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Found 369 results

  1. Just thought I would do a good deed and try get thread spam lower :). Here I will cover the most common problems for installing on a Windows Server; START WITH VANILLA (NO CUSTOM MODS ETC). ONCE THE SERVER WORKS, THEN EDIT WHAT YOU WANT / ADD ADMIN ETC. ONE THING AT A TIME. Battleye: Public Variable Restriction #0 When a player joins they get kicked Check the RPT log, probably mentions something like SERVER VERSION MISMATCH or something. Client doesnt have the same version as the server. When using the admin tool you get kicked: Make sure you are using the latest server files and the latest BE Filters included in the SC/Battleye Folder. Check the Paths to your Battleye folder (in files @EpochHive/EpochServer.ini and BEC/Config/Config.cfg) point to the SC/BattlEye Folder. Check to make sure BEC has loaded the Watchdog plugin correctly (It should say in the BEC console window). If you still get kicked there may be a bug (unconfirmed) where your txt filters will be overridden with incorrect values every restart, If this is the case, be patient for a fix. Workarounds modifying publicvar.txt manually can cause security issues. (Could be the log rotator, need confirmation). Mission Read From Bank / Server Auto-Closes or Crash Upon Joining / Stuck at Server Initializing / Server not Ready (Error 02) This occurs when there is a problem loading the mod. This could be due to several causes: Redis Database Server Problems: Check Redis Database Server Issues below for the solution. Incorrect Configuration of Database: Check your DB/Redis.conf file and make sure the ip/port and the password you chose is correct; Then check your @EpochHive/EpochServer.ini file and make sure the ip/port and password are the same as in redis.conf. Incorrect Configuration of Server/Mod Files: Check that anything you modified in any of the following files didnt cause any syntax errors/problems (best to start fresh just to get it working): @EpochHive/epochAH.hpp @EpochHive/epochconfig.hpp SC/config.cfg SC/basic.cfg SC/Users/SC/SC.Arma3Profile Check that you have placed all the files (DB/SC/MPMissions/@EpochHive/Keys Folders etc) in the correct locations in the correct place etc, just copy the entire contents of the server file zip to your arma 3 main directory, where your arma3server.exe is located. Redis Database Server Issues Nothing is saving to the database: Either your configuration (ip/port/passsword) dont match (check Mission Read From Bank ->Incorrect Configuration of Database) or the redis-server.exe in not running. If the redis-server.exe is not in the process list then check below; Redis-Server.exe not in Process list/No Console window: There are two causes I know of for this, the first is to check if you have all the redistributables required (it is like extra Microsoft files that the program needs to work). To do this, check your event log (start menu->type event viewer. On the left pane click Windows Logs->Application). Look for "Side-By-Side" Errors, you need to find the part of the error description that gives you a package name, for ex. "Dependent Assembly Microsoft.VC90.CRT". Put that string in google and you should find the package you need quite easily. The second cause could be a low filespace/virtual memory/ram issue. To check this, Hold shift and right click in the redis-server.exe folder (DB folder) and select "Open Command Line Here". Type "redis-server.exe redis.conf". You should get and error or some kind of output stating a process fork failed due to space/memory issues. If this is the case you can either lower the "maxmemory" config in redis.conf (Minimum I would say 2gb, but personally I prefer the second option next) or you can increase your Paging File Size, You may need to experiment with this to get it stable, I currently have 16gb page file and it seems to run perfectly fine with maxmemory=4gb on a 3gb RAM machine. BEC Closes/Wont Connect/Scheduler Issues BEC Auto Closes when you try to run it Make sure you have the correct Visual C++ Redistributables, vc 2008 and vc 2003 should be sufficient, you can check your event log (windows->startmenu->type event viewer) under windows logs->applications and look for "side by side" errors for bec.exe. Google the description you find. BEC Wont connect to the server Make sure your ip from your command line is your actual IP address, also make sure