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  1. Having a thinks ... The coins are only given to the an AI in donn_heli_unitKill{}; when it is killed. All the coin handling stuff is done by the coin system exactly the same as WAI so check that coinMoney is the name of the variable used by the coin system on your server and change accordingly.
  2. Glad you're happy, and when you have an apache or two with rockets, fun times ahead!!
  3. Thug, If you have used the original Don't forget to remove the call in init.sqf,
  4. Airpatrol goes server side, I have mine in a folder called custom, call it from server_monitor.sqf just under the WAI call Put andre_heliConvoy_items.sqf client side in your custom script directory. Change your custom fn_selfActions.sqf as detailed.
  5. The original post is still the original however Salival and I (mostly Salival) have worked to make sensible changes to this script, which are mostly listed on pages 4 & 5, so you'll have to read through them to get the files you need. Here's my live code; Airpatrol.sqf & andre_heliConvoy_items.sqf Changes to FN_selfActions.sqf
  6. Don't quote me on this but... It looks like you are running Battleye and Infistar, try turning one off.
  7. There are a number of variables that never change their values so we ought to define them as static, this saves the memory and time overheads associated with variables. //===== Define static variables //Maximun convoys active at one time. #define MAXCONVOYS 3 // Define the helis in each of the convoys #define HELIFORMATION [[0,0,2],[2,2],[4,4,4],[3,3,3],[3],[1,1],[7,7,8],[5,5],[9,13,9,9],[11,11,10],[12],[6,6]] // ["SPEED",% chance of picking this speed], Make sure the chances add up to 100 or it will not be an accurate percentage. #define CONVOYSPEEDS [["LIMITED",10],["NORMAL",50],["FULL",40]] //CHERNARUS #define GRIDN 15 #define MAPSIZE 15360 // This number here gets randomized and then added to the below number to form the _flyheight variable. #define FH_RANDOM 80 // This is the lowest number that flyheight can be, the above number gets randomized and added to it to form the #define FH_LOWER 70 #define AISHAREDISTANCE 600 // Spawn location of chopper, x, y and z for height. #define SPAWNCOORD [50,50,300] //===== End of static defines Also change setPos & getPos to setPosATL & getPosATL as they're 2x to 3x quicker according to bohimia's code optimisation wiki page (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Code_Optimisation)
  8. Hi, I have yet to see any crashes at spawn time since I made the changes I suggested, however they still fly into mountains on mountainous maps like Panthera and Napf, which makes it too easy because you just have to wait !. However locating AI that have been wandering for an hour is fun. I've also added a random addition to the time between spawns ((30 * 60)+ (60*(random 15))) and a 30% chance that a convoy won't spawn this time anyway just to make them a little less predictable and less common.
  9. I've modified v1.5.4 of this script to run on a linux server and with Zupa's single currency system if anyones interested.
  10. Putting the rest of Salivals changes into my test server. Donnovan: This prolly now needs to be moved to github so it has proper version control. I'm now happy with the loot system, moved to my live servers.
  11. I can confirm that _maxConvoys = 3 ... ... while {true} do { diag_log format["[HELI CONVOY] Currently %1 of %2 active convoys", count donn_heliGrps, _maxConvoys]; if (count donn_heliGrps < _maxConvoys) then { ... ... }; ... ... }; Works just fine and dandy. No new convoys are created when count donn_HeliGrps reaches _maxConvoys unless all the crew in a convoy is killed causing count donn_HeliGrps to drop by one. Albertus
  12. I've just been staring at the line if ({alive _x} count units group _unit == 0) then {donn_heliGrps = donn_heliGrps - [group _unit];}; and realised it removes the group (and therefore the convoy) from the array donn_heliGrps if all the units (AI) in the convoy are dead. As a new group is created and inserted into donn_heliGrps for each convoy, it seems to me that we could use count donn_heliGrps to limit the number of convoys active at any one time by surrounding everything between while (1 ==1) do { and the bottom uisleep (40*15); inside an if (count donn_heliGrps) < _maxConvoys then {}; statement, then every 15 minutes it will only create a new convoy if there are less than _maxConvoys active.
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