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Found 323 results

  1. Had a hacker on tonight who kicked everyone on the server repeatedly He seemed to get them kicked via "CreateVehicle Restriction #61" where he got players to spawn "RUBasicWeaponsBox". Then to add insult he left map markers on the server which cant be deleted(which should come off on reboot). We have his steam ID and profile so currently reporting him. Other than switching on that darn infistar which i really dont want to, is there another way of stopping the map writing and spawning? cheers ned
  2. I added extra buildings, then i restarted the server then the server will load up ill be able to play for a bit then all of a sudden the server crashes how can find where or why it crashes, i took off all the extra buildings i have added to see whats the problem.
  3. after I updated my game and my server, update (1.38)when someone connects and kicked by script restriction # 0 Anyone know why ? after the update need to do some modification
  4. Hello I rented one server game Arma 3 epoch and installed AiA so that the mod version available in vilayer and V0.1 and my most current and therefore is giving key error ( remove the keys to enter the server or change the files ) would like to know how to solve this ? if I Took uploading my @AllInArmaTerrainPack folder to the server work all right?
  5. Hello, I have a private server hosting at my home but i would like to get it online. The problem is that my isp does not allow me to host a server. Is it possible to link my server to a domain name so it can host from there?
  6. hello iam kinda new tho scripting and i cant really get the zupa singel currency, P4L, and plot management working on my servevr can any kind oerson help me installing them on my server i whould be really glad if that was possible cause as i said i really cant get it working anyway... here is a upload of the server.pbo and misson file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yuw0w2m8c60u98i/overpochins%20tavi%20dth.rar?dl=0 thx so far // ZowZ DTH
  7. hello ive tryed to get the Zupa coin script and P4L to woring on my server but i cant get it working i whould love to get an premade script pack with atleast the coin script and P4L whould be relly awesome cause i cant get it working... so if some one could share their server script pack with atleast those to scripts in whould be the best. sorry for bad engish :3 and if some one got an big server script pack with those in please share it. oh and btw if some one reading this and might can hellp me with one more thing you know the menu thingy you get from pressing esc ingame were can i change the text at the very top at? running on OverPoch Panthera and iam hosting at GTXgaming dayz all-in-one Best reguards ZowZ DTH
  8. Hey! New to the forum so I hope this is in the right place, I just recently started up my own dedicated server that's hosted on my own dedicated machine. A few friends of my used dayz commander (I know, it's trash) and they couldn't join my server. They would get "You cannot play edit this mission / it's dependent on downloadable content etc etc etc" . I got all of the switched over to dayz launcher and we have never once had this problem (even using the exact same game files). However, once the server has went live I've noticed that several people try to join it each day and they connect, it verifies and then they're instantly disconnected from the server. My questions are, is this a server side thing that I can fix? Is it something that's just client side? or is it just that people try to join with commander and it doesn't have the game files setup correctly? It's a new server so I wish all of these people would be able to join and play cause it needs the publicity. Thank you for any help in advance If anyone wants to try connecting the ip is Tri Cities Epoch Server
  9. i have got a problem connecting with the bercon.exe to our new epoch server. we do have another epoch 1.0.3 server running on the same machine(strato server) and the bercon is working with it. both use battleye extendended controls (bec), they have different ports and one is able join them. until now i couldnt find anything in the forums about a similar problem. the new epoch server seems to be working, except for the bercon issue. bec is connecting and the beserver.cfg and config files are in place. the schedular.xml is running too. battleye is up to date. bercon.exe: couldn`t connect to server bec error log: Error with encoding in queued data list! bec, config.cfg: schedular.xml: start.bat: bec guide: http://www.ibattle.org/install-and-configure i followed their instruction and double checked everything i could. did anyone experience issues like this and how would you try to solve these?