the IP in the BEC/Config/Config.cfg file is correct. Or alternatively you can try omitting the -ip parameter from your command line and using the IP in the BEC Config file. BEC Scheduler is not working, no messages/restarts/errors First thing to check is that you have un-commented the Scheduler Path line in your BEC Config. If not simply remove the # from start of the line If you setup your scheduler paths correct and it still will not work you should get some "error loading scheduler.xml" in the BEC Console window. If not, then maybe your timings are off? Consult the Scheduler Help File inside the BEC Config Directory. Some things to note: The scheduler must be in _precise_ format. eg, Id starts at 0 and increments by one for each new job. Older syntax from BEC prior to 1.6 will not work, they need to be modified (very simple) Data type none You might have forgotten to rename "example_BEServer.cfg" to "BEServer.cfg" in "Arma/SC/Battleye" folder. (Thanks to hogscraper) I can add some scheduler templates if people find it necessary though the scheduler has a very nice readme that explains everything you need to know. Admin Menu Wont Show/Spawn Menu Greyed Out etc No admin menu when F1 is pressed: Basically put - assuming you havn't disabled the anti-hack, your steamid64 is not in the admin list in epochAH.hpp You need to get your steamid64 (You can get your normal steam id here, you can then convert that to steamid64 here. Admin menu shows, but Spawn or other options are greyed out (Server is currently disabled) Looks like you put your steamid64 into the wrong admin slot, make sure you just put your id into the owner slot, once, that will give you full permissions. for ex; adminMenu_Owner[] = {{"7656xxxxxxxxxxx21","Any name you like (will go in admin log)"}}; Mission Select Screen Joining Server Server Files Is out of date If you have access to the server file system and can execute, update your server files using STEAMCMD. Plenty of tutorials online on updating dedicated arma 3 servers, same routine. ex. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?147537-Tutorial-How-to-run-ArmA3-on-a-dedicated-server Startup Command-line Incorrect (Not loading SC/Config.cfg File)/Servername not same as in config.cfg Either you have something wrong with your startup parameters, or A problem with your config.cfg file, or - more likely; Your command line parameters are setup incorrectly. To remedy this: Make sure you copied the SC folder from the zip file to your arma3 server directory. Then use this command line to start your server: arma3server.exe [email protected];@EpochHive; -config=C:\Path\to\Arma3server\SC\config.cfg -ip=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -port=2302 -profiles=SC -cfg=C:\Path\to\Arma3server\SC\basic.cfg -name=SC Be sure to replace "C:\Path\to\Arma3server" with the correct path to your arma 3 server directory. (With arma3server.exe inside) Also replace "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" with the servers remote IP address. (The one the public see, not your lan/local address, you can use http://whatismyipaddress.com/). Note: You may omit the "-ip=xx... parameter completely if BEC still wont connect after reading the above tips. Note: You can also omit the full path to your config params, (Thanks to Scoo) eg -config=SC\config.cfg -cfg=SC\basic.cfg Feel free to post anything that I may have missed or that you would like to contribute to this faq. I can guaruntee there are spelling errors but this will do for now :). Good Luck!
  2. So the server owner did some scripting last night while I was offline, (It's usually me who adds the scripts) so I don't specifically know what was edited and where, but since then when anyone tries to join the server it stays on "waiting for server to start authentication" for 20/30 seconds before spawning into the middle of the ocean (obviously not the actual player character). Does anyone have any idea what we can do to repair the server? I can provide any files you may need to check on.
  3. A brand new server recently founded by two friends. looking for admins and players first 20 people receive 2 briefcases the server is ran by fair admins and is fully militarized with custom bases around with barracks you can also buy thermal weapons such as the l85 AWS, M107 TWS and AS50 TWS. The Ip is : or just search on DayZcommander and DayzLauncher search 99th and it is the 99th official!
