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  1. I realise that tools will break at random intervals but its highly annoying when removing something that has 8 steps and you have to start over. Wouldn't it be better if the tool still broke but the item you were collapsing/deconstructing remained at the stage the tool broke? Amount of times I've tried to take down my Triple H barriers and the crowbar snapped half way through stage 7 of 8 is rediculous, surely it should stay at stage 7 and then you carry on from there with a new tool? A screw wouldn't magicly screw itself back into a wall if the screwdriver snapped would it? Just a suggestion anyway. Cheers for the good work so far.
  2. A Snap to and a camera angle the same as when you are in a car would be so much better, I built a "nice shed" today and I couldn't see where it was going at all and had to get another player to place it and I direct them. Being able to move an item backwards and forwards with the scroll wheel would be awesome instead of the W and S keys.
  3. Bin the trade animation for sure, no requirement for it.
  4. would be good if you could combine 3 plot poles together into a large plot that gives you 75m instead of a tiny 30m.
  5. Noticed this also.
  6. This is what bagfences look like now, they have to follow the contour of the ground and will not go any lower. Cinder walls however can be lowered into the ground as much as you like.
  7. So in the patch prior you could build stuff and lower it as far as you liked into the ground, now you can't do that? Is there something I'm doing wrong? I just want to cover some holes with bagfences and maintain a level wall like in this image. As the ground slopes away to the right, I can maintain a level wall as the bagfence is built into the ground but now I can't do this? it looks staggered, uneven and crap. Is there a work around this? Cheers
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