  10. Hi, i think i have finally come up against the limits of my knowledge and patience with a few remaining bugs which have showed their heads in the last month. I would be willing to pay someone who could properly fix them if i cant get someone to help for free. You can have access to our Dev server or have the files yourself and run wherever you want. CiC is a gaming community ( http://cic-gaming.co.uk ) which just celebrated our 15th year which is non profit making and funded by either myself or donations from people who play with us. Dev platform is on GTX Gaming and live server is with Gameing Deluxe (GTX is cheaper but has no BEC messages which we like for restarts and rules) and we don't use infistar. Please get in contact if you think you can help. cheers [CiC]red_ned Details below of setup and mods. Installed modsEpoch server help required Plotpole 4 life v2 Snap Pro with vector Logistic tow lift evd deployables Advanced gem crafting - with F key function Recover skin Base safe area self BB Service Point Bus route Custom loadout Craft from Packs Donator trader with TP dome Admin Tools version 1.9.1 by NoxSicarius custom markers and triggers Custom AI city, island, castle missions with heli patrol DZAI with roaming heli and land patrols - used in static missions DZMS WAI - using machine gun positions in static missions Tweaked - stop purchased vehicles disapearing Full base maintenance and degrade current bugs 1. plotpole for life not working - upgrade to latest? Doesn't remember you after death and upgrading seems bugged as you have to remove the pole for upgrading items. Would like the retina system installed if possible too. 2. advanced crafting - items not being maintained and have no characterID attached 3. donator trader zone TP not working It warns but nothing happens on live server random working on dev server 4. Event scripts are afffecting advanced crafted items due to 0 characterID but i have a workaround if they cant be made to craft with charID
  11. Hello epoch players! I have a server that has been up for about a week or so, however, as the title explains people are having problems joining. I have some of my friends join without a problem, while others have had multiple problems, now here is the kicker. I use DART for my server to get a player list and also it use for administrating. I can see random people attempting to join but this is ALWAYS the message I receive from dart. [2015-01-04 | 22:29:00] Player #9 Player (************************* IP) connected [2015-01-04 | 22:29:01] Player #9 Player - GUID: ******************************* (unverified) [2015-01-04 | 22:29:01] Verified GUID (**********************) of player #9 Player [2015-01-04 | 22:29:02] Player #9 Player - Legacy GUID: ************************* [2015-01-04 | 22:29:05] Player #9 Player disconnected So I know people are trying to join but they do not get to the main lobby. (I know this because the server RPT does not even know that these people have entered due to it actually taking note of players when they have successfully reached the lobby) No here is the big problem... I can't figure it out... and without actually getting feedback from players that are not able to join, (which is impossible on account of me being unable to get in communication with these random players) I cannot get a reasonable lead on what the problem would be. Here is some info: The server shows up in gametracker: http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ The server also shows up in dayz launcher, however it has problems updating the player count and does not show the ping... The server does not show up in dayz commander on account they have not updated their host file for a very long time. Here is my server config: hostName = "64BitCrusaders - SpawnBike/Gear|Groups|Coins|CustomAIMissions\Map|HighFPS|LowLag!("; password = ""; passwordAdmin = "********"; maxPlayers = 50; steamport = 2303; steamqueryport = 2304; logFile = "server_log.txt"; voteThreshold = 2; voteMissionPlayers = 3; //reportingIP = "arma2oapc.master.gamespy.com"; timeStampFormat = "short"; motd[] = {"The 64Bit Community welcomes you!!","If you need help don't hesitate to ask"}; motdInterval = 0; vonCodecQuality = 11; disableVoN = 0; kickduplicate = 1; verifySignatures = 2; persistent = 1; BattlEye = 1; allowedLoadFileExtensions[] = {"hpp","sqs","sqf","fsm","cpp","paa","txt","xml","inc","ext","sqm","ods","fxy","lip","csv","kb","bik","bikb","html","htm","biedi"}; //only allow files with those extensions to be loaded via loadFile command (since Arma 3 build 1.19.124216) allowedPreprocessFileExtensions[] = {"hpp","sqs","sqf","fsm","cpp","paa","txt","xml","inc","ext","sqm","ods","fxy","lip","csv","kb","bik","bikb","html","htm","biedi"}; //only allow files with those extensions to be loaded via preprocessFile/preprocessFileLineNumber commands (since Arma 3 build 1.19.124323) allowedHTMLLoadExtensions[] = {"htm","html","xml","txt"}; //only allow files with those extensions to be loaded via HTMLLoad command (since Arma 3 build 1.27.126715) doubleIdDetected = ""; onUserConnected = ""; onUserDisconnected = ""; onUnsignedData = "kick (_this select 0)"; onHackedData = "kick (_this select 0)"; onDifferentData = ""; regularCheck = ""; requiredBuild = 125548; requiredSecureId = 2; class Missions { class Mission1 { template = "DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus"; difficulty= "veteran"; }; }; I have already tried different steam ports, with spacing in between the regular steam port and the query. 2300 and 2305 for example. I have downloaded dayz epoch from the official torrent file "dayz_epoch" Now I think dayz launcher downloads the dayz epoch file but names it something like dayz_epoch1051 or something (would that cause problems?) If some of you could try to join: and see if you can post the error on this post I would be forever grateful.