  4. I have started a new DayZ epoch server. There is a few things that separate this server from the others. I have played the mod for a REALLY long time, and epoch is the best I've ever come across. The admins are personal friends of mine so there will be NO admin abuse. In fact, if you glitch through a wall and die or die in another unfair fashion (There is a long list of ways in DayZ) you can ask the admin for help if you want some. The scripts we add are not meant to add a bunch of clutter to the server but more to make the survival experience more realistic. The map is custom and has many added buildings. Lot's of hidden military bases through out the map, hidden towns and great areas to build a base. But please note that we haven't just scattered barracks everywhere so anyone can get ridiculously geared in a matter of minutes. We have been very conservative in the placement of these areas. The server has around 500 vehicles. You can't walk around and every hundred meters find a new vehicle but they are more common than usual. That's because no one wants to play Arma 2 running simulator. Obviously there's a time for running but running 5000+ meters isn't very enjoyable. If you like the sound of this server at least give it a try. If you are interested you can check out the website here: daysofdayzsurvival.weebly.com On the website you can get the server IP address, check out the custom map, look at the rules, look at all the features and features that are coming soon, and NO donor shop. There will NEVER be a way to purchase gear on this server. daysofdayzsurvival.weebly.com DayZ Epoch Chernarus Feature List A.I Missions Tow/Lift Auto Refuel Godmode in Trader Areas Custom Debug Custom Loadouts Custom Trader Items Custom Map (Hidden Military Bases! Get hints to where on the website!) Action Menu Plot for Life (Coming soon!) Weed Farms (Coming soon!)
  5. Hello would it be possible to have this mod on DayZ so players could spawn in as a predator and hunt zombies, Ai or players ? Predator Mod LINK:http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?110440-Predator-Mod
  6. I need a Dayz Epoch or Overpoch familiar scriptor. We will pay for it obvisiously and have infistar antihack tools and have a list of everything we want included in our server. Our host is Dayz.st and Cherno! Thanks! Please send me an email at [email protected] :D
  7. Hey folks, just wondering how I show the server rules in a section on the A3Map page? Similar to 'Statistics" in-game. - Cant for the life of me work it out. thanks in advance, Bushy
  8. I want Set up your own server DayZ Epoch (6 slots) for VPS and would like to know what resources it needs DayZ Epoch VPS to run correctly. I have a VPS: Cores: 1 V-Core 3.2GHz + RAM (Memory): 512MB - 768MB (Burst) HDD: 10Gb (10,000mb) Included Bandwidth: 1TB (1000GB) Network Speed: 10Mbps Operating System: Debian 7 x86_x64
  9. Introducion I was looking into a Problem, where the FPS drops, when players enter a City or any Place with a large amount of Objects placed. After fushing around a while i have noticed, that actually ALL Objects are being updated. This includes houses, cras cutters, bins and fences, as also Modular Buildings like Wooden Walls. So my thought was, that counting and updating all of those Objects may result in a massive Server Load. For testing purposes i made up an array with all arma2 Buildings and a check to not Update those. Result: All of these Objects where un-breakable, can't be killed or damaged anymore. Also a slight FPS increase, but nothing really "breaking". Before we Start You must notice, that these changes make all Objects invincible. Also it is highly recommended to create a Backup, before you start editing. Requierements: - PBO Manager (For editing Server Files) - A custom "variables.sqf" in you Mission Folder Setting up the Variable for Objects that should not be updated (Client side) These Changes are made in the variables.sqf, located in your Mission Folder. Changing server_updateObject.sqf These changes are made in dayz_server.pbo\compiles\server_updateObject.sqf - This does not effect any custom mods you might have installed, for example the Vehicle Key (thanks, sir - that thing is awesome). Removing unnecessary Functions This is yet still not effecting any mods (not so far i know) - but will result in a faster update of objects, because first of all we'll be using "if", instead of "switch" (If is concidered to be much faster, then switch) and secondary, we will use one function for all Hitpoint actions such as "killed", "damage" or "repair". Keep in mind, that you can customize the array of object, that should not be updated by simply adding or removing an object, but please note: DO NOT, AT NO TIME, NEVER put Objects like Doors, Safes or other Objects that requiere some sort of action - in that array. Reason: As you for example open a Door, the State well more likely the "position" of the door is being updated, forcing the door to actually open. If you forbid this, you obviously can't open Doors anymore. This does not effect Objects like for example Loot, Stairs, Ladders, etc..
