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  1. So just one question! Does this spam with errors in RPT files, like the old ones?
  2. Im glad someone took there time to look at this old awesome script! Great work, no bugs for now, working great! :)
  3. Great job! working perfectly, thx u very much!
  4. Great idea, i will give it a try! When the server gets empty! EDIT: BTW didn´t u make the crashsite marker script on Opendayz? if yes could u help getting it to work?
  5. Mr.Exodus

    Crashsite markers

    So i found this script a while ago, can´t remember who made it. (i think it was a dude called matt). Anyway i cant get it to work since its outdatet, if anyone could take a look at the script! Since im kinda lost.. The script should place a marker on the map, when a crashsite is spawned. //Heli crash Markers and alert player heliCrash = _pos; [heliCrash] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\modules\crashmarker.sqf"; //call the spawn marker spawn script publicVariable "heliCrash";//not sure if needed but its there :P I place the code in Crash_spawner.sqf right under my: "diag_log(format["CRASHSPAWNER: Crash completed! Wreck at: %2 - Runtime: %1 Seconds || Distance from calculated POC: %3 meters", round(_endTime), str(getPos _crash), round(_position distance _crash)]); " And added a new file called crashmarker.sqf, in my modules folder. And added this code; //CRASH SITE MAP MARKERS AND MESSAGE private["_nul"]; _CrashCoords = _this select 0; //create marker at crash site _event_marker = createMarker ["HeliCrashsiteMarker", _CrashCoords]; _event_marker setMarkerColor "ColorBlue"; _event_marker setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE"; _event_marker setMarkerBrush "Grid"; _event_marker setMarkerSize [175,175]; _event_marker setMarkerText "Crash site"; //DEBUG diag_log(format["CRASH MARKER: marker created at %1", _CrashCoords]); systemChat("A Military unit have been shot down! check your map for location!"); _wait_time = 600; //wait 10 min // Wait sleep _wait_time; // Clean up marker deleteMarker _event_marker; My crashsites are working fine, but still no marks! Thx for the help!
  6. I havent found any problems, and i have been using it for around 5months now. Im pretty sure, u added some of the packs twice.
  7. haha :) well my EMS is living its own life xD So only the mortar and bricks seems to be under 15x. :) i ran the mission today, and got 38x workbenches!!! Im never gonna craft one fo them again :o .
  8. When i get home to night, i will have a try with the script. ;) and see if I get the same problems!
  9. I have been looking though the code and the most makes sense for me. But i just can´t find the place to change the random amount of loot at the missions! :) I had the "ikea truck mission" and they said that the loot was 44 wood floors, 24 metal floors, and 22 wood garage doors... a bit OP after my meining :rolleyes:
  10. Thx for reply im running v. 112555, its not a big problem :) i will just ignore it for now!
  11. Well i was using the old version of the EMS, when i had a public server 6months ago! Its a great mission system, and i would highly recommend trying out the EMS 0.3 version, with the fixes from defents post! im going to install it tonight, will turn back with some info about the situation. :)
  12. So i have just been trying out ur "testbranch" version. And its working great! :) Every command i tested worked fine, with no problems!. I havent tested "teleport to player,teleport to me, spectate" since im on a test server with pass on. I had one wierd bug where i deleted a perm vehicle, it kinda just got invis and i where able to get in as driver. which made me stuck in the car, after relogging the problem was gone :) The only RPT error i got was: Error in expression <ivate.sqf" if ((getPlayerUID player) in AdminList || (getPlayerUID player) in Mo> 15:01:06 Error position: <AdminList || (getPlayerUID player) in Mo> 15:01:06 Error Undefined variable in expression: adminlist 15:01:06 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Chernarus\admintools\Activate.sqf, line 1 which wasen´t a ingame problem for any of the functions i testet. EDIT: not able to make keys for vehicles which have the ID:0 Keep up the good work, its some great tools!
  13. Yeah i used the Control panel to restart my server, and the BEC to write the ingame warnings. :) Thx for the help guys!
  14. I think i got it fixed. By adding the <delay>000000</delay> under <time>. I dont know how to make the BEC do the restart, i think i will need a Bat. file for that,. Anyway, i got it to work after some hours :)
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