  13. My fellow Epoch players, I need help administering my server and am looking to the community for help. I just want to play with my friends IRL and need someone to run the server. We do all the coding (engineers at thrilling jobs by day), and we are just looking for someone to inhabit and run the server for the players. In fact, I don't even know if I want to have admin access in game. I just want to do the code, pay the server bill and run around murdering stuff. We're in our mid-30s with kids and mortgages and don't have the time to be cool admins. Anyway, please send me an email at dayznoobsonly @ gmail.com or PM here. Requirements Can you be respectful to players and treat them like human beings? Will you not abuse your godlike powers to spawn anything in-game or slay people? If the owners (me) ask you to do something, are you open to taking direction? We've had admins in the past who were banhammer-loving-psychos and murdered the player base. What I'm worried about here is if I say, "Go easy on people and pay attention to #1 above," will you then lose your $hit? Many thanks for reading this and to the dev for making such a fantastic mod (even though it's only alpha!!!). Server info: http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Thanks!!!
  14. When I run my server I can't connect to it even if i direct connect. I get "Wait for host". If put the ports in INPUT and/or FORWARD in the iptables I get the same message. anyone have any ideas as to what i'm doing wrong?
  15. I installed epoch mod and i cannot join any servers it just sends me straight back to the server list. I have it enabled under expansions and i have the @epoch folder where it's supposed to be and it just won't work. I've tried installing it manually and with play with six and nothing is working. Can anybody help?
  16. I keep getting his problem, i've gone through these instructions https://github.com/denisio/Dayz-Linux-Serverand then this one https://github.com/emestee/dayz-epoch-linux-server-magic . And I still can't figure out why, someone said something about uppercase files but i've used the tolower several times. Anyone know a solution? Cannot register string STR_STATE_ACTION - global stringtable not found Cannot register string STR_STATE_SCRIPTED - global stringtable not found Cannot register string STR_STATE_DISMISS - global stringtable not found Cannot register string STR_STATE_HEALSOLDIER - global stringtable not found Cannot register string STR_STATE_FIRST_AID - global stringtable not found etc.. etc.. Warning Message: No entry '.CfgWorlds'. Warning Message: No entry '.groupNameFormat'. Warning Message: '/' is not a value Warning Message: No entry '.CfgInGameUI'. Warning Message: No entry '.MPTable'. Warning Message: No entry '.color'. Warning Message: Size: '/' not an array Warning Message: Size: '/' not an array etc.. etc.. Warning Message: Resource RscDisplayNotFreeze not found Warning: preNLOD format in object Very old object loaded. Warning Message: Bad file format[▒). Nevermind it's been resolved thanks to jahangir13's videos https://www.youtube....Z0C-4oX-PDNvT5g
  17. Hey guys, I just started arma 3 to play epoch and i get this message when trying to download mission files. I already went to appdata and deleted my MP game cache but this still happens. The problem is I cant close the error and the download progress bar doesnt go away. Can't play whatsoever
  18. Hey Guys, im using the official Arma3ServerPerformance.exe from Bohemia for a while now. The Performace.exe is also available for the clients. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?169944-Arma-3-STABLE-server-1-36-quot-performance-binary-quot-feedback Under good conditions this performance binarys should give your Server or Client a bedder performance. I can confirm that it works fine cause i got much bedder CPS/FPS on my Server. Cause this are official Bohemia Files i have no repression to use it. But im not sure if this binarys can cause any issues which i would not get with the normal binarys. Does anybody have some experience with this binarys?
