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Found 122 results

  1. There is a component in the game called "gate" and is a rusty barbed wire gate. Is there any way to make this a lockable gate? say if you have a scrap metal, tin can, and combo lock in your inventory?
  2. Hey! Is there anyway someone could tell me how to script adding a skin to the player because I would like to take advantage of the new Overpoch stalker skins? I was trying to make a script so that when you right click on a default skin like bandit, civilian etc and an option will appear to change your clothes to stalker camo. Problem is I don't know any code to actually morph the player into that skin. I first thought that you could just replace the item in the players inventory with a stalker skin but then I realized there is no actual in game item for the stalker skin So here's what I got so far I tried using this code from the Epoch forums. Will this work? Feedback would be great thanks and if you would like to see the rest of the code feel free to ask [dayz_playerUID,dayz_characterID,"gsc_eco_stalker_mask_duty"] spawn player_humanityMorph; Btw I'm using Maca's extra RC script to implement the option when you right click on the clothes which so far works.
  3. Hi guys, I have been wanting to share my custom areas with the community for a while now and I am going to start with my custom city I made west of Kamenka. I know this has been done many times but I still wanted to share my creation as I wanted to give something back to this fantastic community. This city took a long time to make and a lot of detail and effort has gone into placing buildings, roads and trees etc on top of existing patches on the ground to make it seem realistic. This area is Epoch 1.0.5 ready. All buildings that will be enterable will have no bushes or ground lurking inside them! Link to the .sqf https://github.com/IanHardy/ChernarusBuildings/blob/master/kamenka.sqf Photo album of the area http://imgur.com/a/rlP6m ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- More areas from my 'Chernarus Enhancements' series: Balota - NEAF + Krasnostav - NWAF - Vybor - Zelenogorsk + 3 Army Bases -
  4. Howdy Peeps, how goes it? Say I've been asking around on different servers about what players would think if we had Motorcycles that had Dual Machine Guns on them and Rocket Launchers in DayZ, and everyone I've asked so far has said that it would be awesome! :D Slight problem though, These don't exist to my understanding so we need to make them with custom scripts. I've already read up on the Biplane thread where you can add PKM or M240s to the plane that didn't start out with guns, but I don't know and don't have access to the server side data for the motorcycles. I know the class name for motorcycles is TT650 but when I unpack the files and try to edit them with Notepad ++ There are a lot NUL points and zones where there should be text and numbers but there isn’t anything but fillers unless I’m mistaken. Would anyone be willing to help us out, It would take a load off my friend's back who's running our server. If you'd be so kind, please give a tutorial of how to add weapons to these vehicles, Motorcycles, ATVs, Mozzies, Mountain Bike, and show us out to add the following to them. Forward armament 2 or 3 (in a triangle pattern) front facing PKM or M240 Or 2 forward facing AA-12s with 10 reloads (plus the preloaded mag) of HE rounds Or Or 2 to 3 Miniguns or DSHkM each with 4 reloads (plus one chambered) each Accompanied by (in the middle of the guns) 1 RPG7V with a load of 12 (plus one round already loaded in) PG7VR rounds Side facing armament 2 (on both sides) AA-12s with shot shells (with 10 reloads plus 1 in the chamber) Back facing armament A salvo of 3 RPG18 (with 6 reloads each) LOL this thing is kind of like Hell Rider’s motorcycle now that I think of it or that old Motorcycle game on the SNESS that had you racing around the roads to a city and you could fire the built in guns on your motorcycle. LOL I don’t know if I want it to be this overpowered necessarily (though a well placed shot to the driver’s head or a single tank round near the bike would be enough to silence it LOL), unless you want to make one like this, but I’d also like to have a list of different bikes with different sets of abilities, variety is king in life. So you could have one that is a fully OP Death Header (go head on with it and you’re in trouble) or a ZED Mower (with the shotguns on the sides allowing drive by shootings, sort of like the Bike with the dual chainsaws in Left for Dead.) Then you can have ones that excel at leaving presents for would be enemies, with good armament in front and plenty of fire power behind to take out things you just drove past. Also being able to choose single weapon types (all the machine guns in the front/ all the weapons facing the front, all the weapons facing the back and all the weapons facing the sides and being able to turn off selective ones in the scroll wheel UI would be very helpful if possible. Being able to use only The machine guns in the front for Zeds then taking out an enemy AI Tank or Player tank with the RPG rounds, then turning back to the machine guns as to save ammo would be very helpful :) It’s just a thought and no matter what whatever you guys can come up with (if this build list is even possible) will be awesome, and the best thing you can do is make a tutorial so My friends and I can edit stuff and other people can edit stuff the way they want it. Thanks again, See you soon and have a great time guys God bless From Your buddy ~Monturrock
