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Found 369 results

  1. Server Name: [AES] DayZ Epoch Taviana Roots|Hardcore|SlowZ|SecB and more.. DayZ Epoch IP: are AES, our great players and staff are what has made us one of the fastest growing communities out there! We always try our best to give the best possible gaming experience to our players. We stand for the gamers, and are built by the gamers. We hope you enjoy your stay and maybe you will even become part of this amazing community!Our Promises To Our Gamers..1. To keep our services on the highest standard possible2. Active and friendly support3. Your gaming experience to be our top priority4. A reliable and stable gaming enviornment5. Fun and fairplay for all membersSearch for AES on DayZ LauncherNOTICE:You need Taviana and Epoch Installed. If you need help connecting or anything else feel free to check by this Ts3: you cant find it click on 'check server' at the bottom left and insert this ip on the website; then restart dayz launcher and search for the server again---------- Plant and Grow Weed!- Suicide!- SECTOR B!- No PlotPole- Walking Dead- Self BB- Lift- One step building - No Overburdend- Snap Build ProHope you enjoy your stay!
  2. -Do Or Die Gaming Epoch Server- Taru Pod Script Custom AI Missions with dynamic loot Auto Ear Plugs Armed Vehicles/Helis Active Admins Custom in-game player map markers Active TeamSpeak with plenty of open channels to invite your friends and chat ZCP PVP Mission Great FPS *Apex DLC added content* TS3: ts3.doordiegamers.com http://www.doordiegamers.com
  3. Hi, I used to play A2 Epoch a long time ago, now I wish to play again. The only problem is I need to find a server to play on! However, I wish for the server to meet these requirements, preferably all of them, but some to most will do. Required (I really need these to be in the server) : 1. Normal loot or lower than normal loot: I don't want to play on a server that makes it too easy to gear up, I want a bit of that survival feel 2. Any AI missions: I really like these, I would prefer a server with very difficult AI missions like WICKED AI, or any other difficult AI, 3. Chernarus map: This is my favorite map by far, if it meets all requirements except for this one, then it's fine to post it Optional (Not needed for the server, but would be much appreciated) : 1. Metal/Gem System: I'm fine with coins, but I would prefer the good old metals and gems for currency 2. Slightly Militarized: I prefer slightly militarized server, as long as it is extremely expensive or difficult to get these militarized vehicles or weapons (ex. 8-10 briefs for a LAV-25 HQ, or 100-150 briefs for a T-34) 3. Active staff/Events: I would really prefer for there to be active/ semi-active staff, and/or events That is really everything I want, any more features are probably fine, if you feel like I would like the server, feel free to post it :D Thanks, OfficeMax(365)
  4. Sourceforge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/skbtforarma/ [RELEASE] Arma 2/3 Server Keepalive Batch Tool 1.2.2 I wrote this for our old A2 Epoch server in hopes of making a very simple and light-weight easy to use keepalive/restarter, it was very useful, thought I'd share with the public. This tool has developed on these forums considerably and now has many many more features that make administering and controlling your server much easier. Keepalive Status Window Keepalive GUI Keepalive GUI Configuration Properties Feature Archive: -Gui- ADDED IN 1.2.2: Higher core support for setting affinities (up to 100 cores O.O) ADDED IN 1.2.2: New status icons in config window for batch/server status ADDED IN 1.2.2: Added a new control bar in config window, to control keepalive/server -Core- ADDED IN 1.2.2: Added an exit batch check and new file to set this flag externally to close the keepalive. Auto start Database/Arma server and BEC if any one of them fails Logs events in real-time with a console display Easy configuration for any arma server (arma/arma 2/arma 3) Ability to Auto restart using BEC Scheduler (check readme for details) Ability to manually restart from an external program (eg, Web Service on same machine) Keepalive for the Keepalive (if batch crashes or something, it will