  19. EXALTED DAYZ OVERPOCH PANTHERA COMMUNITY SERVER Hello, I'm Kief Chief. Don't let my name fool you, I actually am a very productive person. :P I have decided to make a server based solely on what the community, that means YOU the players and fellow survivors want! This is slightly ambitious project, and not all suggestions will be able to be implemented, but we encourage you to come play and throw up suggestions as we go! This post will be updated, but it is quite late as I am typing this up, and I have to work in 6 hours so barebones is what you get for now! ;) SERVER IP: Server, as of now, has these customizations: A Plot For Life Snap Pro Wicked AI Missions Self Bloodbag Custom Towing Script Future plans: Single Currency Custom Loot Tables (Moderately Militarized) And much more, especially based on community wants! Thanks Again for taking a look at this post and I hope to see you in game! Remember, don't let the zeds bite! ;) Love, ~ Kief Chief
  20. Bonjour tout le monde, merci beaucoup a l'equipe Epoch de diffuser les server file afin que nous puissions faire nos propres serveur Epoch :) Hi everyone, A great thx for Epoch team to share server file, we can make our dedicated server ;) Voici le tuto que j'ai mis en place hier et qui tourne sans probleme : http://www.gameoverblog.fr/tuto-epoch-arma3-serveur-dedie/ Now this is my french tutorial to make it : http://www.gameoverblog.fr/tuto-epoch-arma3-serveur-dedie/ Merci a tous et bonne journée Thx everybody and have a nice day. EPOCH FOR EVER
  21. Hello, im having a problem installing the Arma 3 1.36.128579. Epochmod Server, i have the DB Redis-server.exe working, BEC is also working, when i join the server no loot seems to be spawning and i cant interact with traders. Test System Specs: Intel 4770K @ 4.4GHZ 32 GB of RAM 2400MHZ 2x GTX 780 Ti using SLI Intel server grade SSD ( thats were the game and server is installed) Windows 7 on 2x 840 EVO Samsung Dedicated Server Specs: ( non-relevant at this time since i need to get it working on my test machine first ) intel Xeon E3-1230V2 64 GB of ram 500 GB HDD at limestone networks Error RPT http://pastebin.com/f4TcsWLj
  22. I'm trying to install a dayz epoch server on my debian i686x machine using the dayz epoch server magic install script by emestee. The script finished and i booted the server to look for error messages and this is what i got: http://pastebin.com/UQS0Ky00 Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  23. Matijs

    Random Crashes

    UPDATE: I got it working on my other computer, so it was probably a problem with my main desktop pc. Hey, I was trying to set up my server; everything works great, but now I got this problem. The server randomly stops working. This is what the rpt log file is giving me: Mods: @EpochHive Distribution: 0 Version 1.36.128579 Fault time: 2014/12/08 21:59:20 Fault address: 7706AE33 01:0002AE33 C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll file: epoch world: Altis Prev. code bytes: 0A 8B C1 59 94 8B 00 89 04 24 C3 2D 00 10 00 00 Fault code bytes: 85 00 EB E9 90 90 90 90 90 8B FF 55 8B EC 8B 15 Registers: EAX:1E75F000 EBX:00000022 ECX:1E75E80C EDX:0993A492 ESI:00000001 EDI:0000002A CS:EIP:0023:7706AE33 SS:ESP:002B:1E85E838 EBP:1E85E844 DS:002B ES:002B FS:0053 GS:002B Flags:00010206 ======================================================= note: Minidump has been generated into the file SC\arma3server_2014-12-08_21-55-43.mdmp If anyone knows the problem, please tell me. This is the "Minidump" file that has been generated opened with Visual Studio: Kind Regards, Matijs
  24. I've noticed that the server seems to stay in creating mode until the first person logs in. Which means that the in game server time will not complete it's full cycle before the server restarts if there is a long delay between the server starting and people logging in. Anyone know how to avoid this and make sure that the ingame server time starts immediately after the server has come back up? Thanks, TheKnightTemplar (The Wild Community)
  25. After a quick discussion with one of the Epoch devs, it was suggested that I make this thread on behalf of server hosts and mod makers to allow as much customisation as possible without infringing the Epoch licence. Essentially, due to the inability to distribute modified versions of the Epoch mod, I hear there are going to be some variables we will be able to set in the mission/server files in order to enable/disable/adjust features within the mod. I'm unaware of exactly what these variables are going to be so here are a few suggestions that me and the rest of the DayZRP developer team have come up with. If anyone else wishes to add to this list of suggestions, feel free to reply and I'll throw them into the OP to keep them compiled together. Change spawnable creatures/mobs Creature/mob spawn rate/timer Creature/mob spawn numbers Dead body cleanup rate Trader inventories Loot tables Random event rates (earthquakes ..etc) Weather
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