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  1. I can sell items just fine and they show up in the database, but when i want to view the buy list it doesnt show any items. I checked all the logs and they all look fine, so im at a lose why it's doing it. If anyone can show me the right way that would be great.
  2. amazing but please make them enter able.
  3. Hey i can use some help on this, i am using ASC weapon attachment addon which gives you those attachments just like standalone. What i am doing now is that u right click on the weapon u have on you and select to attach a silencer, then the script checks if u have the actual silencer and then if u do it will upgrade it. This method is way to complicated and a ton of work, i have got a lot of new weapons as well but to do this for all of them is a pain. What i would like to have is you right click on the silencer in your inventory and select attach to weapon, this will then see what weapon you got and search for a possible upgrade for that weapon and if it is it will switch the weapon and remove the silencer. Now my coding skills are limited this is why i am here asking for help. i would like to get this working because it is a great feature and maybe even could be added to epoch itself. This is what i have now found on these forums. In Extra_rc.hpp i have to put something like this. class RH_m4 { class RH_m4_1 { text = "Attach Suppressor"; script = "[""RH_m4"",""ItemToolbox"",""ASC_Item_SD_556mm"","""",""RH_m4sd"",""Suppressor Attached""]execVM ""custom\wepmodify\upgrades.sqf"";"; }; class RH_m4_2 { text = "Attach Grenade Launcher"; script = "[""RH_m4"",""ItemToolbox"",""ASC_Item_M203"","""",""RH_m4gl"",""Grenade Launcher Attached""]execVM ""custom\wepmodify\upgrades.sqf"";"; }; class RH_m4_3 { text = "Attach M203 + SD"; script = "[""RH_m4"",""ItemToolbox"",""ASC_Item_M203"",""ASC_Item_SD_556mm"",""RH_m4sdgl"",""M203 + SD Attached""]execVM ""custom\wepmodify\upgrades.sqf"";"; }; class RH_m4_4 { text = "Attach CCO Sight"; script = "[""RH_m4"",""ItemToolbox"",""ASC_Item_Optics_AIM"","""",""RH_m4aim"",""CCO Sight Attached""]execVM ""custom\wepmodify\upgrades.sqf"";"; }; class RH_m4_5 { text = "Attach Holo Sight"; script = "[""RH_m4"",""ItemToolbox"",""ASC_Item_Optics_EoTech"","""",""RH_m4eotech"",""Holo Sight Attached""]execVM ""custom\wepmodify\upgrades.sqf"";"; }; class RH_m4_6 { text = "Attach ACOG Sight"; script = "[""RH_m4"",""ItemToolbox"",""ASC_Item_Optics_ACOG"","""",""RH_m4acog"",""ACOG Sight Attached""]execVM ""custom\wepmodify\upgrades.sqf"";"; }; }; Upgrades.sqf downgrades.sqf
  4. 0:13:17 Error in expression <== "STRING") and ((typeName(_worldspace select 3)) == "STRING")) then { _colour > 0:13:17 Error position: <select 3)) == "STRING")) then { _colour > 0:13:17 Error Zero divisor 0:13:17 File z\addons\dayz_server\system\server_monitor.sqf, line 318 its spamming this in the log
  5. remove this DefaultBackpackWeapon = "";
  6. You forgot these. [CHANGED] Replaced variable DefaultBackpackWeapon = ""; with DefaultBackpackItems = [""]; which accepts both weapons and magazines. @icomrade [ADDED] Default player skin for fresh spawns, selected randomly DZE_defaultSkin = [["Male skin1","Male skin2"],["Female skin1","Female skin2"]]. @icomrade
  7. i changed the first post, the way to fix it has changed.
  8. Getting the same white dialog, here is link to screenshot. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4152066/white.GIF
  9. Hey nice addition, i will be using this on my servers. :P Also the backpack check is no longer needed, u don't need to take it off anymore to change skin.
  10. Yes im trying to find a solution for this to.
  11. You admit it then, the plan was to make the stronghold work like a safe. On my server i have this working 100%, you seem to be using an older version of my fn_selfactions code. the other files are my coding. if you plan to release it for your epoch Origins pack, then i would like atleast some credits.
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