  10. Several people on my server have been requesting we switch to 'Overpoch' which is a mix between Epoch and Overwatch. I've tried looking into it but can't seem to find anything on how to set it up. Hoping this is in the right section of the forums but it seems like the right place as I want to add Overwatch to my already established Epoch server to create Overpoch. Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated. SGCDayZ Server Management Jonas
  11. BrainlessGaming Overpoch Chernarus! Website: www.BrainlessGaming.com Teamspeak: TS.BrainlessGaming.com Server IP: Server Name: BRAND NEW!!! BrainlessGaming Server, Extremely Custom Launch Paramaters: [email protected];@DayZ_Epoch; 3 ANTIHACKS Snap Build Pro Build Vectors Accurate Base Building Door management Plot Management Single Currency (Unique Version) Towing/Lifting Refuel/Repair/Rearm Custom Spawning System Paint Vehicles AI Missions/Bases Cargo Drops Custom Loot Deploy Bike Vehicle Pointer Dynamic Traders Advanced Trading Earplugs Changeable View Distance Partial Safezones CrashLoot Random Speed Zombies Indestructible Bases Earplugs Group management + Tons More! Custom Dynamic Trade System The way our custom trade system works is, on every restart it spawns 0-2 of each trader on restart, it always spawns 1 bandit and hero trader. They are in random locations and they ARE NOT safezones. There is also 2 static trade cities which have the basics and are in 2 completely new locations on the map. Each trade city will be in a safezone. (IT TAKES AT LEAST 5-10 MINUTES FOR THE DYNAMIC TRADERS TO SPAWN) New Community Our community had a very popular server in the past, this brought us ton's of players that stuck arround until this current day, we took a break a while back and never really had a community. This time we are releasing at a full launch with a new server, new website, and new teamspeak completely finished. This will be the start of something great. And we are always looking for people to help us grow. What we are about Our community is all about the players, we have 2 owners that are always listening to the players. This is not like a normal community where the owners and staff don't actually listen to the players. In this community everyone has the ability to speak and everyone has equal say into what goes on in our community. We are all fun and enjoying people who want to make the best servers to match our players unique interests. Why should you join us You should join us because we are an amazing community and are always looking to expand, wether it be new games, new players, or even new servers. We can open any horizon that your mind will want you to go to. We want to make our community the best and we have the tools and knowledge to do so. We are always looking for staff because the more staff we have the bigger we can grow and the more people we can trust. I personally will be on teamspeak to talk to any players that have any questions. If you don't think you will like our server, please just even hop on teamspeak to let us know why and we might even change! We are just trying to get as much input as possible. PLEASE GIVE US A CHANCE! YOU WONT REGRET IT! JOIN US ON TEAMSPEAK! Teamspeak: TS.BrainlessGaming.com Or check out our website! Website: www.BrainlessGaming.com
  12. Hello all! We are looking for players to come and join our server. Our project has 1 year , but the Steam server only a few months , we have been working all the time on their servers, and brought them to the ideal state , below I will give some of the features of the server: [email protected];@dayz_epoch; - ESS v2 - Each player can individually vybrta place of rebirth and starting loot depending on humanity -DZGM - create and manage their own group allied with marks on the map -Custom loot - all ammo from DayZOverwatch -P4L - all the buildings are for the player even after death -SnapPro - modified system construction -VectorBuilding - tilting and rotating construction projects -Animated MV22, ArmoredSUV, UH1Y, AH1Z -BTC Logistic - air vehicle lif -MF-Tow - vehicle towing -Advanced Trading - sale of loot from the vehicle , backpack -BaseJump - parachute jump from high places -BinocularFog - change visibility -Advanced Alchemical Crafting - craft large number of buildings inaccessible to ordinary dayz -Busroute - Buses run from the Kamenka to Berezino -DoorManagement - opening doors without codes -oil rig - extract oil and sell it and more... (WAI, DZAi, DZMS, DZMSHotSpots, BuryHuman, custom crafting, custom death screen, drink water, elevator, fastrope, flip vehicle, casino with custom games, harvest hemp, investignation, JAEM, mystery brifcase, paint vehicle, plot management, regen blood, rob the bank, scan nearby, service point, sirens on cars, all overwatch skins, smelt bars, spawn bike, suicide, tent healing, vehicle key changer, walking dead zombie, walk among the dead, zombie bomb, zombie bait, zombie emitter, zombie track) Serch on Dayz Commander: GGSTeam IP: PORT:2302 Best regards, Ghost GGSTeam.ru vk.com/ggs_t
