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  1. No matter what I try, I can't get rid of this battleye kick. I can normally work my away around scripts.txt, however, I can't figure this one out. #25 "NG code!';}; _opt = _this select 1; 'ADMIN_MARKER' setMarkerText _do; switch _opt do { case 0:{ [69,playe"
  2. http://epochmod.com/forum/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=1529
  3. I can seem to download anything form the forum. I am getting a forbidden error for attachments.
  4. I've never made one, is there a place that will walk me through it?
  5. It's an addon present on arma 3 launcher. I can not create a bikey for it since I don't have permission to do so, nor can I redistribute it. I am aware of the risks, so I am trying to close as many holes as possible. :P WSRHS is the addon.
  6. Bohemia's example of listing all activated add ons: {if (! (["a3_", _x] call BIS_fnc_inString)) then {diag_log _x;} } forEach activatedAddons; I wonder if a if (activatedAddons==mod) would work. I guess I'll try it.
  7. I'm already running verifysignatures at 0. I'm looking for a small script that does a check on the currently running addons, which I know is possible. If I just leave it at 0, someone with the epoch mod is going to log on and see invisible guns and cars. :P I'm looking to do a check so I can prevent a crappy gaming experience. :P I know it's possible because I've seen other servers do it. For instance: _canPass = true; { if (!(["a3_", _x] call BIS_fnc_inString)) then { if (isClass _x) then { if ((!configName _x) in arrayFromServerAddons) exitWith {_canPass = false;}; }; }; } forEach activatedAddons; if (!_canPass) exitWith { hint "You don't have that mod installed!"; }; This unfortunately does not work.
  8. It's a mod I did not create, just implementing, so creating a key wouldn't do me any good.
  9. It can be done, I've seen servers do it. I just can't remember specifically or else I would just go look at their mission file. :p
  10. I am looking to write a script, I found a couple of examples that did not work. Long story short, I don't have a bikey for a mod I am working on merging with epoch, I am looking to do a check to see if the users has the correct mods installed or receive a message. How would I go about this?
  11. I did what you said, however, I am still getting the same error, I'll look into it in more detail in the morning and will report back.
  12. Hello! I am having trouble installing taviana with this version of epoch, I am getting error 02 server not ready. I am using a custom tavi.h, however, after 5 minutes or so, I get "Error 02, Server not Ready". Any help would be appreciated, thank you. I know my tavi.h is working correctly because my safezones are in game and loaded. Note: Vanilla epoch with @mas 1.8, AIA terrain pack, and @taviana 0.2 are the mods.
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