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  1. NM I got the answer, kind of crappy imo
  2. Is there anyway to populate the NPC's with gear to sell? Other then populating it by trading with the NPCs?
  3. We used the "pipebomb" name and have it as a weapon spawning in a crate with LMG's
  4. The mines spawned in the crate, but vanish when taken out, the back packs an satchel didn't spawn at all, is there anyway to work around this? (Sorry extremely nub at this). Thanks in advance!
  5. I've seen the server spawned ones that say (needs power) so I'm assuming those can be used for base fuel? What about the ones sold at Stary trader can i park that at my base and use it to fuel helo's/vehicles? Thanks in advance!
  6. Can someone helicopter in and remove plot pole and take over my base?
  7. I play on a server that has indestructible bases enabled, is there any other reason to build in the midge of no where for me? Is rather build close to Stary, unless there is a reason not to that I'm missing?? (New to epoch btw)
  8. How about on a server with indestructible bases, would that apply?
  9. Hey all, I'm somewhat new to Epoch, I'm just wondering a few things. If I put a plot pole down, enclose the area I want as a base, can someone helicopter in and pull the plot and claim it for themselves (assuming I have not died since placing the plotpole.)
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