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  1. since I can not expect any help here, this thread can be closed
  2. ok. but since a few days, my Hive/SQL-DB don't save all on restart to. and the error-messages get more and more. If i have a clue, what these messages are meaning, i can have a look at my DB. but without any knowledge about the meaning of these messages, i have no chance to find the error. I really need som help. so PLEASE!!! Anyone, who knows about the meaning of these messages, help me.
  3. Nice help :( ... i thought someone would help... but it seems to be a really bad community here on Epoch. :angry:
  4. I have some Hared issues with my (modded) server. Sice a few day's i become a lot of "Object X:XXX not found (message XXX)" messages, and it's getting more and more. I have no clue, what theese messages are meaning Since i'm not good in SQL and Coding. If anyone can tell me, whats going on with my Server, i would be thankfull. Mod's: Start-Gear | Custom Map | 24h Daylight | Lift Script | Auto-refuel | Self-bloodbag | 250 Vehicles | Custom Debug Monitor Here some examples that are shown in my log: If anyone can help me than he can come to my TeamSpeak if he want. TS-IP:
  5. I have the same Problem. Same Error-Message and really heavy Laggs.
  6. I hope so. I've allready tryed to get BB working on Epoch, but for some reason it wan't work. All stuff i build disappeared instantly when build is finished and "remove-code" shows up. And i hav no clue why^^
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