keep running regardless) Auto log file rotation *added in 0.8.0 Auto Database Backup *added in 0.8.0 Ability to use 7zip to archive logs and/or database file *added in 0.8.0 Keep Arma Server Monitor active (Optional) (addon for arma 2/3) *added in 0.8.0 Keep Teamspeak Server Active (Optional) *added in 0.8.0 Database Interval, Minutes between DB Backups *added in 0.9.0 Ability to keep ASM server monitor alive. *added in 0.9.0 Ability to keep Teamspeak server alive. *added in 0.9.0 Log backup and db backup locations configurable *added in 0.9.0 Lets arma close nicely using #shutdown on automatic restarts (BEC Scheduler required) *added in 0.9.0 Manual Action Timeout configurable. (How long will it take you to upload new pbos?) *added in 0.9.0 Configuration settings for ASM logging capabilities. Check batch settings. *fixed in 0.9.1 Ability to configure another process to keep alive (such as a HC client or another server using a renamed exe file). *NEW IN 0.9.2 Project on Sourceforge and GitHub. *NEW IN 0.9.4 Crash Detection! Will force close any crashed processes! *NEW IN 0.9.4 Affinity and Priority settings! *NEW IN 0.9.4 Sleek GUI for managing and installing SKBT for multiple server on the same machine/network!*ADDED IN 1.0.0 Keepalive instance shortcuts to start menu and desktop. ADDED IN 1.0.1 Usage of parenthesis and spaces in path names fully! ADDED IN 1.0.3 Allow bec_flag_dsc parameter, (fix BEC auto closing due to no update signal). ADDED IN 1.0.3 Ability to change log detail level. Added in 1.1.0 Can forcefully delay between ONLY restart events 3 batch files in custom folder to aid in hooking code before certain events, more info inside those files (Check readme or more info) Tooltips to all configuration options Custom process tab! Keep any process you wish alive with your server (up to 100 extra processes!). ADDED IN 1.2.0 Heartbeat for external programs to know if the Keepalive is active. ADDED IN 1.2.0 Downloads: NOTE*: Please use the sourceforge/Github repositories to download. [LATEST RELEASE] DOWNLOAD 1.2.2 - GUI Installer tinyupload.com DOWNLOAD 1.2.2 - No Gui (Manual Install) tinyupload.com Mirrors on SourceForge / GitHub Development Snapshots available as standard. [OLDER RELEASES] For older releases please use the github/sourceforce release lists. *Latest Release: Please be advised the download links in this post are not the latest. SKBT was updated after the latest official release but do not fear! You do not need to build it! To download the latest binary of SKBT click here (sourceforge/skbtforarma/Master/Bin/Release/skbtInstaller_win32.exe) Check the commit logs on SF/GH for updates and changes. edit- Updated to (Only on repo)
  5. The short version When the server restarts vehicles reset back to where they were originally were and back to the original state they were in before the restart. Longer version Example. So I take a car drive it from Cherno to the airfield and put some gear in it and shoot out a tire then restart the server, it will be all the way back in cherno in its original condition and without any gear. If I spawn a vehicle and move it to another location and restart the server it will still be there in what ever state I left it in. But then it starts acting like all the other vehicles, always reverting to that spot. So it must only be saving the vehicles the database once after the first restart that they are on the server for then it doesnt update them again. I thought it might be a problem with the server monitor.sqf and replaced it with a fresh one, which did not help. I also tried using the monitor.sqf from my other server that is working just fine and that didn't do anything either. If anyone else has any idea on what to do the help would be much appreciated. This is the last obstacle in the way of my PvP server but its a rather annoying one. If you want to talk to me directly you can find me on my teampseak GOHgaming.mainvoice.net
  6. Hello im looking for a scripter that can install quit a few mods and also add tanks/jets to my server........ nothing that has not been done already, im sure of it im new here and if this is in the wrong place im sorry !!!!!! if interested contact me by steam suprstar64 or email @ [email protected] thank you !!!!!
