 100Mbps VPS with Mumble, the website and the remote database CPU : vCore 2GHz RAM : 512Mo OS : Ubuntu Server 12.04 32bits MySQL database : standalone MySQL 5.5.22 Bandwidth : 100 Mbps Testing home server : CPU : Intel i7-930 @2.8GHz with 8MB cache RAM : 3x 2GB Disk : Seagate Barracuda 2TB @7200rpm with 64MB cache OS : Windows 7 Home Premium 64bits MySQL database : MySQL 5.6.12 from the latest WAMP 64bits package Bandwidth : 50Mbps down, 5Mbps up Any help or link to documentation would be helpful. Kind regards, Arnaud
  22. Our community recently got an Epoch server through HFB Servers and we love all the cool features, but there is a big pain in our arses on the server. The Database is running bliss instead of reality, I haven't seen anything on the forums address this straight forward. According to the owner of our servers, every other server has updated their databases to Reality and its simple to use with our mods/plugins we currently have on our other server. We are just confused on why you are still running bliss and I wanted to know if you were ever going to change it. Sorry if this is poorly made and/or in the wrong place for this kind of topic, I just want a straight answer for this sort of topic. My overall rating of Epoch though is a 8/10, keep up the good work and make this work for everyone!
  23. Hi all, looking for some help here. I've setup an epoch Chernarus server and have been playing on that for a few weeks now without issue. The guys want to switch to Lingor but I'm having issues getting that to run. Can launch the server but it hangs on "wait for host". What specific steps do I need to take to switch from Chernarus to Lingor using the same db? Any and all help is welcome and appreciated. Thanks, Chisel **********EDIT*********** Got it working it was my server launch parameters that were incorrect.
  24. Hi :) Another question sorry! In the MySQL table 'object_data', there is a field for 'CharacterID'... Does this translate to the owner of a vehicle? If so, how? Is there a way to check the owner of a vehicle using this information? [EDIT] - I can see some things contain the PlayerUID in this field, however others have a much shorter number - like some tents have just '459' and I see a heli with a CharacterID of '6590' - both of which are too short for a PlayerUID I think :S Thanks :D
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