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  1. I just changed the verifySignatures = 0; in the config.cfg folder. I won't not recommended it but that's how you pass it. I tried many addons(mods) to try to bypass it. -Kenji
  2. But people want it on DayZ Commander ;-;!!
  3. So, this is my first time making a post, because I never had a problem. Now I realize of 50 hours of work DayZ Commander is not seeing my server. I remember having a regular DayZ server with DayZ Control Center and it would come up. I'm thinking of a firewall issue, because there is a installation with the firewall using DayZ Control center. So this is my reporting ip = "arma2oapc.master.gamespy.com"; I know it's right, but I really have no idea. the port of the server is using 2302, it could appear in the " INGAME " mutiplayer which is GameSpy. Any Ideas ): ? --edited-- Also, I tried puting -ip 72.x.x.x in the .bat file, still doesn't work. Am I doing it correctly..? @echo off start "arma2" /min "Expansion\beta\arma2oaserver.exe" -port=2302" -ip "72.x.x.x" -config=instance_11_Chernarus\config.cfg" "-cfg=instance_11_Chernarus\basic.cfg" "-profiles=instance_11_Chernarus" -name=instance_11_Chernarus "[email protected]_Epoch;@DayZ_Epoch_Server;"
  4. It is very difficult, but I can help you just add me on skype (; ! ( kenji.danh1 )
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