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  1. OFF I thought those rearm trucks are not working. I have all types of trucks spawned but only the refueler is working - rearm, repair are not.
  2. Deleting a wall, foundation or any built object with the admin tool makes everything and everyone(vehicles, players) damaged around it in a ~15m circle. This happens since the hotfix.
  3. I removed SEM completely, now i get this: #21" #line 1 "mpmissions\__CUR_MP.altis\init.sqf" My init.sqf only contains the welcome credits script.
  4. I'm using SEM 0.6 and updated the be filters as i did before. Maybe those filters need to be updated too?
  5. After the update i'm getting kicked with script restriction #21 Log: #21 "4654.62,9593.63,0] nearestObject 145260) setDamage 1;
  6. 2 explosive charges to blow up player built walls, regardless of the material. Tested many times on my server.
  7. +1 Nametags for the markers would be nice too.
  8. Helicopters...? We just tried to blow up a simple hatchback with guns.... it took LOOOOTS of mags, 4 ppl were shooting it for a couple of minutes, then a 40mm gl took care of it. Same thing with an offroad. 3x 150 Zafir bullets to the engine, sides, and so. Nothing happened, so i blew it up with an explosive.
  9. Yes... :-/ 4 or 5 hits with an Mk18 (7.62) to kill. Even if the target has some armor, its too much...
  10. Are there any ways to remove a certain item from the loot? I'd like to prevent players from getting explosive charges.
  11. It helped, no disconnected players til now.
  12. Nope, nothing related to this. Just some config options. There is a setting in server.cfg requiredSecureId = 2; I'm going to set this to 1 at next restart and see if it helps...
  13. I dont know about the cpu load, it's a rented server. No pending things in the log. Btw there are a lot of these errors: 9:50:23 Client: Object 26:78 (type Type_88) not found. 9:50:23 Client: Object 26:77 (type Type_89) not found. .. but i guess this has nothing to do with my issue. The usual 10-15 players can connect/play without problems but any other players are disconnected instantly.
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