  13. It's a fact that ARMA has a dated architecture that only recently received some optimizations for multiple cores and utilizing them for different purposes (multi-tasking and multi-threading). There are several ways for you to optimize your server-side performance to get the maximum speed out of your Epoch server (because Epoch loads so many building items, it requires even more processing power). Before I continue there is a fundamental thing you have to know and consider when you configure your Epoch server: * Every client will load and have to calculate everything that occurs on your server, meaning: - Every client has to load ALL base building items - Every client has to load ALL the vehicles - Every client has to load and calculate ALL AI movement - Every client has to load and calculate ALL clan logos/custom graphics Another thing to consider is the fact that there is something called ragdoll and physics in ARMA 3, basically it is a set of calculations applied to each player body, each AI-body, and each car, and for a moment, also every placed building block. All vehicles run physics-calculations in real-time 24/7 (100% all the time) this means that for every car you have on your server, the server and each client will have to run the calculations for physics on that vehicle all the time. Naturally more calculations are required when something happens to that vehicle (driving, getting shot at, colliding, etc.) but essentially the computing power for all these physics & ragdoll items will take a toll. Furthermore, all inventories and contents of traders, tents, vehicles, etc. are fed from the database in real-time, essentially the more items a container holds, the heavier the load on the server for each time that inventory is loaded. So if you have, say 300 items in a container, all those 300 will load in a big packet, which sucks some server performance. The less a container can hold, the less strain on the server. Now, multiply physics, and inventory calculations per client, the more clients connected, the more vehicles driving, swimming, running, flying, inventories getting opened, the more the strain on each client, and on the server. A lot of this information is also sent from the server, and Arma 3 Epoch is one of the most bandwidth-intensive games out there. When the bandwidth is maximized on either the server-side or the client-side, you will see a yellow chain link in your bottom right corner, or a red chain link, depending on how overloaded the server or the client is with data. This is also when you will see lag happening. Whereas "desynch" (client and server not having the same information, and thus weird things happen) and rubberbanding (which looks like teleporting/warping) is usually a combination of over-stressed CPU (server and or client-side). It is also important to know that in player interaction, the weakest link is usually the cause of the issues, for example: It doesn't matter if you are connected with a 1Gbit connection, with an awesome CPU and GPU, if the server is overloaded, that's the problem, you can't fix it clientside. But the same thing is if you and your friends are connected and your friend has a shitty Internet connection and/or computer and happens to be driving the car. He will lag/desynch based on his low-performance equipment, and that will affect you, and anyone trying to blow that car up (because the car will behave erratically). Virtual Machines It should also be known that the arma3 server-file has issues with running on virtual machines (VMWare, or XenServer, etc.) essentially the performance output gets negated by as much as 30% if you run it on the same hardware as a dedibox, ARMA 3 is currently (2014-12-30) not well-optimized for running on Virtual Machines. Dedicated, native servers will see better performance than a VM. How do I combat/fix this? With these basic fundamentals in knowing how the server works, you as a player need to know that connecting to a server with hundreds of vehicles, or tens of thousands of buildables, or tons of AI-missions will not necessarily be a good thing for your game experience. While there may be plenty of content to have fun with, the experience with all that content will soon turn sour when your client FPS sinks (because the server has low performance, or is under too much strain (yes this affects clients too, if the server is the weakest link, all clients suffer)) your gameplay and experience will suffer too. Currently, the thoroughly tested, recommended max settings for cars on an Epoch server is 150, and the max amount of buildables is 1500 and the max amount of container content is 1500. This is the default settings in Epoch and it is what makes it possible for a server like Mellys to run 100 clients connected, with little to no issues. Yes, there will be a struggle to find a car, but the experience for each player will be as optimal as ARMA 3 Epoch can be with 100 players connected simultaneously. The only possible compromise if you want to have more vehicles, more buildables, more missions, etc. is to allow for fewer clients (less than 100 players). It doesn't matter if the server has SSD-drives, or 1Gbit up and down, or 32GB DDR5 RAM on a super-high cache Xeon-processor. The arma3server-binary can't handle more than a certain amount of load anyways. No logs, memory handlers, and toggles If you run a server with hyperthreading you should use the following toggle (do NOT combine it with cpuCounts=X or threads=X, etc.): -enableHT If you want to squeeze some more performance out of your server with an optimized memory allocator, use the following (download fred's dll here https://github.com/fred41/tbbmalloc_arma/raw/master/dwarden/uptodate_bins.zip ) and place its contents in your dlls-directory where you have arma3server: -malloc=tbbmalloc IF you want to squeeze some extra FPS out of the server you can also