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  1. so why not tell us that from the beginning? i am not bothered if they are delayed. just be upfront with the facts please.
  2. wow did think anyone was using this a part from me that is.. with no issues i might add :P are you using the .dll for multichar support? as for the bankinit.sqf i not sure it will work 100% i will check it out and let you know. edit:- ok you dont need bankint.sqf. thats how souls version saves your to your bank. my version works differently. so remove that from your server pbo, and change the line in your server_functions.sqf from #include "\z\addons\dayz_server\bankzones\bankinit.sqf" to #include "\z\addons\dayz_server\bankzones\banks.sqf" if you have neither add #include "\z\addons\dayz_server\bankzones\banks.sqf" below server_sendToClient = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_sendToClient.sqf"; if you are using coin scripts modded for souls version remove PVDZE_bank_Save = [player]; publicVariableServer "PVDZE_bank_Save"; from the init.sqf, as this is not needed. edit your server_playersetup.sqf (i am assuming it has not already been modded) add:- _wealth = _primary select 7; _bank = _primary select 8; around line 62 below:- _lastinstance = _primary select 6; then also add:- _playerObj setVariable["bankMoney",_bank,true]; _playerObj setVariable["bankMoney_CHK",_bank]; _playerObj setVariable["cashMoney",_wealth,true]; _playerObj setVariable["cashMoney_CHK",_wealth]; around line 234 below :- _playerObj setVariable["humanity_CHK",_humanity]; edit your server_playersync.sqf (i am assuming it has not already been modded) add:- _wealth = ["cashMoney",_character] call server_getDiff2; _bank = ["bankMoney",_character] call server_getDiff2; around line 120 below:- _humanity = ["humanity",_character] call server_getDiff2; and change line :- _key = format["CHILD:201:%1:%2:%3:%4:%5:%6:%7:%8:%9:%10:%11:%12:%13:%14:%15:%16:",_characterID,_playerPos,_playerGear,_playerBackp,_medical,false,false,_kills,_headShots,_distanceFoot,_timeSince,_currentState,_killsH,_killsB,_currentModel,_humanity]; to:- _key = format["CHILD:201:%1:%2:%3:%4:%5:%6:%7:%8:%9:%10:%11:%12:%13:%14:%15:%16:%17:%18:",_characterID,_playerPos,_playerGear,_playerBackp,_medical,false,false,_kills,_headShots,_distanceFoot,_timeSince,_currentState,_killsH,_killsB,_currentModel,_humanity,_wealth,_bank]; think that should do it. let me know how you get on.
  3. Rimblock. getting this when targeting other players:- Error Undefined variable in expression _rplayeruid file missions ....player_updateGui.sqf, line 320 if ((|#|_rplayerUID in _friendlies) && (_playerU....
  4. all working, ( i had a typo in my spaceinterupt!) works great thanks. altough i am gonna have a play with the latest build_snaping pro.
  5. hi thanks for the effort with this. although i am still having issues with this. cannot deploy pole with space bar. if snap build pro 1.4.1 is merged, why are the snap_build.sqf and the player_build.sqf in the plot for life files so different to latest snap build pro 1.4.1 github? also i cannot find a reference for the supplied "remove.sqf"?
  6. my thoughts exactly but i dont wont to get in to that, people can decide for themselves In regards to the dll is it the coin only mod the smaller file size, or the one with mult-char support? not that i think the dll's have a issue, as spawned vehicles take damage / hit points in the usual way.
  7. Soul, i was'nt going to post this because i am not that type of guy but... i find your posts on this topic a little confrontational, not quite sure why but i feel you have a problem with me? or have i got it wrong? if so then we have got off on the wrong foot and i apologize for my assumption. i am sure i have not made any derogatory posts at anything you have said/done? i mean we are both just trying to help out the community? Look i get it, you feel my way is the wrong way thats fine with me honestly!. i respect your views and the work you have done is great. I am Not to sure about yourself but i do this for fun, just to see if i can, the thrill of the chase so to speak. if people want to to test/make use of what i have done then fine, i will help them the best i can, if they find its not for them and don't then that's fine too. i will probably just put the source up on Github for anyone to use anyway. to be honest i have more important things in my life. i had a few odd days in my leave from work so i thought i would give it a go, no harm in that is there? Oh well i am back of to work tomorrow, back to the real world where stuff like this don't really matter !.
  8. No problem Zupa, but keeping the same bank for every character? i feel thats a little cheaty lol but if thats what the community wants then fine anyway thanks for your kind words.
  9. Updated files and install instructions on orginal post.
  10. Only Character Data syncs were edited in the HiveExt.dlls so the dll's should'nt be the problem. will test for myself tommorrow need sleep...
  11. DELETE n1 FROM Character_DATA n1, Character_DATA n2 WHERE n1.CharacterID < n2.CharacterID AND n1.PlayerUID = n2.PlayerUID seems fine if you are not running axe cops char mod otherwise you will need to include his "Slot" in there too.
  12. 1.0? oh i know what you mean lol i am not worried about that dude, just glad i can help the community. :D Glad its all working for you. just don't forget about the query change for player house keeping. did your's work ok? i am currently updating the files, to make them as a complete package. did you find the instructions clear enough? i Know there not "pretty" but they do the job? you want to post your scripts and instructions how to used with my My HiveExt.dll's ?
  13. is yours the Zupa System? have you tried the included gold files? need a little more information you have any logs you can post?
  14. I am out at the moment but I will check this out when I get home, unless someone wants to post one.
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