  7. We are a brand new community looking for players to join us! We are a mature bunch of players from around the globe! Whilst our server is new, this is the opportunity for you to help us grow! Tell us what you want added or removed and we can grow the server as the community wants it! Server: Port:2302 Teamspeak: divinegaming.ts3pro.xyz (if you'd like us to create a channel for you in our TS, please send a message to an admin and we'll do this for you)! Steamgroup: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/DivineGamingUK Forum: Divine Gaming Forum We are currently using the following mods: (This may change) Single Currency Towing and lifting no weight Right click objects to build almost anything! Southern border guarded by AI checkpoints Gambling Groups Spawn selection Plot management Door management Safe base Service points Awesome missions Harvest plants for us such as making antibiotics And more coming soon! Just for information, here is a list of our latest additions/fixes that we've made in the last couple of days so you can see our progress. All updates are posted on our Forum and our Steam Group, so please join both to be informed of the latest news: 05/10/2016[Added] Increased plane spawn height[Fixed] Reduced chute auto open height[Fixed] Reduced radius from dead body you can spawn at[Added] Spawns close to your plot are now disabled[Fixed] More files cleaned up to optimize server loading and performance[Added] New hidden military trader[Added] Civil defence camp is now friendly[Added] Civil camp now has a story line and quests [WIP][Fixed] Some pre built dialog was in Spanish... now in English yay![Fixed] Stopped for a coffee as was getting sleepy, no longer sleepy[Added] Civil defence AI that will once spoke to have a chance of giving you a random weapon to protect yourself from the arm border patrol[Added] Fuel station to NWAF[Added] New buildings and light effects to NWAF[Added] The border Wall can now be destroyed to avoid AI[Added] New South Trainyard trader city (not a safe zone)04/10/2016[Added] Doubled build area[Added] Doubled area you can place another plot pole to an exisiting one[Added] Water sources if not boiled may now cause infection - Fixed with Antibiotics[Fixed] Zombies now walk[Added] Zombies now do 3x damage[Added] New epoch events - Ikea truck etc...[Fixed] Re-added hordes[Fixed] Zombies spawning through walls[Fixed] Reduced server load times[Added] Bloodbags now have 15% chance of causing infection[Fixed] Reduced Overwatch Sniper prices[Fixed] Reduced Overwatch Pistol prices[Fixed] Halved Camel plane buy / sell prices[Removed] Selling of Ruby, Gold ore etc... As used in base building[Fixed] Reduced price of orange sherbet[Fixed] Reduced price of Mountain due[Fixed] Increased price of trial mix[Fixed] Reduced price of LMG's[Added] Players may now drink their own blood by right cliking on a knife to releive thirst and loose humainty[Added] When players use the knife to cut things (Not base building) there is a chance to cut self and become infected[Added] Increased chance for fog at night time[Fixed] Reduced price of fortune teller[Added] New secret items accross the map[Added] Fortune teller now gives tips towards secret items[Changed] Small house from plot now only requires 1 day survived[Added] Smoking drugs now steadys aim[Fixed] Updated info details (Scroll wheel info)[Added] Right clicking the sledge hammer will now give "Build Kitchen" option[Added] Berizino Farm and army base[Added] It now cost 120 coins to refeul a vehicle[Added] Re-arm at service station only gives to mags now instead of 3[Fixed] Gyro copters can no longer lift vehicles[Fixed] Pooks can no longer lift vehicles[Fixed] Most boats are no longer liftable[Added] Players may now be inside vehicles as they are being towed or lifted[Fixed] Little birds can no longer lift - must be larger heli's[Added] Dogs can now be tamed[Fixed] Military compounds can now longer be build in or within a 500M radius[Added] New weather effects (In testing)[Added] Having a generator running at night will brighten your surrounding town / areas lights to become brighter and possibly give away your position!02/10/2016[Added] Safe Base
  8. I made an DayZ Epoch Chernarus server for friends with some scripts. Does anyone know other cool, useful scripts we could use? When I finished this 'project' I will give it to some newbies, who has problems with setting up a server. The current scripts are: - Walking Zed - DZAI - WAI - DZMS - Snap Building Pro - Take Clothes - JAEM Evac Chopper + modified call by Radio - Service Point - Ai Recruitment - Salvage all vehicle parts - Animated Helicrashes - Self BB (Epoch) - custom Trader - custom map Content (Kamenka Ore Mine, Big Hemp Plantation, Weedfarms) - custom Startgear - Nox's Admintool + SafeZones + Custom Debugscreen - Combo-Key-Changer - Vehicle Key Changer - Plot Management - Harvest + Smoke Weed - R3F Lift and Tow - DayZ Group Management - Spawn Selection - Right Click System Bug fixes and others: - Waterbottle(1-9oz) can now be filled, too - Smelting fixed - Waterbottle can be filled on Outhouse
  9. Hey, I made an Epoch Server and I'm hosting it via my computer. I forwarded the needed ports and two friends with the same router (Fritzbox 7490) can find the server and can connect. Two other friends can't even find the server. What's the reason?