turn off RPT-logging (not recommended if you are having issues or are actively tracking other problems/reports) by using: -nologs Setting the processor priority higher is also recommended: -high Server shutdowns The recommended shutdown hours currently for optimal performance is 3 hours, the reason why we have to shut down the server with certain intervals is because of essentially two reasons: 1) Memory leaking (binaries leak RAM, and start performing poorly and thus need to be terminated and restarted) and 2) Clutter (basically a bunch of loops that get stuck due to poor code, vehicle explosions that take up unnecessary bandwidth, corpse clutter, and other things that are a detriment that increases over time on server performance). Hardware - CPU ARMA 3 is processor clock dependent first (both client- and server-side). Having a CPU clock of 3.9GHz or higher is recommended. Intel Xeon-processors have been proven to perform better than regular non-server CPU:s. - RAM More than 8GB per server has not been reported to make any difference whatsoever unless you run a lot of other things or multiple servers on the same machine - Hard Drive Speed SSD-hard drives improve loading performance severely, which means quicker reboots and startup-times for the server, but after the server is loaded everything is handled from the computers RAM, which is much faster than SSD-drives currently. - Bandwidth Expect an ARMA 3 Server have been reported to use around 1Mbit per connected client (server-to-client upstream bandwidth). This means that with 50 players, you will need about 50Mbit upload. The server downloads much less data than this. -------------------------------------------------- Bottom line As a server owner you really need to consider the factors involved: Amount of vehicles (more than 150 will mean you will have to lower your max allowed connected clients from 100) Amount of buildables (more than 1500 will mean you will have to lower your max allowed connected clients from 100) Amount of storage space (more than 1500 will mean you will have to lower your max allowed connected clients from 100) Your server performance is measured in FPS and CPS - the standard FPS without load will be about 49-50FPS server-side, server-FPS and client-FPS are not the same thing, it is not as vital for server-FPS to be so high, everything 15FPS or higher will leave little to no issues. The same thing goes for CPS, which is the processing power used for Artificial Intelligence and non-gamebased calculations (like the AntiHack). The same principle for AI applies to this, the two values should be about the same normally. These values are heavily affected by (in order of performance-drain): 1) Connected clients, 2) Amount of vehicles 3) Amount of buildables 4) Contents of inventory --------------------------------------------------
  14. We published a DayZ Overpochins Server named Chaotentrupp on 19th of June. We already implemented tons of cool and useful scripts and are just ready to play. If you are interested to join our party just visit us on our game server, teamspeak, or homepage. IP Name [GER] Chaotentrupp.net Overpochins Taviana Map Origins Taviana Needed Mods Epoch Overwatch 0.2.5 Origins Startparameters: [email protected];@DayzOverwatch;@Dayz_Epoch; Installed Scripts Advanced Trading AI Missions Build Bike/Motorcycle/Mozzie Door, Plot, Group Management Lift & Tow Selfbloodbag Service Points Single Currency Snap & Vector Build Spawn Select Working Sector B w/ loot Working Origins Housing and many other cool features If you have any questions or suggestions contact us @: ts3.chaotentrupp.net www.chaotentrupp.net
  15. Hello, I am TehAtomicPotato a pretty experienced server developer with experience in working with linux epoch/overpoch servers and over a thousand hours playing the mod, most of which have been in epoch. The server I was an admin on in the past had its funding cut so I'm looking for a new summer project. I know whats fair and don't take bullshit from anyone. I have tons of free time on my hands right now so I'd always be on the server keeping people happy and in check. So if anyone needs any extra Admins for watching the server or for adding scripts I'd love to help. Happy hunting TehatomicPotato
  16. We were looking for a live map tool to administer our server remotely. There didn't seem to be anything specifically written for epoch, so I hacked one that was written for Bliss. Its not the best, but it shows live players and vehicles from a web browser. You will need access to a web server with PHP installed, and access to your MySQL instance to use this (I assume that some hosting environments don't provide this). https://github.com/linuxx/DayZMapper Let me know what you think. *UPDATE September 15, 2013 -Fixed Survivor kills, and bandit kills **UPDATE September 17, 2013 -Added backpack inventory to player hover- -Fixed formatting on player hover ***UPDATE May 2, 2014 -Fixed the tool tip on hidden vehicles or players from poping up -Made the tool tips easier to understand with better formatting -Changed the install procedure, check the new config.php!! ****UPDATE May 18, 2015 -Added Napf
  17. i just picked up an arma 3 server through FPSGamers.com, and have no idea how to implement the chernarus map. i have the battle eye mod already installed on it as well as the epoch. i have searched the forums but have only found how to do this with a dedicated server. any help would be appreciated.
