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Found 31 results

  1. I think the Epoch team has the "Make ARMA Not War" contest in the bag. Here's a GIF showing 1st place (Epoch) vs 2nd place: http://gfycat.com/InsistentLividGalapagosdove 3060 v 1031. Good job Epoch team! I'm so looking forward to open alpha/beta!
  2. Hi friends, I have a problem. I recently set up a server, bought the Steam license of the game Arma 2 OA (and installed all you need to play in the Dayz Epoch, patch 125548), everything is fine starts running. But the problem is that in the search game for some reason, my server is looking for a very long time about 30-60 seconds, and the DC server does not find it. I have the impression that the server is not completely on the license, I can not understand what was going on. Although I've got another server Dayz, but in finding and Commander is immediately (on the first places in the search), did all the same on the other hosting, but there is no result. Who can tell what the problem is? IP: is not advertising:)) to test ping, port may help solve the problem. Thanks in advance!
  3. lolingdevil


    Will we be able to create our own servers, and be able to host our own private servers at some point, or will there only be official servers ?
  4. Hey guys So im setting up an overpoch server and i need a little help. I hope i posted this in the right forum and category. So I purchased an overpoch server off of survival servers and they automatically edited the traders and the loot tables to spawn overwatch guns and that worked fine but the traders where bugged.... Overwatch guns only spawned at klen and there was no name or picture for the guns only the classname.. also it was bugged that you couldn't even buy the weapons...so i wiped the Traders-Data databse and replaced it with the one from my old epoch server then used the overpoch server pack : http://www.xstreamgaming.net/forum/threads/dayz-overpoch-server-pack-by-xstreamgaming-chernarus-napf-sauerland.75/ and took out the sql file and ran that in my database... it all worked fine but the guns that spawn at hero also spawn at stary/klen/bash .... also the prices arnt that good aswell ... so i know i could go through the items one by one and change the price ect but i was wondering if someone could send my their sql with all the overpoch guns and vehicles at the right places? I did contact survival servers about their premade traders being bugged and they wernt that helpfull aslo im thinking off getting a dedicated server and running this. Thank you very much.
  5. On our server we had unlocked the skins so that we can use all arma 2 skins but once unlocked they work properly but me and another player had the unlocked skin set to our players but could not get in a vehicle together but as soon as one player removes the skin I.E dieing we can ride again as long as the player with the unlocked skin gets in last
  6. Hey Epoch users! I'm like most of you, an university student who likes to make usefull or funny things. I've noticed that here are a few people here who also have the programming as a hobby. So why not we make team to share knowledge and ideas? So this is not to make a mod neither do epoch developers job, just make additions to epoch. Requeriments would be: - want to learn - want to share - want to have fun - basic programming skills or arma 2/dayz editing knowledge (not necesary at all if you want to learn) what do you say?
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