  10. THIS IS A PVP SERVER New DayZ server, clean database, active admins, custom map and more! The server is aimed to have all game breaking bullshit removed. That's right, don't expect to be blown up by IED's or killed by an attack helicopter any time soon. Currently we have a fresh dedicated server located in Northern England providing you guys the best experience. 12 core Power7 processor, Database is in a RAMDISK, 10Gbit Connection from UK. Each and every script we own have been tested on around 10 servers within the 1 year of Survival Instincts being alive, everything implemented is there to improve game play to give each and every player the best time possible for every second played. CUSTOM ANTIHACK has been added from Infistar and Grim to ensure the server stays secure And the scripts are optimised for maximum efficiency to ensure the highest quality game play possible. Old trash from the server is removed manually, and bases despawn if left for 2 weeks without accessing them for the highest FPS possible. New Traders: You thought you had enough? Saves you running about though. Custom GUI: Easier layout to give your experience a nicer feel than a clunky debug monitor. Custom Map: New and improved Chernarus, working loot spawns ensure you getting a firearm in minutes. Smoke Weed: Become a dealer, weed farms spawn north of the map Military Bases: Grab your loot and run, these bases spawn on all air fields. Self-Bloodbag: Because who needs another person for a blood transfusion. Steal Skins: Scrolling over a dead body will allow you to steal their skin Safe Zones: AGN safe zones are enabled, the only place in the server you are safe. Single Currency: No more gold bars, technology advances, check the map for your closest ATM. No Overburden: Base building has never been easier, lift walls on your back all day long! Anti Zed Base: To keep those pesky zombies out your plot poles. Spawnselect: Selected points and no parachute to keep the DayZ-feeling. Groupmanagement: DZGM in the last version, so persistent over restart. Deploy: Bicycle, your new best friend after you die, getting you from A to B. Lift/Tow: Paradrop lifted Vehicles! Custom Vehicle Paints: Get a hello kitty SUV or a blood tiger HMMV Extended Fishing: Go fishing and get higher chances to catch more fish, gold or building material in deep water! Mining: Get a pickaxe and take a few swings at some rocks, whats the worst that could happen? Service Points: Autorefuel and Repair (costs Gold) on every fuel station. ATM Machines: ATM machines on map, wireless banking from your safe Weathersystem: Each part of the map has his own weather! Snapbuild Pro: You should know the script. Simply awesome what you can build now. 1StepBuild: You dont have to wait when you wanna build something. Better be patient on setting up an ambush! Missions: DZMS with some changes, the bots are harder to kill than you may expect. Be prepared! Drops: Different Supply-drops, type, amount and loot is choose automatically by player count to get it balanced every time. All markers do respawn after death.
  11. Vini7

    Stuck Connecting

    Hi guys. formerly I had this problem , but miraculously worked. Today I am with server 1.62 epoch /0.3.9 Already set everything up and the client does not connect . Anyone know how to solve it? It's all set up just right .
  12. new server just started at the begining of this month come check it out just search AtMusFear some of the mods we have include!!! ADVANCED TRADER WICKED AI DZAI PLOT FOR LIFE SNAP BUILD PRO LIFT/TOW GEM TRADER (BLACKMARKET DEALER) SELF BLOODBAG ALL NEW PLAYERS GET A BASE KIT OF CEMENT!!! (NONE OF THE PUNK A$$ WOOD STUFF) FULLY MILITARIZED SERVER INCLUDING TANKS AND JETS!!!!! FAIR PRICES AT ALL TRADERS AND ACTIVE ADMIN/OWNER i just got tired of not finding a fun server that had things i liked so i started my own so if your interested come check it out and mention you found it on this site and ill give you some free money or stuff or whatever, everyone loves free things