  18. Hey im wondering if I can get anyone to try joining my server to see if its public and showing on list. When I search for it in the in game browser I get nothing but through remote connection I can find it and get in. I also tried finding my server on A3Launcher and it does not show up but theres a button at the bottom that says server not showing up? check server. So I clicked and entered the ip and port and then it says yay server added to list, but when I go back and search its still not on list. So if anyone is willing to try finding it and joining and then letting me know if they can or not that would be awesome. The ip is and the name is MEN OF EPOCH. Thanks
  19. Ok so I have an idea that I just thought of but I dont have the experience or know-how to even begin thinking how it would work. The idea is implementing a soundscape mod like JSRS or L_ES into a server, but without the need of players to download it. I feel as if Arma 3 is seriously lacking depth of detail in the sounds. An epoch server with something like this on it would be amazing, whether you needed this or not prior to joining the server.
  20. Ambivalence Servers has alot to offer, we offer 24/7 servers with no lag, Very active admins, Friendly Staff and players. We are a new community, we custom addons: Selfblood bag CFG Traders AI Missions and lots more! We have a website: AmbivalenceServers.com The Community owner is gTactical69, you will see him around probably. We hope to see you's there, and hope you enjoy your stay, Teamspeak ip: Server ip:
  21. Hello and welcome to Name: Simple Survival Gaming US Overpoch, Custom, AI Missions We are a new overpoch server!! We have the best addons and the best admins there is in the dayz community ! Here is a list of our addons ! DZAI WAI DZMS EMS Action Menu DoorManagement select Spawn Group Management Take Clothes Right Click Deploy Bike Snap Pro No VoIP service Point AI City Safezones Custom GUI Tow & Lift And that is just some of them !!!! We have an amazing group of players and we can't wait to add you to that group ! To join the server you can search the name of the server which is - Name: Simple Survival Gaming US Overpoch, Custom, AI Missions Or you can join by ip which is - We can't wait to see you in the game !
  22. Hey guys figured I share this http://www.dedispec.com/client/aff.php?aff=013 Their servers are affordable and you get your own dedicated machine with remote desktop and full control. Customer service is reliable and efficient.
