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Found 6 results

  1. Sorry for my English. I have a "clean" server without any custom mods. When I try to take apart the DynamicDebris or MineVeins or AmmoBoxes: Player XXXXX kicked off by BattlEye: Script Restriction #1 Script.log: 17.01.2018 23:13:41: NAME (IP:PORT) XXXXXUIDXXXXXXX - #1 "MagazineCargoGlobal [_itemOut,_countOut]}; case 5: {_item addBackpackCargoGlobal [_itemOut,_countOut]}; }; } else { _item addMa" How can I fix it?
  2. totis

    be script.txt

    Can somebody filters guru help me a bit here? im using aeg to except code. using default epoch filters i eliminated all except execvm exceptions. Im stuck in these (2 for example): 1.. kick: #27 "script = {((ctrlParent (_this select 0)) closeDisplay 7782); execvm 'custom\menu\basics2_init.sqf';}; 1.. exception= !="script = {((ctrlParent (_this select 0)) closeDisplay 7782); execvm 'custom\\menu\\basics2_init.sqf';}; \npreviousscript = {((ctrlP" 2.. kick: #27 "65 execVM 'scripts\deployanything\addons\bike\deploy.sqf';" 2.. exception= !="65 execVM 'scripts\\deployanything\\addons\\bike\\deploy.sqf';" These exception dont work, keep generating same kicks over and over. Any ideas how to except?
  3. Hi Guys, May I bother you for a bit of help? A friend and I have been fighting with a restriction all day. We are completely new to this so not getting it yet. I have installed blckeagls-mission-system-v-2.0.2 and it works. The restriction happens when the mission loads. Rather then making this log rather than kick is easy; however, I want to do this properly. I have put the required filters after them as shown below. (at the end of the line) I realize that the first one has no " mark at the end but , that is how it is desribed in the instructions. I did try both ways. I have also removed all three filters and the resulting kick and log text are identical. We have spent hours at this before bothering to ask and my sanity is waning. ;) Filters added to the end of lines 7 deletemarker !"_MainMarker 7 setMarker !"_MainMarker" 7 createMarker !"_MainMarker" Restriction: #55 "0) || (_pos select 1 != _xPos select 1))then { deleteMarkerLocal _cm; _vm = createMarkerLocal [_cm,_xPos]; "
  4. Hey, i'm making a DayZ Epoch Chernarus Server with around 27 Scripts. Everything is working except some small visual bugs, but now there's one big problem. At the moment I don't have an antihack on this server, so hosting it online would be bad. Could someone help me adding the scripts to BE so there aren't any random kicks? I don't get into it. I tried reading some threads how to add everything, but I failed. The script list is here: 01. Selfbloodbag 02. Lift Script + 03. Advanced Heli Lift Script 04. Multiple Characters 05. Custom Loadouts 06. Custom Traders 07. Nox's Admintool 08. Service Point 09. Just Another Evac Chopper + 10. call by Radio 11. Custom Debug Monitor 12. Vehicle Key Changer 13. AI Recruitement 14. DZAI 15. Weed Script 16. Snap Building Pro 17. Right Click System 18. Plot Management 19. Combo Key Changer 20. Custom Map Markers 21. Take Cloth 22. Salvage Vehicles 23. Walking Zed 24. DayZ Mission System 25. Wicked AI 26. Custom Map Content 27. Animated Helicrashes
  5. Hey all, I just set-up a Epoch server with vert hosting and everythings all good, admin can join the server but non-admins / new players cannot and get kicked for the following reasons: EDIT: I was a dumb ass and didn't update the server files to latest release to already fix my issue. !!Please delete post!! Cheers, Pry
  6. Hello all My problem is when I sell a vehicle, when I click sell I'm kicked from the server. The message that appears is Script Restriction # 2, already tried various topics about it but found nothing. I really hope you guys help me. : D sorry for my english.
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