  5. Hey, I would really like for someone to help me with this issue I've been having trying to add a new custom trader to overpoch. So the idea is I want to add a few extra traders including a custom overpoch trader. So I first off tried adding in a "Donor vendor" up at NEAF. I followed the instructions, input the co-ordinates and even got the marker on the map for the trader. Problem is that the trader does not appear. No matter what I try for example changing the player model or changing the co ordinate of the trader, it just doesn't seems to want to spawn. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated thanks! Here is the tutorial i have been following , I have also previously set up all the required SQL database TID's and server_Traders https://docs.google.com/document/d/17qGy-LI4WVudJQb1vRCZobTgTEFgZwoJybEA9oUiZuQ/edit The tutorial is from this forum page also >
  6. This video will show you how to add the overwatch vehicles into the dynamic spawn list of an overpoch server: www.youtube.com/watch?v=KC4p5z7htTU And here we have the file: http://adf.ly/pgaTT Greetings, Matijs
  7. Hi, I'm trying to sync server diag_tickTime with cliente diag_tickTime, so i need to send "one to another" or "another to one" to sync then, and correct the error, that is, the ping at the moment of transmition. This correction is not exact, but i believe it will, in most cases, lower the error. But for this i need to know the client ping. There is any function that give, in a .sqf script, the player ping? Thankyou in advance!
  8. Hey der guise! I was hoping one of you could give me a detailed walkthrough on how to add custom vehicles and weapons with their ammo to the traders, I am COMPLETELY new to this so don't throw weird commands at me without explaining them completely please :P Thanks!!
  9. Hyey, I'll was working fine on my Epoch server Buty when I added this - http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1157-servername-watermark/ (Madhatters) and now I get a Wait For Host error and this in my RPT - ErrorMessage: Config : some input after EndOfFile. Here's my RPT log - http://pastebin.com/AEne3mDW
  10. Hey all, Does anyone have an up to date guide on adding gem traders to a Chernarus map?
  11. Hallo guys, just a little question. Am I able to use a Differenz custom Compiles.sqf in different fordert? So for example rightclicksystem\Compiles.sqf and remotekey\Compiles.sqf? Thanks for your answers
  12. Hello everyone I have been trying to get CPC Indestructible bases to work all week on Epoch, I followed the instructions to the T but nothing works, and no I don't want everything to have god mode I want to be able to choose like having cinder indestructible and wood destructible. Here is the link to CPC
  13. This is basically an airfield up north, decided to fill in a gap up there. I may well post a few updates to this edit when i come round too it a couple buildings are a little wonky but it wont do any harm. Features Barracks Industrial buildings Supermarket Fire station Random ship wreck Added Rocks and Trees Wrecked buildings for scenery Air strip (flat ish..) Here's the download for the sqf add that to your maps folder or wherever you decide to put your edits https://www.dropbox.com/s/1zfvwo6rseh1doc/Anglorum.sqf Images in the link below http://imgur.com/a/QyEmg#2 Have fun guys and enjoy
  14. Hey guys, im converting my old child999 and 998 commands to 5xx ones. It's clear to me to GET data. But i can't seem to find or figure out how you exctally post data to the server. I'm reading their official wiki docs here: http://epochmod.com/wiki/index.php?title=Custom_SQL_Calls I do not see any documentation to SET data (update/insert). And maca123's screenshot on a different forum about Getting data:
  15. So I was wondering if it was even possible but I had an idea that I was wondering if anyone could help me out with. There is a walled city call Kowloon in Hong Kong which is very tightly packed with buildings which are vertically stacked. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kowloon_Walled_City What I would like is for someone to create a map add on that I could use on my server which incorporates this city over the water. I would also like a bridge with it but with tank traps so no vehicles besides boats (want a use for them), a place to land a chopper and some spots for barracks and other high loot spawns.