  13. Hi @all, now I will also introduce you a bit our Epoch Servers. At first a special thank to our great Supporter and Admins for their time and patience !!! We have a really great community and Players are also helping Players - or kill them ;) What our Servers make them unique is not an extreme high Player count. It is the balanced gameplay, the community and the presentable work of the Supporter. Because our Servers are heavy customized, here a list of the most changes for a better understanding: - Earplugs by Space Bar Menu or "F4" - Player Autorun by pressing key "0" - Flip Vehicles with a Jack by Space Bar Menu - Attaching max 2 Base Cameras for 24h by Space Bar Menu and watch them by your Jammer / PlotPole - Taking Crypto directly from a Corpse by Space Bar Menu (no Cellphone searching) - Porting a Corpse from the Water to the next Coast by Space Bar Menu - Attaching Explosive Charges and Satchel Charges directly on Doors / Gates by Space Bar Menu, so they have better effect - Craftable Hotwire Kits to Lockpick Vehicles / Safes by Space Bar Menu - Craftable Safes - Random Medical Spots for healing / resetting Reviveable on the Map - Service Points for Repairing / refueling and rearming Vehicles by Space Bar Menu - 3D Teammarker with Playernames - Customized Script against "Clothings not visible for other Players" (thx to Chris from Infistar for the base script) - Protection against exploding Vehicles on Restart - A lot of Anti-Duping Scripts for a fair play for all - No Baseraid allowed, if the Player are offline / not at their Base - Protection against perma raiders (3 Kills while a Baseraid and the Area is automatically restricted for the attacker) - Special Admin logs for your Security - We have a special Player Menu with access to a lot of Client Settings (access by Space Bar Menu or "F11"): - Crafting temporary Vehicles - Changing Terrain Details (better FPS or more Details, choose your own option) - Switch on / off your own Basemarker - Switch on / off Markers for all blocked Areas (Building disallowed) - View your own Base Details, like all Building Elements / Storages / Building Limits ... - View your own Group Infos - Switch between 4 Status Bar sizes (full / mid / small / off) - Ingame Shop, where you can buy usefull things everytime, everywhere - Crafted Quads can be transformed to Jetskis at the Coasts by Space Bar Menu - Real Safe Zones with: - Player Godmode - Vehicle Inventory Protection (only your Team can access your Vehicles Inventory) - Vehicle GetIn Protection (only your Team can access your Vehicle as Driver) - Eject Crew by Space Menu to eject trolls - No perma Parking in SafeZones (Vehicles will be unlocked after 30 Mins in the SafeZone) - Special functions, which can be unlocked by "Menu Level 1" - can be bought for Crypto or our special Currency "Imperials" - Study / Bury Dead Bodys by Space Bar Menu - Ring Doorbell by Space Bar Menu - Killmessages with Killer / Killed and used Weapon - Show your Own Position on the Map - Checking if player is reviveable or not We are not standing still and are everytime open for new good suggestions. So if you like playing real Epoch (without excessive Weapons and Vehicles), feel free to join one of our Servers. You are also welcome to visit us on Teamspeak. Our Servers: Teamspeak: Todessternserver.de Todesstern Altis: Todesstern Tanoa:
  14. SOLVED, I'M STUPID. Had the wrong number after the mission file... :( I'm having this issue with my server not being joinable, 'waiting for host'. LOG: 17:37:35 Dedicated host created. 17:37:37 Host identity created. 17:37:37 Game Port: 2302, Steam Query Port: 2303 17:40:01 noahp78 uses modified data file 17:40:01 Player noahp78 connecting.17:43:32 Player noahp78 disconnected. 17:40:02 Player noahp78 connected (id=76561198065063009). Config.cfg steamport = 2300; steamqueryport = 2301; hostName = "PepsiMLG"; password = ""; passwordAdmin = "nope"; maxPlayers = 50; logFile = "server_log.txt"; voteThreshold = 2; voteMissionPlayers = 3; reportingIP = "arma2oapc.master.gamespy.com"; timeStampFormat = "short"; motd[] = {"http://pepsiml.ga","Good Luck, Have fun!"}; motdInterval = 0; vonCodecQuality = 11; disableVoN = 0; kickduplicate = 1; verifySignatures = 2; persistent = 1; BattlEye = 0; doubleIdDetected = ""; onUserConnected = ""; onUserDisconnected = ""; onUnsignedData = "kick (_this select 0)"; onHackedData = "kick (_this select 0)"; onDifferentData = ""; regularCheck = ""; requiredBuild = 103718; requiredSecureId = 2; class Missions { class Mission1 { template = "DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus"; difficulty="regular"; }; }; I used the tutorial stickied here.
