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Found 369 results

  1. I have seen a couple of threads where debugging is becoming an issue and thought I would share one of the tools I have written. Basically it allows you to add an entry to the server log, normally done with diag_log at the server, from the client (player) side of your mission scripts. Normally, for the client, hint is the only way to do any sensible debugging. I now use this religiously when scripting. All this does is setup a public variable event handler that, when called, runs a small script on the server that logs whatever is sent to it via the public variable. The reason for this requirement, if you have tried doing a diag_log from the client you will have noticed that nothing appears in the server log. This is because of locality. In short, not all things are available to the client that are for the server and vice/versa. If you are serious about scripting locality is one thing you will want to get your head around, it explains why a lot of things that, at first glance, appear like they should work but just don't.. To Install: In init.sqf (in your mission folder) add (Or add the relevant code to an existing isServer): if (isServer) then { axe_server_log = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "tools\logtorpt.sqf"; "axeDiagLog" addPublicVariableEventHandler {_id = (_this select 1) spawn axe_server_log}; }; Create a folder called tools in your mission folder and add logtorpt.sqf (this can be packaged in, and referenced from, dayz_server.pbo): //logtorpt.sqf private ["_targetObj"]; _targetObj = _this; diag_log format["AXELOG: %1",_targetObj]; Then when you want to create a log entry from your clientside code use this as an example (the key bits are the last two lines): _var1 = "wow"; _var2 = "a log entry."; axeDiagLog = format["I am logging something here: 1st Var=%1 | 2nd Var=%2.",_var1,_var2];//Set the public variable value publicVariable "axeDiagLog";//Send the public variable 'to the event handler' Obviously you can make axeDiagLog pretty much anything you want. That example will then appear in your server side log as: 13:49:31 "AXELOG:I am logging something here: 1st Var=wow | 2nd Var=a log entry." This is creating public variables so may cause network issues if overdone. Always remove for live servers to increase performance. That said I have had this running at hundreds of logs per second on my test server and had no noticeable lag with 2 to 3 players in testing. Is entirely possible this could be optimised using publicVariableServer instead, it works so I haven't 'fixed' it. That's it, server side logging from the client, enjoy.. :)
  2. Hi folks I hope that you can help me here: I am trying to add vehicles to my server. I have the locations of the vehilces, and have pasted them into the database. However, they do not spawn unless i get the objectUID just right. I added the name of vehicles i want to spawn (example: SUV_Pink), but it does still not spawn. I tried to type random numbers in the objectUID, and it spawned some vehicles. Not the vehicles i want, but others. Is there a way to add vehicles to the server, or is this a form of security so you arent able to add any? I have attached a screenshot of some of the vehicles i successfully added to the database. Best regards and thanks in advance //Warpten
  3. hi everybody , i'm aleaallee and i've created a epoch server to play with my friends but i want to add it the tow and lift script and i don't know how to install it , can somebody help me please?
  4. Hello, I'v tried updating my server for about 2 hours now (I must be doing something wrong) My old version: New Version that i tried to get to work COULD anyone please type down steps by steps on how to update the server? (I know this question has been asked before, but I cannot find any good answers for it)
  5. could some one tell me please how to add buildings to my epoch server as i have no idea on how to
  6. Hi Folks, at first i am new in the Server-Admin business and unfortunately I do not manage a lot of them. :d I own a pretty sweet Windows Root Server (2 x 2,4 GHz | 4 GB | 1TB HDD) and i wannt to run an DayZ Epoch Cherno Server. Today there was about ~20 Players on the Server and the Server fps are around 9fps -.- (The CPU was about 55%-75% 2,8Gb RAM in use) thats pretty low i think. Nobody said anything about lag but i think the server is running on his peak, is thats right? Why he was so highly admire with so little players count? To smal cpu/ram or its more the db = hdd writes? What can i do to get a bit more Performance? Or is my Server cap 20 players at my hardware? I am grateful for any answer Iv0ry
  7. So I'm looking for this file so that I can extend the length of time before placed items despawn. Can anyone help me locate it? Server hosted by vilayer, thanks
  8. I updated my traders with Cinder Blocks, Mortar and Sledgehammer via SQL program and after that was done I can no longer join my server :/ It's online however in dayz commaner I have the "time" icon showing beside it... How can I restore it so the server is back working again? I'm not sure what I did wrong as I used the below SQL query to update the traders:
  9. Hi guys I'll keep it simple and quick, I just installed Epoch joined a server started playing all was well then for the first time ever i get a crash to desktop...Load the game back up click join crash again. Details Epoch Fresh install Arma II OA Fresh install Arma II OA Beta Fresh and correct one for server 103718 Arma II Addons present Britsh Armed Forces,Private Military Company Personal .ini Tweaks 95 FoV PC Details PC-Custom Built CoolerMaster 922 HAF Case AVG : Geforce GTX 670 Motherboard : Asus P8Z68-M (Pro) Processor : Intel i7-3770 OC @ 4.0 HDD : 256 gig SSD,1.5 TB Samsung, 3x 2TB External HDD's OS : Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium Monitor : 40 Inch LED HD Backlit 1920x1080 Ram : 8 Gig Kingston HyperX Any help will be greatly appreciated really keen to play some Epoch.