  16. hey guys kinda new to this map editing stuff but i gave it ago and my server seems to like it so please tell me what you guys think :) some features - small amounts of loot-able boxes - added barracks (blocked of one of the old ones to force people to go inside the base) - added industrial areas - large military base To be warned, entering any type of mounted gun will kill the player Link to some pictures http://imgur.com/a/V8a9O#0 Download .sqf https://www.dropbox.com/s/j8qq0x877i5pl5i/NWAF.sqf New Download .sqf (This one is set to objects to optimize your server, there are also some small changes to class names which may fix a few bugs or errors but it seems the weapon creates have vanished, not sure why) https://www.dropbox.com/s/oqtj9zkv5yphtoo/NWAF_2.sqf
  17. How to check player face for custom-face ? (Check face-texture weight, for ex. ?) What I need, but for Arma 3. Thanks.
  18. Hi there, anyone know of any good premade sql files for traders I can just download and execute in navicat? One that can posted is great but I noticed once you buy one item when trying to buy the second one it says trading already in progress. Preferable one with tws, AS50s, M107s, (plus mags) and more amored cars. the MK17, MK16, and L85 series also? I know how to add custom ones but I always mess up and my server needs to be up by friday afternoon. Thabk you very much
  19. So i need help with custom loot tables, im new to scripting and don know s*** about it, and i have been scouting the internet for help, so how do i do this ? i want more building supply loot etc but can't seem to find how to do so. -Buster
  20. After I have added some custom compiled scripts the light brightness has changed on my server, so when you are driving around and using night vision you are getting blinded by the street light (see the difference of the 2 attached images). Has anyone any clue about how to change the brightness of the light? The custom compiled scripts I have added that changed it: ui_selectSlot dayz_spaceinterrupt Thanks for any reply in advance.
  21. On my server all of the custom cities have spawned in twice. There is no visual impact, however when trying to open a door you have to open it multiple times in order to enter. I presume this is due to the server reading the spawn command in two different locations however I do not know where! Any help would be awesome. My custom buildings are kept in the: vilayercodecustom\dayz_epoch\buildings\ : http://prntscr.com/37rprn \dayz_epoch\init\server_functions.sqf. : http://prntscr.com/37rpcl As you can see in this screenshot: http://prntscr.com/37rrxp the doors of the fire-station open and reveal more doors. This only applies to the custom buildings, not the default. This issue has also only just started happening
  22. I am hosting a dayz epoch cherno server when I go up to the traders I do not get the scroll wheel option apart from the guy who sells parts at bash, I am running daeks dnetwork pack but without the custom sql or the custom pbo in @dayz_epoch server addons because when I install them it just causes the server to crash I need to get the sorted as we had an average of 30-40 people on the old server and there getting impatient about all the waiting. Init.sqf:http://pastebin.com/4VzRGbX1 Description.ext:http://pastebin.com/r3589nDK Missions.sqm:http://pastebin.com/cQP3p5s2 Server_Traders.sqf:http://pastebin.com/MJwhyzU4 If you need any other information please ask and I will post it up
  23. Hey there, I have hosted and ran multiple Epoch servers through Vilayer and shortly Dayzst. If you need any help with setting up, reorganizing, implementing custom scripts, custom mods, add weapons, add vehicles, Implement custom Anti-hack, tidying up the mission file, ect. Email me at [email protected] and I can freely help out and teach you how to do it on your own. Epoch is a great mod and I'd love to help out any new upcoming servers!
  24. Sebu

    Kill messages?

    Hey people! So I've seen some servers that show kill messages on the top left corner. They look like this: (Justin *picture of MK48* Sebu). Is this possible or is it something custom these server owners have made? Thanks!
  25. I have a donate for custom skin option for my server. At the moment, when a donation is made the custom skin with spawn the inv of the player every time they die and respawn. How can I make the player spawn already wearing the skin?
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