  15. Im new to setting these up and need some guidance while I learn to set a server up. You can find me on this ts -> ts.digitalhazards.net
  16. TAGau


    Would anyone know how to set this sqf up I'm not to sure on how to use it
  17. Hi everyone, First of all, I would like to thank all for your time and hope to create new gaming relationships with you all. My Friend and I are owners of a gaming community called Half Gamerz, we currently own other game servers, and would really want to host an Arma3 epoch server. However, the problem we are facing is that neither one of us know how to build and manage a server like this. We currently own a Windows 2008 private dedicated server box with over 32 GB memory, we would like to know if there is a community who would like to co-own this server and manage the entire server for us. If your interested please let us know... Also to forum moderators I am sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place, I am new here; feel free to move this to the correct place if needed. All we ask is that, there is a way to be able to community with you and your community either by Teamspeak3 or Discord. Thank you, StarLord
  18. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone can give me a bit of an insight into why my launch options aren't working. Whenever I use the -connect=host.tmkgaming.com -port=2302 I get a waiting for host hang screen but all the mods load correctly. I'm currently developing a launcher for my new modpack and in sorta non code form what the program is using is this command: Process.Start("cmd", /c start "" "THIER_ARMA2OA_DIRECTORY\ArmA2OA.exe" 0 0 -skipintro [email protected] -noSplash "-mod=THIER_ARMA2_DIRECTORY\;expansion;" -connect=host.tmkgaming.com -port=2302) Thanks guys c:
  19. Hello Guys, I tryin' to install RimBlocks´s Plot4Life Mod on my Overpoch server.. But the Tutorials and HowTo´s etc. are for fresh Server...Who have the detailed Tutorial for an existing Server? Please i need it ;) King Regards SeCTioN
  20. 1.60 server and client performance builds incorporating crash fixes and other fixes have been released. See post #7 or so on the page lined below for this and future performance builds. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/160288-arma-3-stable-server-160-performance-binary-feedback/page-76
  21. There are a few new settings being rolled out that give greater control over kicking players with connection issues: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/160288-arma-3-stable-server-160-performance-binary-feedback/page-74 These are listed below. If not specified, the default settings are used as shown below: disconnectTimeout=5; maxPing=500; maxDesync=95; maxPacketLoss=95; Correction: these should be added to the server.cfg. This might be something worth adding to server-example.cfg, I believe, with future releases. EDIT: For documentation see page 76 of the thread above and look for dwarden's post at the bottom of that page.
  22. Looking for people who knows how to correctly setup a Dayz Overpoch server and also someone who knows how to program mission files so content can be added/edited in the server. Please reply and answer the following questions. Steam Name: Can you program mission files?: Can you setup a Dayz Overpoch Server?: How many hours on Arma 2?: Anything else that we should know, other skills, etc?:
  23. So, I have my own dedicated server that is just LAN for the moment (hopefully I explained that right). Whenever I log back on it has rolled back anywhere from 30min-1hour. I log out like this...Disconnect myself through admin menu in game, close out tadst, then I close out start-redis.cmd. I don't see the point in leaving the server running since its private, but then again, I don't know how it all works. I am also under the impression that every time I shut everything down I'm restarting the server.. I have added two new vehicles (Ifrit and ghost hawk) and they never show up after I log back on. The ghost hawk showed up once and I logged out and haven't seen it since! So, I guess my questions here are, is there a way to save the db as it is right before logging so I don't have to worry about rollbacks? And is my server being restarted correctly? Thanks for taking the time to help me out, this is super frustrating for me, and the only problems that are keeping me from moving forward. And yes, I have used the search function for hours and have found nothing that helped me so please save it.
  24. Hey, I don't see any decent server anymore who has no 200 scripts and makes the game so easy and boring... I don't want to play on a server with sky bases, indestructible bases or any other scripts. So here is my question.... Would some people be interested in playing on a server without any huge scripts? I could live with AI missions and 1 or 2 godmode traders and traders who sell locks... But that would be it, no sky bases, no indestructible bases, no other bullshit that makes the game easy. I would be more than happy to host such a server if enough people are interested! Have a nice day, DieterGriffin.
  25. Hi all, I am currently trying to set up a server on a Linux base and have followed the youtube tutorial by Jahangirl. Everything pretty much seems to have gone ok, until I start the server through the command line. Again, most of it seems to load ok but then gets stuck and throws the following error: Warning Message: Script x\addons\a3_epoch_code\compile\bis_functions\initFunctions.sqf not found Then the server just sits there. As far as I can remember from my days of Arma 2, the iniFunctions file sits inside the a3_epoch_code.pbo? I've never know the file to be missing before and so I'm wondering if this isn't just a symptomatic issue relating to something else. I've had a search on here and google but I've found any definitive answers. I have the port set to 2309 and have opened the port so I know that's not the problem. Any suggestions you can give on what to look at would be great. Thanks Andy
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