  23. Welcome to Fummelbude Server IP: Server TS: fummelbude.eu | PW: FB Homepage: www.fummelbude.eu (under construction) Server Features: Customized Server Trader partly shifted, Special Trader (from 25,000 + Humanity / 50,000 -Humanity) Map customized, adjusted prices, custom UI New Cash Coins Instead Briefcases we use Coins Deploy Bike Once you have a toolbox you can get bicycle by right-clicking Heli Lift Some helicopters can lift cars (if they have not closed and will not manned) SUV Animations You can open/close the fold on Armored SUV Adapted Building System Snap Pro, Plot4Life, VectorBuilding, PlotManagement, DoorManagement Group Management With your fellow players you can create a group and see their location on the map. At a distance of 1000m you will be displayed directly as ESP characters. Groups can be build/managed by right click on the radio. Vehicle God Mode Vehicle have God Mode at Trader (Except for the Bandit and Hero traders, there are no safe zones) Closed vehicles without content within the PlotPole also have god mode. Better Kill Messages Nicer Kill messages in the upper left of the screen Custom Missions Mission system with its own mission and revised AI. Very high difficulty. Adapted Loot System Sniper are only available from missions and the Special Traders, not included in the normal Loottable. Self Bloodbag You can give yourself a Bloodbag, simply right click on the Bloodbag. Indestructible Bases All components are made of metal and stone are indestructible. Wood is excluded. Take Clothes You can take the clothes from death players. Trader Safezones At the following traders there is a safe zone: Vybor, Guglovo, Special Trader, Klen Server Rules: No intentional basedestruction (Exception: Wood - destruction of one wall to gain access to the base is ok, destruction of vast majorites of the base isnt) As long as vehicles/helicopers are in/on a base (not near a base) and are destroyed outside a fighting situation then that counts as intentional basedestructon No basecrashing No Basebuilding using given buildingstructures/ruins/damm and far enough from and airfield or a city so that the Looting happening there is not heavily interfered with and so far away from traders that you can’t shoot to the trader No parking in safezones (Vehicles parked in safezones are going to be deleted) Using exploits/dupes/baseglitching results in an irreversible perma ban Any kind of hacking results in an irreversible perma ban No insults, racism sexism - behave age-appropriate Only german or englisch in the side-chat No voice in the side-chat No Safezone-Camping/Stealing No direct/indirect Combatlogging Violation of our rules results in a warning a second violation results in an immediate ban (Exceptions: Basecrash -> immediate Permaban, Combatlog -> 24h TempBan) Every Team/Group is allowed to have ONE base and ONE outpost with a maximum of 50 items (Itemcount via Plotpole) Players are not allowed to use multiple Arma Keys, the first key you connect with is the only valid key, every other key from the same players is going to get banned
  24. Hi there RPT File: http://pastebin.com/rvGMsqN5 I'm turning to the epoch mod community to see if I can get some sort of help here because I'm not too sure where i've gone wrong My server works(ish) but I keep getting this error spammed in my .RPT file BIS_Effects_Init = true; diag_log "Res> 6:33:27 Error position: <BIS_Effects_Init = true; diag_log "Res> 6:33:27 Error Missing ; 6:33:27 File z\addons\dayz_code\system\BIS_Effects\init.sqf, line 1 6:33:27 Error in expression <\dayz_code\system\BIS_Effects\init.sqf" BIS_Effects_Init = true; The script I am trying to add is the I've had problem with it since. The install instructions are pretty simple, simply add call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "addons\bike\init.sqf"; to my init.sqf file underneath my compiles file. Here is my init.sqf file : http://pastebin.com/ZefmkC96 You can see at the very bottom of my init.sqf I have #include "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\BIS_Effects\init.sqf" but for some reason, the error still gets spammed. Note: I should add at this point that the deploy anything script doesn't even work. (I have added both addons and overwrite folder) to the mission directory. However the deploy anything script has a ui_selectSlot.sqf already included and I already have my own. I Differmerge that and found that the only addon to the file was this //### BEGIN MODIFIED CODE: extra click actions { private["_classname","_text","_execute","_condition"]; _classname = _x select 0; _text = _x select 1; _execute = _x select 2; _condition = _x select 3; // if the clicked item matches, then assign the script call and display text if(_item == _classname && (call compile _condition)) then { _menu = _parent displayCtrl (1600 + _numActions); _menu ctrlShow true; _height = _height + (0.025 * safezoneH); uiNamespace setVariable ['uiControl', _control]; _menu ctrlSetText _text; _menu ctrlSetEventHandler ["ButtonClick",_execute]; _numActions = _numActions + 1; }; } forEach DZE_CLICK_ACTIONS; //### END MODIFIED CODE: extra click actions Which I have added right above _pos set [3,_height]; I've also gone into the overwrites\click_actions\init.sqf and change the location of player_selectSlot to the current modified version that I have already (custom\ui_selectSlot.sqf) I've also uploaded the addons and overwrite folder so that if the problem might be in them, someone could possibly help out. http://www.mediafire.com/download/ny9996chck53o3n/QCubes+addons+and+overwrites.rar Thanks in advance if you can help!!!!
  25. Hi, I am having issues setting up the below status bar: https://github.com/piXm8/statusBar I have followed the steps but my server will not load the mission file if i add the below line to my description.ext: class RscTitles { #include "scripts\statusBar.hpp" }; I am new to server hosting, especially Epoch. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Vequis
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