  10. Hi all I'm working on an control panel and wanted to know what you would like to have beside map and inventory.
  11. Hi guys, just recent purchased a server from Vilayer.com a few days ago and I have managed to get all my custom scripting working etc but there's just one thing eluding me. How to set up auto restarts (every 4 hours). I tried setting up the Scheduler.xml as on the ibattle website but no joy. Any help would be much appreciated because I would like to be able to get this server public.
  12. I keep running into a lot of problems with the new patch... Now when I try to join my server I get that error: Any Ideas?
  13. Me and my clan have a server (not the owner) and we just updated not too long ago and we are getting stuck at waiting for host wen trying to join it could someone help us? we are using Vilayer to host the server.
  14. So silly question probably but, how do I go about updating the server files? I did search, found someone ask the same basic question and they got a one line response of updating sql... Surely there is more to it than executing the new sql file no? Can someone elaborate? Especially if the current server install is modded with scripts etc. won't the new files overwrite the existing? Anyone want to put up some simple instructions on how to update an epoch server? I guess, a proper question would be this: When updating to a new server version, must server admins update all files, including all instance_X_mapname, and MPMission folders etc.that are included in the download to get benefits of the update? Or is the server update merely the new HiveExt.dll and the new server pbo? Can I just update the pbo to get all new version updates?
  15. Hi fellow Epoch players. I have installed Epoch out of the box on a Ubuntu wine server where I run some other game servers without any problems. But when I start up the Epoch server I get no errors but when a players joins it, they can select a player slot at the multiplayer setup and download some of the mission file but not all, and I get a error saying "Resource RscDisplayLoadCustome not found" in the log file. Do anyone know what that is about? Looking forward to any help, after searching the internet for over a week for any solution, and found that nobody else have had this error...
  16. Hi everyone I have been stuck trying to setup a epoch server. I have installed a MYSQL server but I am confused when it says the following. Create a new mysql database called "dayz_epoch" and import the epoch.sql file found in the SQL folder. I believe I have created the database but how do I import the epoch.sql file found in the sql folder. I know were the folder is at and I see the file but it does not populate the tables or anything. When I select the database in HeidiSQL program is says SQL error (1049) unkown database.
  17. Hi all, At the beginning i would like to apologize for my grammar, i'm still learning English. :P My question is: Is there any DayZ Epoch server that doesn't contain too much scripts and other addons??? Every single server i see always MUST have + 9999999 vehicles & helis self-bloodbags, towing and other stuff. I just want to play the mod in its pure state. Is there aby chance for that??? If anyone can help i would be very thankful. regards
  18. HFB Servers Installation of 1.0.2 WARNING THIS WILL DESTROY CUSTOMIZED CONTENT AND WILL REQUIRE THAT YOU REINSTALL CUSTOMIZED ADD ONS. Requirements : A good ftp connection and ftp management software ( I Used Filezilla) A file editor of your liking. (I used notepad ++) Hive connection software (I used Navicat Lite) 1. SHUTDOWN YOUR SERVER AND BACKUP YOUR FILES !!! Server side directories and contents: a. @Dayz_Epoch b. @Dayz_Epoch_Server c. HFBepochChernarusPrivate d. Keys e. MPmissions/DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus f. HIVE(database) SQL DUMP (if your not sure about this then maybe your not ready for doing the rest) 2. Remove the following directories from your server: a. @Dayz_Epoch b. @Dayz_Epoch_Server c. HFBepochChernarusPrivate d. MPmissions/DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus 3. Unzip the 1.0.2 Content 4. in the 1.0.2 Content rename the instance_11_Chernarus directory to HFBepochChernarusPrivate, and upload the entire directory to your server root. (you will get an error about the whitelist.exe and the rotate_logs.bat) 5. in the 1.0.2 Content upload the @DayZ_Epoch_Server directory and contents to the server root 6. in the 1.0.2 Content upload the Keys directory to server root (replace current files when requested) 7. in the 1.0.2 Content upload the MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus directory and contents to serverroot\MPMissions 8. in the 1.0.2 Content copy the *.dll files up to your server root Replace the current ones if requested. 9. copy the SQL statement in the 1.0.2 content and parse it to your server. 10. In your backups, copy the config.cfg from the HFBepochChernarusPrivate directory (the backup) to your serverroot/HFBepochChernarusPrivate directory. overwrite if requested. 11. In your backups, copy the Hiveext.ini from the HFBepochChernarusPrivate directory (the backup) to your serverroot/HFBepochChernarusPrivate directory. overwrite if requested. Start your Server ! You will have a vanilla install that will require you to modify your Missions.pbo and server.pbo to your liking. (do that in the fashion your accustomed to) I am currently working on getting all of my favorite mods working. I have the towing and lift working, but only on specified vehicles I have the blurgaming admin tools functional. I have Sarge's AI installed and operational Nightmares private hive tools function well, albeit a wee bit buggy, but nothing that cannot be overcome. Working on Missions now, and pay for function on the artillery batteries (pay for call for fire missions) All of my map content is present. Updated to without incidents.
  19. Hello, I am new to dayz server hosting and I have a question. How in the world do I install Dayz Epoch onto a rented server that uses dayz control center!? Honestly I am confused and there is no real help on the subject. All responses that pertain to the situation and arn't hate will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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