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  1. I think the loot rate is fine.. Perhaps too many weapons. The one thing I'd like to have changed/editable is the really low rate at which forniture spawns.
  2. Problem being, I can't edit the epochserver.ini to my host's BE location; the server will simply replace the file on restart once it detects the modification. I've tried checking the "use custom redis" option from my host's control panel so that it allows me to keep a modified epochserver.ini, but that will make the server crash on start up for some reason. It would seem that Nitrado is derping it up this time.
  3. The only thing I'd like to have back is trader "classes", as in having a specific trader for weapons, vehicles, food and misc. at trader cities; while the random traders around the map could just buy and sell everything at different rates of Krypto. That'd be interesting.
  4. I like the odd approach they're taking; it's like some Fallout mixed with The Zone from STALKER (I'd totally dig more Bloodsucker-style enemies). They just need to coagulate their lore a bit more and perhaps write a more convincing back-story for these antagonists, in my opinion.
  5. My problem is quite the opposite; all configs seem to be aiming at the right places but BEC doesn't touch publivar.txt at restart, it simply never happens. I'm running the pre-installation with Nitrado and I think they change something with the folder structure that breaks the .dll's job.. Although the only thing that's different is the BE filters are in a "config" folder instead of the default "SC" you guys provide. I'm at a loss..
  6. Or you can get a host that gives you that included in the rent (i.e. Nitrado).
  7. This only works when they recognize the target as an enemy already, such as other AI and zombies (using STENCHOVDETH's fix). No luck for other players and such.
  8. But without the targeting system, how do we get them to attack other players? Assuming it's using the Arma2 faction system, I guess that's not even possible?
  9. The script is awesome, thanks for sharing it. But I'm having a bit of a problem with AI inside a vehicle with you, if they're gunning, they will only fire once the player leaves the vehicle. Also, would there be a way of ordering the AI to engage a certain target? Cheers.
  10. This works perfectly, however only for brick buildables it seems. Gonna dig to find if those classnames are defined somewhere.
  11. The buildings looks pretty awesome. I'm confused on the generic "druid" setting lol
  12. I've been running RA for 6 months now, never once I wiped the entire DB (and I consider myself lucky that I never had the need to).
  13. You're my God. Fingers crossed on those permissions.
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